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Dental Hygienist

Sun Prairie, WI

Work Experience

Dental Hygienist

Dr. Steven Segall, Madison, WI

Periodontal specialty practice) For the past 20 years, periodontal dental hygiene responsibilities included; quadrant and whole mouth scaling and root planing, administration of local anesthesia, sub-gingival chemo-therapeutics, radiographs, maintenance recall appointments, suture removal, impressions, and patient education and health promotion. Monitored patient needs and office OSHA policy.

Oral Health Consultant

Back to School for Healthy Smiles,

for "Healthy Smiles for Wisconsin" and "Back to School for Healthy Smiles", both part of the Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin (now Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition) activities. 
Developed, wrote, and edited "Seal a Smile - A Dental Sealant Portfolio for Dental Hygiene Programs and Wisconsin Communities". The portfolio is a comprehensive step by step guideline for developing school-based and school-linked dental sealant programs providing needed oral health preventive services to children who lack access to traditional dental care. The portfolio is currently used as part of the Seal a Smile initiative throughout Wisconsin, and serves as a model for similar projects in other states. The Sealant Portfolio was a CDC grant project.

Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene

Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA

Clinical, lab, and lecture experience 
* Dental Hygienist for the Wisconsin Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped. 
Program activities included development and implementation of an oral health preventive, educational, and referral program for approximately 1,500 clients from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington county schools and work programs.  

Legislative Chair

Recipient of the Carol B. Benson Memorial for Outstanding Service,

for the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists' Association. Worked with lobbyists from various groups and associations, the Wisconsin Dental Association and the Wisconsin Legislature on legislation that included expanded functions for dental hygienists. As a result, Wisconsin dental hygienists may now administer local anesthesia, place sub-gingival chemotherapeutics, and administer oral pre-medications. There is also increased representation of dental hygienists on the Dentistry Examining Board. 
* Developed grass root efforts to include Wisconsin hygienists in legislative activities. Organized all speeches and meetings to legislators. Worked with legislators and lawyers for the Legislative Reference Bureau writing bills relating to the practice of dental hygiene. Assisted lobbyist in the development of professional issues. 
* Developed, wrote, and edited "Seal a Smile - A Dental Sealant Portfolio for Dental Hygiene Programs and Wisconsin Communities." The multi - section portfolio is used throughout Wisconsin as well as other states and countries. 
* Designed oral health educational handouts for children and adults covering many facets of oral health and disease prevention. 
* Served on various oral health committees to study and help improve dental access to the underserved and participated in many community dental health projects.


Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Bachelor of Science

Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Master's in Education

Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA


Seeking new and creative professional challenges that incorporate leadership, education, and service opportunities with an emphasis on creativity, self- motivation, and personal interaction. Offering experience dealing one-on-one with people understanding their needs and concerns and relating that to a positive outcome.

Additional Information

* Multiple career experiences in the practice of dental hygiene, including periodontal specialty practices, family practices, public health, and dental hygiene education 
* Over 30 years experience working as a team member to assess patient needs and concerns 
* Ability to design and develop educational materials relating to professional needs 
* Leadership in dental hygiene associations that included joining forces with governmental agencies, lobbyists, and professional groups to promote dental hygiene and oral health issues 
* Advanced the practice of dental hygiene by developing and promoting legislation dealing with dental hygiene practice issues 
* Ability to interact with people from various backgrounds
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