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Occupational Therapy Assistant

Old Town, ME


To succeed as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in administering quality treatment to promote client progress toward goals and maximizing independence through safety, education, and adaptive strategies.

Work Experience

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation,

Sep 2007Current

  • Provided therapeutic intervention for Outpatient OT services under routine supervision of a Registered Occupational Therapist.
  • Provided clients with functional activities within treatment sessions to increase independence.
  • Instructed a variety of group therapy sessions including brain injury education, self-image and self-awareness, meal preparation/home management, memory strategies, therapeutic exercise, aquatics, community awareness and integration, stroke prevention, fall prevention, Wii balance and coordination, and activities of daily living.
  • Created individualized home exercise programs and fabricated resting hand splints to maximize range of motion and increase strengthening.
  • Performed manual therapy, NDT, modality treatments, transfer and functional mobility training, and safe adaptive strategies and equipment use for ADL's.
  • Educated staff, clients, family members, and caregivers on safety, home exercise programs, brain injury awareness, current treatment goals, and progress toward meeting specific goals.
  • Demonstrated service competency to administer the following: Functional Reach Test, BERG, 9-hole Peg Test, MVPT, and The Minnesota Rate of Manipulations Tests.
  • Experience in treatment of the following diagnoses: Acquired brain injury (anoxic, traumatic, CVA), spinal cord injury, neurological conditions, low vision, contractures of the upper extremity, shoulder injuries (GH subluxation, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, tendonitis), muscle weakness, and mild to severe cognitive and memory deficits.
  • Provided clients with modality treatments including hot/cold pack, ultrasound, paraffin, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, and iontophoresis.
  • Knowledge of CPT and ICD-9 codes, and MaineCare/Medicare guidelines.
  • Collaborated with CTRS, RN, LCSW, SLP, PT, Counselor, and Physiatrist to create individualized treatment and behavior modification plans to maximize independence and safety.
  • Completed weekly, biweekly, and monthly documentation expressing client progression toward meeting goals. Narrative and SOAP note formats were used for daily documentation.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Eastside Rehabilitation and Living Center,

Mar 2009Mar 2009

March 2009

Registered Occupational Therapist

Brewer Rehabilitation and Living Center,

May 2003Sep 2007

May 2003-September 2007
  • Provided interventions for Skilled OT services under the direct supervision of a Registered Occupational Therapist.
  • Provided clients with therapeutic activities to increase independence.
  • Created individualized therapeutic exercise programs to increase muscle strength, coordination, and tolerance.
  • Instructed a variety of group sessions including adaptive equipment training, meal preparation, therapeutic exercise, home environmental modifications for discharge, and socialization.
  • Performed manual therapy to increase range of motion and decrease tone, and managing tone through the use of splinting (dynamic, fabricated, and pre-fabricated) upper extremities.
  • Provided neuromuscular re-education through NDT, balance training, and coordination tasks to increase functional mobility.
  • Educated and demonstrated to clients how to effectively perform activities of daily living with the use of the following adaptive equipment: reacher, sock aide, shoe horn, long-handle sponge, dressing stick, and toilet aide.
  • Educated clients, staff, family, and caregivers within the facility for safe discharge of the client, safety with functional transfers, toileting, activities of daily living, and functional mobility to maximize independence.
  • Demonstrated service competency to administer the following: Six-Minute Walk, MMSE, MMT, and 9-hole Peg Test.
  • Provided the following modalities during treatment sessions: diathermy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, ultrasound, paraffin, heat, and ice.
  • Collaborated with wound Nurse and PCP for potential modality treatments to aide in wound healing.
  • Completed weekly documentation in narrative and SOAP note format on current client function.
  • Experience in treating clients with the following diagnoses: muscle weakness, TBI/ABI, joint replacements, COPD, Alzheimer's/Dementia, fractures of the extremities, pressure ulcers, CVA, amputation of limb, and contractures of the upper extremities.

Occupational Therapy Assistant-Student

Child Development Services,

Mar 2003May 2003

  • Observed and assisted with the treatment of children ages 2-6.
  • Experience in treating children with the following diagnoses: sensory integration disorders, ADD/ADHD, Autism, expressive and language delays, developmental/global delays, ODD.
  • Educated in the use of assessments and tests including Peabody, SI, NDT, Sensory Profile, Wilbarger Protocol (brushing), and the Ready Approach.
  • Performed treatment of children with the following interventions: sensory stimulation, pre-handwriting skills, vestibular organization through swinging, balancing, jumping, and climbing, behavioral management and compensatory strategies for increasing attention span.

Pharmacy Technician and Service Clerk

Hannaford Brothers, Augusta, GA

Jun 1999May 2003

Occupational Therapy Assistant-Student

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital,

Jan 2003Mar 2003

  • Observed and assisted with treatment in the acute in-patient hospital and out-patient clinic.
  • Experience in treating clients with the following diagnoses: Carpel tunnel syndrome with carpel tunnel release, total knee and total hip replacements, RSD, flexor tendon release, trigger finger, CVA, muscle weakness, PTSD, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement, and arthritis.
  • Performed treatments utilizing the following interventions: adaptive equipment training, modalities, fabricating resting and splints, range of motion in all planes of upper extremities, self-care training, compensatory strategies, functional transfer training, activity tolerance and HEP.
  • Observed Dr. Craig Williamson perform surgical repair of carpel tunnel syndrome with carpel tunnel release and CMC joint arthroplasty with an ulnar nerve transposition.

Pharmacy Technician
Service Clerk


Associates in Occupational Therapy received

Kennebec Valley Community College,


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