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Ocean, NJ


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AASKI Technology Inc, Edgewood, MD

Nov 2011Current

- Provides direct support to Tobyhanna Army Depot 
-Provide receipt of materials, material purchases, dual antenna design, component listing, preparation of 
Design, component listing. 
- Preparation of design test plan and conducting test and final report data for ONR. 
- Responsible for all aspects of antenna support and technical assistance of the AS-3036 L3 Ka/C Option. 
- Serve as a resource person for direct communications between SATCOM TYAD and CECOM. 
-I coordinate daily with Shop Floor supervisors/planners to ensure fielding schedules and shipments are 
Made on a timely basis. 
- I provide technical assistance and participate in tech assist conference calls as a Subject Matter Expert 
-I serve as a liason between CECOM and SATCOM TYAD to recommend and implement changes that 
Will affect production and fielding requirements. 
-I provide shop floor supervisor with budget estimates, feasibility of work schedule and workload data 
To assist in developing long and short range goals. 
-I explain work requirements, provide operational instructions, set deadlines and establish work 
Procedures for the overhaul and upgrading of the AS-3036 Antenna. 
-I serve as a technical advisor on the mounting of the GMF 3036 Ka Band antenna on Up Armoured 
-I have established a harvesting program to ensure an adequate parts supply of critical antenna parts for 
Use in the new Ka Option Antenna resulting in a savings of time and funding. 
-I have provided work instructions on the mounting procedures of Ka Antenna to insure all safety 
Precautions are in place for soldiers and civilian technicians. 
-I have worked with SATCOM engineering to develop and implement modifications needed to insure 
Proper operation and transportation of all upgraded antenna systems. 
-Mr.Bianchi has developed an Acquisition Strategy for the procurement of electronic components and sub- 
Assemblies for the 93-E model satellite communications terminal and AS-3036 antenna. 
-Mr. Bianchi has assisted in the delivery and assembly schedule for the Ka Option L3 Comm. Satellite 
-Mr. Bianchi has coordinated with Bussiness Management Agents to partner with private sector companies 
To fabricated structural components and mechanical subassemblies for Satellite Systems. 
-Mr. Bianchi works with Project Management CECOM to develop statements of work for private 
Contractors and government industrial depots.

Satellite Systems Technician/Antenna Project Leader

Tobyhanna Army Depot

Oct 1978Oct 2011

-I have worked on a Process Improvement Team using qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques 
Related to product improvement and innovative work practices. 
-Coordinated TDY trips and fielding schedules working with Army and Air Force personnel to complete 
Tactical Satellite System installations. 
-Managed lower grade technicians and contractor personnel in repair and overhaul of Tactical 
Communications equipment such as modems, antenna controllers, data boxes and LNA's. 
-Manage daily work schedules/assignments in coordination of fielding schedules for CECOM. 
-Provided written and verbal instructions of work assignments based on deadlines and management 
-Provided budget estamates, transportation schedules and feasibility of workload data to senior 
Management officials. 
-Initiates recommendations for assignments of specific tasks to be performed by certain employees 
Of certain skill levels and abilities. 
-Works directly with Production Controllers/Planners in the implementation of MPS (Master Production 
Schedule) Program. 
-Advises Capacity Planners on the induction and schedule performance of AS-4429 and AS-3036 
-Verify funding, asset location and capacity availability in both weekly and monthly buckets so as the 
Process can begin to identify the most efficient method of processing and fabrication of assets. 
-Prepare in conjunction with LMS monthly production reviews with all internal customers of 
Tobyhanna Army Depot. 
- Participated in IPR's with CECOM Project Managers to provide data on production schedules, problem 
Areas and costing requirements. 
-Established R-BOMBS and all parts associated with AS-3036 and AS-4429 antenna 
-I have used my extensive knowledge and advanced management and engineering practices such as 
Tobyhanna Army Depot partering with private industry in the development of upgraded Satellite 
Equipment used to increase gain, control bandwith in Satellite Earth Terminals. 
-I have comprehensive and practical knowledge of production and manufacturing techniques, 
Methods and procedures in coordinating both inside Tobyhanna Army Depot and within the 
Private sector. 
-Provided guidance to be followed on guidelines to include statutes, DOD regulations, DISA


Air Force

Administrative Specialist School, Keesler AFB, MS

Additional Information

Mr. Bianchi is a technical professional with over 35 years of experience in the 
Satellite Communications field of the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense. He has 
Worked on a Process Improvement Team, planning and developing studies of industrial 
And administrative processes to improve productivity through applications of process 
Optimization methodologies. His knowledge and skill of Tobyhanna Army Depot 
Operations has been applied toward continuous improvement of effectiveness of the 
Tobyhanna Army Depot multi-mission (maintenance, manufacturing, logistics, assembly, 
Remanufacture industrial complex in support of the communication-electronic center. 
I have worked in a management capacity, responsible for all aspects of Satellite antennas 
Support of the 93D&E Tactical Communications center. He has represented Antenna 
Systems Division in numerous IPR's and conference calls to all parts of the world in 
Support of SATCOM missions. He has a strong technical background in the repair, 
Overhaul and installation of the AS-3036, AS-4429 and AS-3199 Satellite Systems. 
He has have tested, aligned, calibrated and operated Tactical and Strategic Satellite 
Systems working with civilian technicians and soldiers. Mr. Bianchi has strong 
Interpersonal communications skills, with the ability to provide needed information to all 
Levels of military personnel as well as mid and senior level industrial leaders.
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