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Logistic Management Analyst

Ivor, VA


I am exploring opportunities with an Active Secret Security DOD Clearance; Retired Battalion Maintenance Principal Advisor United States Army; background over 30 years of experience International Journeyman and Senior Logistic Maintenance Manager that would benefit a companys success and serve as a Director/Superintendent/Manager/Senior. Excel in cost effective organization and timely decision-making, where I can use the knowledge, experience and skills that I have gained over the past years to build and maintain a challenging and rewarding environment that promotes personal, professional and superior quality of life in support of current/future operational strategies, and organizational development. Performed and created maintenance operation plans and track reports prepared weekly in the form of Excel spreadsheets, and presentations using Power Point to track forecasts for management. 
Performed Annual, Bi-Annual services and corrective maintenance on the following ground 
1 , ,2 TON M35A2S, 3-5TON, M998, M1034,M1097,M1123,M966,M997,M1083,M113A1, ARMOR M113S, MLRS, HEMET, PLMS, M915, MEP 18A, MEP 005A, MEP006A, MEP 008A on Generator Diesel Engines. Troubleshoot complex mechanical and electrical components. Perform inspections and diagnose various commercial equipment; generator equipment, trailers, and heavy/light wheeled vehicles i.e. Fixed Site Decon Systems, sedans, and commercial trucks. 
Control systems: Mechanical control system, valves, including regulating valves, safety valves, controlling valves, cut off valves, and emergency valves 
Preventive: Development and Implementation of schedule maintenance programs and lubrication plans, overhauls, inspections, draft tasks, instruction manuals, procedures, checklists, and emergency response 
Predictive: Development and Implementation of data collection systems and program fault trees, root cause analysis, and procedure drafting, and trend analysis and spectrum generation to prevent breakdowns, budgeting requirements 
Advance skills: The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS), Unit Level Logistics System grounds (ULLSG), Standard Army Maintenance Information System (STAMIS),Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS), Army Federal Logistic Data (FEDLOG), Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WEBFLIS) , Integrated Logistics Analysis Program (ILAP), Radio Frequency In Transits Visibility (RF-ITV), Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS)

Work Experience

Logistic Management Analyst

Lockheed Martin,

Jun 2012Current

Logistical Management Analyst for CECOM C4ISR RSC, Logistical Sustainment Maintenance Bundle Operations supporting the following programs; Program Manger Robotics and Unmanned Systems (PM RUS) PSDS2, Vehicle Optics Sensor Systems (VOSS) Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT Sensor (UTAMS) , Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) program, P2DS2, Harris Communication, Ground Sensors for Gunshot Detection (GSD) , Fixed Site Sniper Detection System (FSSDS) ; perform transportation operations, wrap, pack and ship IAW with the Air Force Mobility Command and Movement Transportation Command policies and procedures; including developing and implementing logistical program activities including ILS, technical documentations, RAM and provisioning; receive, ship and transport all classes of supplies , materials, and rolling stock by land and air conus and oconus; providing customer service and meeting time objectives; ensure proper documentation and package markings with appropriate placards when moving hazardous and non- hazardous materials; frequently communicate with management team regarding status and logistics deliveries/pickups; determine method of shipment utilizing knowledge of shipment procedures, routes and rates; Perform Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services on transportation vehicles and coordinate with maintenance repair facility for repairs; coordinate efforts of subcontractors and field service personnel; resolves logistics problems and complied data on standardization and interchangeability of parts to expedite logistic activities 
Controlled the efficient flow of goods, services, and information between point of origin through customer requirements, coordinating transportation by use of TMR and ARM, acquisition of necessary items conus and oconus 
Ensured that customer service and time objectives are achieved within existing financial constraints meeting market and financial objectives 
Planned and scheduled execution; data base entry; safety policy compliance; performing inventories and shipping activities for schedule compliance; performed packing and crating to Mil STds; and cargo preparation IAW SOP and maintain accountability of issued items and accuracy of shipping manifests 
Analyzes technology and distribution network trends and implements changes in department as appropriate 
Chalk out strategies to avoid waste and reduce operation costs wherever possible eliminating redundancy 
Plan, organized transportation material movement ensuring work was accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements. 
Maintained proper records of outgoing, and incoming stock; performed inventory management, receiving, and shipping without delays; maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 
Managed the logistics of freight issuance of government and civilian shipping documents, including freight bills, bills of lading, and freight manifest sheets; initiate air/land movement request and custom documents of all classes of supplies Intra-theater, theater, and conus without error; resulting having a 0% frustrated cargo 
Collaborate with other managers and staff members in order to formulate and implement policies, procedures, goals, and objectives that were effective within the organization to strength the transportation role in business stargies 
Conducted Vehicle Optics Sensor Systems (VOSS) inventories and issued and received repair parts and updated records; handled the tasks of identifying extensive inventory of unserviceable items that hamper the timely receipt of new equipment 
utilized 49 CFR Code of Federal Regulation following guidelines and polices shipping dangerous goods; facilitate environmental safety and other functional areas with regard to transportation functions 
Senior Military Operations Analyst STF/ Deputy Program Manager 
Lockheed Martin, Multi-National Corps C3, Iraq, and USARCENT G3, Kuwait

