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Sr. Cost Estimator

San Francisco, CA

Work Experience

Sr. Cost Estimator

Don Todd Associates, Inc,

Mar 1994Jan 2012

Job Description:
  • Act as lead estimator to coordinate all disciplines in estimating, (civil, architectural, structural,
mechanical, and electrical) are prepared at the highest professional standards.
  • Prepare complete detailed cost estimates for residential, industrial, and commercial projects of all
sizes either new construction, rehabilitation or modification of existing structures.
  • Perform job site visits to gather all information essential for the preparation of estimates.
  • Determine scope of work from contractual documents.
  • Verify project budget and man-hours for his/her work task.
  • Conduct quantity survey and prepare detailed material take-off from engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Prepare complete cost estimates of material costs, labor costs, equipment costs, contractor's mark up,
contingency, and estimate summary from conceptual documents to construction documents level.
  • Review cost estimates prior to submittal to see that all estimates comply with the clients'
  • Coordinate with engineers and architects for issues of clarification on documents provided to ensure
that estimates are prepared accurately and timely.
  • Obtain vendor quotation for materials, equipment, testing, training, etc.
  • Assist in constructability review of engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Report directly to Estimating Department Manager for work assignments.

Estimating Accomplishments:
  • East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, CA: New 218,000 SF courthouse building - 5-story
courthouse and a 3-story county office. Estimated construction cost for the project is approximately
  • Alcatraz Cellhouse Stabilization, CA:
o Phase 1- Structural repair of shower rooms and citadel structural strengthening
o Phase 2 - Repair of exterior concrete façade; Repair of interior concrete walls; Repair
and/or replacement of storm windows. The estimate format is based on standard National
Park Estimating template. Project cost: $10.8M
  • West Contra Costa Unified School District, Richmond, CA: Construction of new several school
facilities under the Measure D Bond program. Schools include:
o De Anza High School, JFK High School, Pinole Valley High School, Ford Elem.School
1758 10th Ave. #5, San Francisco, CA
Dover Elementary School, MLK, Jr. Elementary School Modernization, Helms Middle
School, Richmond High School
  • San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA
o North Concourse, Package 2 - Foundations & Structural Steel. Construction of concrete
basement, and two-story steel structure plus mezzanine. The total current building gross area
is 496,395 SF. Project cost: $79.6M (30% Design Submittal) Completion date: August 23,

o North Concourse, Package 4 - Building Fit-Out. Construction of the building fit-out -
architectural, mechanical (HVAC/plumbing/fire protection), and electrical inclusive of building management systems such as fire alarm, fire protection, access control, public
address, telephone, and CCTV systems. The total current building gross area is 496,395
GSF. Project cost: $151.6M (30% Design Submittal). Completion date: August 26, 2004
  • Danville Pumping Plant Expansion, Danville, CA: Scope of work comprised of three elements:
o Pumping Plant: Construction of new 33-mgd Danville Pumping Plant No.2 building with related piping, furnishing and installing two 900-hp vertical turbine pumps and motors;
o Power System: Construction of new outdoor 27 kV metering switchgear, outdoor pad- mounted 5 kV and 21 kV primary power transformers, upgrade of the existing standby
generator; construction of a 1,000 SF Power Building
o Instrumentation: Construction of a new main control panel, local control panels, sensors and transmitters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and modules, fire alarm system.
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District Water Treatment Improvement Projects, Santa Clara
County: $30 million improvements (Stage I) at Penitencia, Santa Teresa, and Rinconada Water
Treatment Plants in San Jose and Los Gatos. Design is at 90% Construction Documents (Aug. 1999)
  • EBMUD Sacramento Joint Water Supply/ Pumping Stations Project, Northern California
o American River Pumping stations with a 4,000 HP intake pump, 20,000 LF of 78" dia steel
pipe through the City of Sacramento to the Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant.
o Fairbarn Pumping Station with a capacity of 10,500 HP through 52,200 LF of 96" dia steel

Sr. Cost Estimator

Don Todd Associates, Inc, Sacramento, CA

1999 1999

The Final Design Phase 
encompassed design and preparation of plans and specifications for 9,000 LF of 108" dia.

