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Preschool Teacher

Saint Cloud, MN


To obtain a position that offers opportunity for advancement.

Work Experience

Preschool Teacher

Preschool, Salama Child Care Center, Saint Cloud, MN

Sep 2011Current

  • Planned and implemented lessons for ESL preschoolers on a daily basis for learners from three to five years of age.
  • Developed and implemented curriculum for preschoolers and toddlers center-wide.
  • Established a disciplinary system that was effective and successful for the preschoolers and toddlers.
  • Worked with including parents and siblings in the students learning with take-home work, volunteering for field trips, and also inviting parents in our room for a day.
  • Planned and worked with an assistant/translator effectively to help each child succeed.
  • Integrated technology to preschoolers by implementing early childhood websites and whiteboard activities.
  • Helped develop learning games for school-age children in their afterschool program.
  • Shared and dispersed all of my learning materials and often communicated new ideas on how to make the center a more educational, effective, and well-rounded environment.

Level Two Coach

Aria Communications, Saint Cloud, MN

Oct 2009Current

  • Professional fundraising for certain non-profit organizations.
  • Helped customers over the phone with any concerns or questions.
  • Monitored other calls to ensure callers are doing their job effectively and offer new strategies to enhance learning.
  • Gave feedback to Tele-service Representatives and coach on what they need to work on or did well on.
  • Conducted training to the new hires and provides additional coaching in certain techniques.
  • Developed and implemented new procedures and offered new strategies to help callers do their job effectively.
  • Developed a training module and conducting trainings on a weekly basis for the new hires and also veteran callers.
  • Attended and took part in call center meetings where callers were recognized with awards and updated on new information.

Student Teacher

Aria Communications, Zimmerman, MN

Sep 2010May 2011

  • Planned and implemented lesson plans on a daily basis for a variety of different learning levels.
  • Maintained a positive learning environment using effective classroom management skills.
  • Created an environment where students felt cared for and respected by the teacher and fellow students.
  • Integrated technology in the classroom including white board activities and websites.
  • Participated in faculty committees and meetings on a routine basis.

Assistant Teacher

Aria Communications, Saint Cloud, MN

Feb 2010Apr 2010

  • Overseen and took care of children from newborn to preschool level.
  • Ensured the children are in a safe setting
  • Communicated with parents about daily events and routines.
  • Identified needs of each child and fulfilled them.
  • Communicated new ideas to implement educational and interpersonal games in the preschool room.

Assistant Program Manager

KIDSTOP, Oakhill Elementary School, Saint Cloud, MN

Dec 2008Dec 2009

  • Prepared announcements for whole group and also ran activities and games for small group.
  • Established and maintained each child's behavior to ensure that other children were provided a safe and constructive environment.
  • Took attendance of the members at the site including staff.
  • Assigned field trips and on site visits.
  • Provided educational programs for the children and to the staff.
  • Helped coordinate the Summer Recreation Program at the St. Joseph KIDSTOP facility.

Full Time Nanny

Beth and Jo Putz, Saint Cloud, MN

Jun 2009Aug 2009

  • Planned lessons and activities for the children on a daily basis.
  • Provided theme days including a week where we made and performed our own play.
  • Planned educational field trips on a weekly basis.
  • Implemented reading during the day for the entire summer.
  • Provided a safe and educational environment.


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Saint Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, MN


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