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Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Converse, TX

Work Experience

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Goodwill Industries, Houston, TX

Dec 2003Aug 2009

Fort Sam Houston 
San Antonio, TX, USA 
Maintain and do preventive maintenance such as 5 new Holland Tractor Model 6610, 4 Kubota Tractor Model M900, 2 Rider mower Model 4000-D, 18 Rider Mower Model 328-D, 4 Batwing, 5 Tri-deck 22 footer. Trouble shooting and over hauling gasoline and diesel engine. Trouble shooting and repairing hydraulic system and electrical system. Repairing and welding Crack and Bent batwing and Tri-Deck and deck blades. Repairing 50 Shindaiwa weed eater Model T270, 15 air blowers, Model BR 420 C, 4 chain saw, Shindaiwa A252's. Repairing and troubleshooting break down unit all around the Army base. Requesting spare parts for all unit and supply to be use for one month. Split-up engine and transmission; enhance defective parts like pressure clutch plate, clutch disk, release bearing and pilot bearing. Adjust clutch pedal clearance and open PTO pump assembly and change defective parts. Open axle and housing and enhance defective wet type disk brake assembly both side. Tuning-up engine, cleaning injector nozzle and check-up opening spray. Adjust intake and exhaust valve and check up and adjust injection timing.

Mechanical Technician -Air Defense

Qatar Emiri Air Force, Doha

May 1996Aug 2003

Doha Air Base and Equipments & Power Generators 
Al-Udeid Air Base-Doha, Qatar 
Repairing and maintaining corrective and preventive maintenance on all Power generating units of Doha Air Base, Al Udeid Air Base, and all Radar sites, such as: 
a) 12 Rolls Royce Engine, model C8-TCA, C8TFL, 250 KVA, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM. In case of domestic power failure, power generators will automatically take over the load for Falcon Radar system, ensuring Air Defense system of Qatar Emiri Air Force is operation for 24 hours. 
b) 8 Deutz, engine model GF5L 913, air-cooled 5 cylinder in line engine, 32 KVA 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, fuel injection pump type. In case of power failure, Generator will automatically start, run and take over the load for Tiger Radar system of the 5 radar sites. 
c) 10 Perkins Generators, series 3000, 8 to 12 cylinders, V type engine, 400-650 KVA, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, fuel injection type. 2 Perkins generators, series 4008 TAG 2, 8 cylinders in line engine. 950 KVA 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, pressure time pump type. In case of power failure, generators take over the electric power system of Al-Udeid Air Base. 
d) 2 Cummins Engine, model KTTA-38G, 12 cylinder, V type engine, 850 KVA, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, pressure time fuel pump. @ Cummins, model VTA 128 G1, 750 KVA, 12 cylinders, V type engine. Stationed in AHQ Air Headquarters and AOC Air Operation Center. 1 Cummins, model VTA 128 G1, stationed in Commndo Helicopter Simulator. 2 DAF Generator, 6 cylinders in line engine, 95 KVA, stationed in The Gazzale Helicopter simulator. Generators will automatically take over the load in case of power failure. 
e) 2 Deutz, model F8L, 413 8 cylinder V type engines, 250 KVA, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM fuel injection type pump. Stationed in a fuel Aircraft station. 6 Deutz Generators, model BA12M816V, 12 cylinder V type engine, 500 KVA, 50Hz, 1500 RPM Stationed in aircraft Shelter #1,2 and 3. 6 Rolls Royce CV 12-900 G, 12 cylinder, 800 KVA, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM injection pump type. Stationed in Hangar # 1, 2 and 3. 
f) 2 Deutz generator model F6L 913, 6 cylinders, in line engine, 90 KVA, 50Hz, 1500 RPM and fuel injection type pump. Stationed command Reporting Center. 
g) Assisting officers in trouble shooting hydraulic system, Electrical and mechanical system for all AMX tank, MAN Truck and Osh Kosh Truck Loading Firing Unit. 
h) Doing top overhauling of all types of diesel engines, injectors' calibration and checking injector's nozzles opening fuel spray. Adjusting valve according to firing order and sequence of intake and exhaust valve. Checking injection timing every 500-600 hours. Repairing water pump and turbo chargers. 
i) Check up and troubleshooting air brake from master brake system, air tank, air governor, brake chamber assembly, slack adjuster, essentric shaft, and maxi brake. 
j) Check-up and adjust output voltage alternating current to alternator assembly from 480 volts going to voltage regulator and output to 220 volts and 110 volts. 
k) Operate one or more types of gasoline, diesel, or electric powered wheeled vehicles. .Load/offload cargo from flatbed trucks using powered fork lift truck. Perform operator maintenance within established time frames. Loading and unloading power generators to truck flatbed using forklift truck. Maintain records and documents actions, such as operator inspection checklists/forms and accident/incident reports. 
l) Testing newly overhauled engine and connecting dummy load. Check the minimum and maximum load of the generator.