Deputy program Manager/Senior Military Operations Analyst


Aug 2004Apr 2012

WMD , Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear operations (CBRN); Instructed new equipment training on operations, prevented maintenance, schedule and unscheduled maintenance, EHS program, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPS) on Fixed Site Decontamination Systems 
Analyzed cost-benefit of capital improvements and evaluate economy of equipment replacement and repairs. Developed packages, analyzed product lifecycle, selected and procured components equipment and designed review processes 
Confers with United States Army QA/QC material, manufacturing, and other military department personnel to provide technical support. Interpret engineering drawings and facilitates correction of errors on drawings and documents 
Directed all ground maintenance operations for thirty-eight assigned units; performed schedule and unscheduled maintenance; maintained operation readiness rate of 90 percent 
Assisted in the development , analyzing, writing, and publishing Operation Plans (OPLANS), Operation Orders (OPRDs), Fragmentary Orders (FRAGOs) 
Developed the overall sustainment maintenance strategy, optimizing, and executing all maintenance plans and activities for decontamination system support within the South West Asia (SWA) Theater of operations; assigned the roles in the project to appropriate staff members 
Established milestones and monitored adherence to master plans and schedules, identified program problems and obtains solutions, such as allocation of resources or changing contractual specifications; conducted all phases of the program from inception through completion 
Ensured tasks received from the Government are thoroughly analyzed and supported through the preparation of executable mission plans and orders 
Enhanced receiving , redistributing and coordinated shipments of repair parts, vehicles, and training materials within two geographic areas; providing a cost saving to the U.S. Army and Intelagard estimated over 500,000 
Provided data and assisted in the development of proposal writing, performing re writes, edit proposal responses and provided assistance in the bid process under direction of the Program Manager; gather pertinent meeting information, capture action items, decisions, issues and risks. 
Participated in key performance contract review meetings with government officials ensuring contract were begin performed IAW contract obligations 
Performed a cost analysis on the USARCENT Fixed Site Decontamination Program provided an estimated cost saving to the U.S. of over 350,000 identified unwarranted repairs and international shipping cost and increased equipment readiness from 50% to 100% 
Battalion Maintenance Manager 
United States Army, 32nd FA Battalion, Fort Sill OK and 28th Trans Battalion, Mannheim GE