Sr. Cost Estimator

EBMUD Wastewater Treatment Facilities Seismic Evaluation, Oakland, CA

1997 1997

The various
structures involved are the influent pump station, aerated grit tank, primary sedimentation #1-10,
primary sedimentation blower building, sludge dewatering building, operation center, oxygenation
controls building, dechlorination building, digesters #1-4, oxygen production yard walls, channels, and galleries. Project cost: $4 million. Completion date: 1991.
  • Kaiser Housing Replacement, San Francisco, CA:. The scope includes construction of 3-story
building with basement, a new Replacement Housing Building with gross area of approx. 24,961
GSF for 21 housing units of twelve 2-BR units and nine 1-BR using wood frame structure. Estimated
Construction Cost: $7.1M
1758 10th Ave. #5, San Francisco, CA
are all currently occupied and owned by multiple agencies. The SIP program includes projects from three building categories: offices, hospitals and prisons. Projects range in size from $1.5 million to
$30 million with the total more than $100 million.
o Jesse Unruh Building (six-story, 190,000 GSF)
o Legislative Office Building (six-story, 228,072 GSF)
o Legislative Office Annex Building (six-story, 73,000 GSF)
o State Library and Courts Building (six-story, 193,000 GSF)
o Men's Housing, Units 1 and 3 in Napa, San Quentin Prison, and Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk.
  • War Memorial Opera House Renovation, San Francisco, CA: Shear walls were added to reduce the existing seismic risk of the structure. Upgrades included: architectural, mechanical/ electrical,
plumbing, fire protection/life safety, theatrical, elevator, civil, landscape, ADA accessibility,
hazardous materials' remediation, and historic preservation work. Project cost: $37.4 million.
  • Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA: Seismic upgrade of the monumental, four- story domed structure. The 100,000 s.f. Civic Auditorium serves as a venue for conventions,
concerts, trade shows and civic functions. Project cost: $18.9 million.
  • Encinal Del Monte Mixed-Use Building, Alameda, CA: Adaptive reuse of the historic one story
Del Monte Warehouse that is approximately 237,000 SF. The project includes a supermarket,
work/live units, a restaurant, and parking. Scope includes the renovation and seismic bracing of the exterior, seismic upgrade of the structural systems including the foundation, columns, and roof
system. Estimated Construction Cost: $56M.
  • Acorn Housing Complex I & II Rehabilitation Master Plan, Oakland Housing Authority
Oakland, CA: Acorn Apartments, originally built in 1968, consists two apartment buildings with a
total of 700 units and a 5,000 SF recreation center on a 38-acre site. Project cost: $50 million (est.).
  • Potrero Hill Housing Master Plan, San Francisco Housing Authority, San Francisco, CA:
o Improvements for 123 buildings include architectural and seismic upgrades, mechanical and electrical system replacement, roofing repairs, rehabilitation of landscape, hardscape, exterior
lighting, site utilities, and addition of new retaining walls and fencing.
o New Administration Building, Community Center, Elderly Building and Day Care Building
will be constructed. The alternative estimate for new replacement involved complete
replacement of existing housing units and four new buildings totaling 872,000 SF. Cost of the two schemes ranged from $105 million to $139 million.
  • San Francisco International Airport Boarding Area A:
New construction and expansion of Boarding Area A: A 3-story, 354,158 SF building. DTA's
estimate was within 3% of the selected bid. Project cost: $66.8 million.

1758 10th Ave. #5, San Francisco, CA


B.S. in Civil Engineering

Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila


Additional Information

Areas of Expertise:
  • Civil engineer with eighteen years of experience in construction management of various
infrastructure projects.
  • Cost estimating, scheduling, project monitoring and inspection and other engineering specialties for
a wide range of project types including office buildings, aviation facilities, fire and police facilities,
libraries, university facilities and civic buildings.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, and Timberline Estimating
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