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Software Developer

Seattle, WA


Highly motivated, enthusiastic, interdependent developer with strong problem solving skills, research acumen and good knowledge of basic pattern recognition, machine learning and computer vision algorithms

Work Experience

Sr Software Engineer

HasOffers, Seattle, WA

Jan 2013Current

  • Architected and implemented a decoupled, fault-tolerant, auto-scalable workflow for near real-time storing of user interaction (impression/click/conversion/tracking/postback) log events to s3 to be copied over to Amazon Redshift; maintaining s3 as an authoritative data-store
  • Implemented error handling and replaying of batches of events that failed to be processed
  • Added easy support for data versioning / backward compatibility
  • Reduced manual intervention needed to handle skewed data distribution specially for spiked traffic
  • Untangled spaghetti code with business logic reducing code duplication by almost 50%
  • Initiated and implemented logging of operational metrics resulting in a shared library within different teams
  • Indexed click/conversion log events to Amazon DynamoDB for a customer facing feature to relate aggregated statistics with contributing events from S3; backfilled existing log events using Amazon EMR

Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA

Aug 2012Nov 2012

  • Improved run-time of build verification tests for the Sync web service, used for keeping the Active Directory partners in sync for provisioning, from 27 minutes to less than 12 minutes.
  • Implemented authentication via OrgId for the REST web service, for accessing Active Directory information for a company.

Software Developer,

Jan 2011Jun 2012

  • Setting up semi-automated data-ingestion pipeline for creation of Awards landing pages on, with reconciliation of data from multiple sources and setup a semi-automated process for evaluation of data quality
  • Changed the mapping of Wikipedia articles to products and entities from a rule based algorithm to a machine learning based algorithm thereby increasing the coverage from 22k book articles to 40k book articles with a precision of 95%. Also increased the coverage of author pages from 25k to 72k by enhancing the existing rule-based algorithm
  • Designed algorithm for creating shopping enabled links for plain-text book mentions on Wikipedia articles about authors on
  • Automated the end to end pipeline for crawling Wikipedia, classifying and mapping Wikipedia articles to products and entities on, publishing of shopping enabled Wikipedia pages and indexing for search all of which were formerly manual command line driven tools
  • Setup automated end to end checker for comparison of shopping enabled Wikipedia pages to actual Wikipedia articles
  • Setup automated alarms and generation of metrics for operations and business and created a dashboard to represent them

Developer, Shotclocked

Personal Project,

Aug 2010Nov 2010

Develop server side python based scripts for automated data entry, database management and data manipulation

Research Intern

TEXMEX Research Team, INRIA, Rennes, France,

Jun 2009Aug 2009

  • Worked on a tree-based nearest neighbor approach for clustering of a huge high dimensional database for Content based indexing and retrieval of images (C++ and GCC)
  • Compared performance with Random Forests based approach of unsupervised classification
  • Implemented Decision Trees (CART methodology), PAM Clustering algorithm and Random Forests in C++ (GCC)

Research Assistant

Indian Statistical Institute,

Jul 2007Jul 2008

  • Developed an interactive Image Retrieval system with Relevance Feedback using MPEG-7 descriptors in Visual Studio environment (C++) with interactive GUI interface in MATLAB
  • Devised M-band Wavelet Transform based descriptor for Content based Image Retrieval


Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat


Additional Information

  • Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, XML, JQuery
  • Databases and Source Repositories: MySQL, NoSQL, Git, Perforce, Subversion
  • Technologies: ZeroMQ, Google Protocol Buffer, Hibernate, Spring MVC, AWS S3, Amazon Mechanical Turk, AWS SQS, AWS EMR / Hadoop, Hive, DynamoDB, Ganglia
  • Tools: Weka, MATLAB, R, ImageMagick, OpenCV, MPEG-7 Reference Software, Microsoft Visual Studio
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