Principle advisor

Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems,

Jun 1999Aug 2004

MLRS) headquarters, S4 operations with over 215 vehicles and various generators and trailer systems; Battalion Maintenance Supervisor for the largest motor transportation line haul in the United States Army supervising seven maintenance supervisor, 90 mechanics, and 16 Logistical specialists to include eight heavy/light mechanics. Coordinated all aspects of organization maintenance, material management and logistical maintenance for up to five line haul companies with 305 M915 and 1200 line haul trailers 
Provides advice, assistance, and guidance regarding maintenance management systems, material readiness programs, cost reduction programs, and maintenance shop practices in maintenance facilities. 
Receives reviews, and processes unit Army Material Status System (AMSS) reports and Missile Material Readiness reports and submits a consolidated report to the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA). 
Prepares and conducts both classroom and on-the-job training designed to upgrade, improve, and/or update the knowledge and working skills of unit maintenance personnel. 
Develops, writes, updates, and teaches units of instruction for new equipment training. 
Evaluates directives to ensure adherence to standard methods, conformity in maintenance procedures, and the proper use of maintenance equipment, facilities, and personnel. 
Reviews the effectiveness and efficiency of equipment and maintenance management and needs for improvement of existing practices and the impact on the overall maintenance program. 
Researches material pertaining to maintenance and maintenance management; utilizes computer software programs to identify errors, equipment, non-mission capable time, and to determine a course of action to improve readiness. 
Recommends the revision of higher headquarters' policies, procedures, practices, and regulations. 
Performs hands on maintenance procedures to personnel on proper trade techniques, practices, and explains safety precautions involved in maintenance. Performs other duties as assigned. 
Developed departmental budget and allocate maintenance budget dollars , materials, equipment and other resources to day to day operations, Justifies all budget and resources allocation decisions to senior management 
Overseen the implementation of maintenance plan, maintained property accountability of tools and maintenance facility; value over $40 million in accordance to Supply Management System 
Increased vehicle readiness 94% and increased consistency by 35% by developing and presenting a maintenance plan that included preventive, predictive, and corrective procedures ; using data collection to implement a predictive maintenance and reliability analysis 
Performed function analysis for the Army Oil Analysis and Calibration Program reducing delinquency from 12% to below 3% 
Revised and submitted changes to policies and standard operating procedures that enhanced shop operations and logistical issues 
Managed the required training for 90 maintainers and 16 Logistical Specialists, services of over 320 pieces of rolling stock, and ground equipment worth over $20,000,000; coordinated the maintenance workload and quality control of jobs within supporting organizations; directed the flow of repair parts; responsible for maintaining a continuous communication with the six field maintenance supervisors that support the battalion to ensure proper logistical support and technical assistance 
Serve as an integrator and direct assistant to the Battalion Maintenance Officer 
Battalion Maintenance Manager 
United States Army, 409th BSB, Vilseck, GE and 7th Army Training Command, Grafenwoehr, GE

Provided senior

May 1996Jun 1999

level technical guidance and logistical maintenance for an Organizational Maintenance Activity and 7th Army Training Command School; supervised workforce of 8 Local Nationals, 22 military personnel; supporting seven companies; managed maintenance of over 338 pieces of equipment including 33 tracks, 120 wheeled vehicles and various engineer equipment value at over $37 million 
Supervised development and preparation of operations information and related data to ensure proper logistical support and technical assistance using SAMS, SARSS, ILAP and ULLS-G ; contributed to staff development and data systems; provided mission guidance to nine subordinate NCOs; performed duties as senior mechanic for 22 soldiers assisting in planning, training, deployment, and redeployment operations at the Battalion level 
Planned and researched and developed possible ways to maintain the efficiency of all machineries, evaluates, repair, and troubleshoot machineries; Also conduct regular monitoring and inspection of all equipments 
Principle Advisor for the United States Army private own vehicle inspect point overseeing and conducting over 10,000 private own vehicle safety inspections annually for use on German highway 
Articulate new ideas through oral presentations / briefings in order to persuade a diverse audience to include, high-level staff members and other agencies to adopt a particular course of action 
Overseen the U.S. Army operations, production control, maintenance, projects, Class IX ordering overall man-hours accounting; overseeing ULLS-G operators, and maintains and control SARRS provided maintenance reports higher headquarters with current status of all Battalion equipment 
Serve as an integrator and direct assistant to the Battalion Maintenance Warrant Officer


Bachelor of Arts in Transportation/Logistical Management

American Military University, Shelby, NC


Certificate in HAZWOPER

Institute of Logistical Management, Burlington, NJ


Additional Information

Contingency Planning Tracking Prioritization Quality Assurance Seminars/Instructor 
Accountability Reports Tactical/Operational Planning Daily Status Reports Client Relations 
Business Analysis Strategic Planning Kaizen Philosophy Office Automation 
Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance Staff Supervision Root Cause Analysis
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