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Game Programmer

Los Angeles, CA


  • Young skilled professional with over 2 years of experience in game programming / design and web development.

Work Experience

Interactive Developer:

LEVEL Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Oct 2011Current

  • Designing a UI interface for android devices using Unity 3D.
  • Responsible for building the frame work and development of core functionality.
  • Working with multiple art and development teams and meeting tight client deadlines.

Tools Used: Unity3D, Mono Develop, Photoshop, SVN, JIRA.

Game Programmer

Mindspark Games,

Apr 2011Sep 2011

  • Worked towards the development of a multiplayer facebook game like Diablo using flash.
  • Responsible for programming various gameplay components like controls, combat, collectables, sound, FX etc.
  • Worked in an MVC framework for development using data driven by Json files.
  • Developed in a 3 week Sprint system and actively involved in game design and rapid prototyping.

Tools Used: Flash Builder, Visual Studio, SVN, JIRA.

Front End / Flash Developer


Oct 2010Mar 2011

  • Web and application development for Infinity, Nissan, Audi and HP.
  • Regular development and updates with the content management system for the US web sites.
  • Building custom flash applications and interactive automobile brochures.

HP Everybody On (Lead Programmer):
  • Responsible for the complete design and development of the micro site for the HP Everybody On campaign.
  • Managed an in-house team of 3 engineers and collaborated with the off shore team to meet tight deadlines.

HP Laser Jet Calculator (Design and UI):
  • Designed and built the UI and backend for the HP Laser Jet Calculator in flash.

D-Brochures for Nissan USA and Audi USA:
  • Nissan Leaf:
  • Nissan Altima:
  • Audi Pitch:

Tools Used: Flash, Flash Develop, Dreamweaver, SVN, JIRA.

Gameplay Programmer / Game Designer - Disney's Club Penguin

Disney Online Studios,

Mar 2010Sep 2010

  • Responsible for the development of educational game prototypes using AS2 and AS3 for the Club Penguin world.
  • Study and training of the complete in-house development cycle of Club Penguin and developing and play testing various
prototypes in-house of Club Penguin Studio in Canada.
  • Responsible for conducting and running daily SCRUM meetings and bi-weekly Sprint planning and execution.
  • Lead a team of 3 engineers to the initial launch of the first phase of next generation Club Penguin games.

Tools Used: Flash Develop, Box2D, Stardust Particle Effect Engine, Adobe Photoshop and custom Disney Tools.

Gameplay Programmer / Animation Engineer - iPhone/iPad game Fowlplay

Happynin Games,

Jun 2009Mar 2010

Link: (Available on iTunes: )
  • Worked with a team of highly skilled USC graduates to produce the iPhone game, Fowlplay using Unity 3D and then
porting Fowlplay HD to the iPad which then ranked #1 in the free iPad kids game section in 30+ countries.
  • In charge of gameplay programming, creating all animation states, animation blending and FX.
  • Responsible for rigging all the in-game 3D models using custom built tools using MEL Scripting and then animating
those characters using Maya and other custom built tools.
  • Leading the entire art team right from concept art to the export of the final 3D models to meeting deadlines.

Tools Used: Unity3D, Autodesk Maya, Custom tools in MEL.

Tools and Graphics Engineer / Animator - Cosmopolis Online Game

University of Southern California, Gamepipe Laboratory,

Jan 2008Dec 2009

  • Worked with a team of highly skilled USC engineers in collaboration with other engineers from Carnegie Mellon
University to produce the MMOG Cosmopolis with a goal to study various behavioral models.
  • Responsible for rigging all the in-game 3D models using custom built tools using MEL Scripting and then animating
those characters using Maya and other custom built tools.
  • Rendered game lights, graphics and effects using OpenGL, Maya and XNA game studios.
  • Wrote custom tools that facilitated character rigging and animation of 3D models in Maya and various exporters using
MEL Scripting for processing and exporting all game assets.
  • Orchestrated designs for all levels and maps and completed deadlines for Alpha testing with 7 others.

Tools Used: XNA Game Studios, Autodesk Maya, Custom tools in MEL, OpenGL.

Other Graduate Project Experience
USC Coursework: Advance Mobile Devices & Game Consoles Web Technologies
Character Animation for Video Games Computer Networks
3D Graphics and Rendering Database Systems
Advance Game Projects Analysis of Algorithms

Gameplay Programmer / Graphics Engineer for an online game The Maze
  • Responsible for core game engine development.
  • In charge of all 3D character exporting and optimizing and senior role play in rendering game graphics.

Rigging and Animation Projects and MEL scripting:
  • Character rigging and animation of 3D character models for video game production using Maya.
  • Development of scripts in Maya using MEL for processing and exporting animations.
  • Responsible for maintaining Online Asset Database (OAD).

Rendering of 3D graphics, objects and scenes:
  • Rendering 3D objects and applying matrix and vector transformations like rotations, translations and scaling.
  • Applying effects like flat shading, gouraud shading and phong shading. Also, adding textures and anti-aliasing effects.
  • Creating various light effects such as light fog and light glow and rendering soft and crisp shadows.
  • Rendering scenes using global illumination techniques and producing reflections using caustics in Maya.
  • Reproducing fire, water and glass using ray tracing and mental rays using Maya.

Web Technology projects:
  • Creation of simple web sites using technologies like HTML, CSS, DOM, PHP, XML and Java Scripting.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining 3 USC Gamepipe course web sites.


MS in Computer Science

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA



C/C++, C#, AS2, AS3, MEL, HTML, CSS, XML, DOM, Json, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.
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