Ground equipment mechanic A

MIASCOR, Philippines, Manila, AR

Jan 1996Apr 1996

Ninoy Aquino Int'l. Airport (Class "A") 
MaintaiOperning all type of ground equipments in the international airport such as: 
a) Luna E.T. Mobile passenger STMR, model 926. Passenger boarding steps model MK Bed Ford, High Ranger Man Lift I.H. engine cylinders, V type T-D 3500 towing tractor. Mobile self-propelled passenger stairs and push tract. 
b) Tuning up diesel and gasoline engine, trouble shooting hydraulic system.

Crash Fire and Rescue Technician

Saudi Oger Ltd,

Jan 1992Jan 1995

PCA Project, P.O. Box 314 and Grader Operator 
Taif Airport, K.S.A 
Repairing, maintaining and preventive maintenance of all crash fire and rescue vehicle, such as:


Presidency & Civil Aviation, Airports Project,

Jun 1989Jan 1992

P.O. Box 28, Al Aqiq, K.S.A. 
a) Trouble shooting, maintaining, operating and repairing all hydraulic/pneumatic mechanism of all types of heavy equipment. 
b) Trouble shooting, maintaining and overhauling heavy diesel and gasoline equipments and vehicles , such as: Motor Grader, models JD 770A & JD 772-A; Speed Crane - 10 Tones-Coles; Bulldozer model JD450-D & Caterpillar D-10; Front Loader Backhoe, model JD 655-A; High Ranger Man lift, model 6TD 165PBI; Runway Sweepers-FMIHC-707@ 2 Elgine International Series G; Forklift-Caterpillar; De-Rubberizer Machine; Heavy Duty water and fuel trucks; Wrecker Trucks-GMC/TC-31003 AND COMPRESSORS-Ingersol Rand. 
c) Assigned as a Power Plant Technician on temporary basis, performing preventive maintenance for four SACM-M-90, 800 KW, each model RVR-175 V12 engines where I performed repairs of turbo charges. 
d) Operated the following: Motor grader for leveling unpaved areas and ditches in the airport. Bulldozer for clearing obstructions in drainages inside and outside the airport. Front Loader Backhoe for construction work and excavation works in and out of airport. Runway sweeper, Crane for loading and unloading, Man Lift while assisting Electric and communications Shops in installation and repair works. Operating De rubberizer machine paint stripping activities of runway, taxi way and apron, and all paved road traffic markings. Took up temporary Duty (TDY) assignment as Heavy Equipment Operator and Technician in Taif Airport to promote and substitute technical efficiency and to clear PCA deficiencies in the field of Heavy Equipment handling. 
e) Work as operator power production Mechanic in Al-Baha Airport. Maintaining and repairing RVR 175, 16 cylinder V type engine, 1 megawatts engine and checking every one hour water and oil temperature. Air pressure for air cylinder for air starting system to 120 PSI. Visually checking all electrical gauges like Hertz, Engine RPM, injection pump oil level, and output voltage ranging 220 volts. Doing preventive and correcting maintenance on all 5 RVR 175 16 cylinder engine in Al-Baha Domestic Airport.

Head Mechanic/Trailer Drivers

Mactan International, Inc,

Apr 1988Jun 1989

McArthur Highway, Angeles City 
a) Overhauling ISUZU engines, Model 6BDI, E-120 & E-100 ISUZU trucks and HINO engines and tractor/trailer, trouble shooting of air brake system from tractor to trailer, repairing quick relay valve army type and commercial type. 
b) Pulling down and repairing transmission, differential, replacing clutch disc and repairing worn out brake lining and riveting brake shoe lining. Tuning up diesel engines, gasoline engines, trouble shooting and repairing hydrovac to wheel cylinder brake and repairing hydrovac. Maintaining three forklifts, six State Truck Isuzu, three Tractor-trailers and ten light vehicles. 
c) Driving tractor-trailer and delivering household goods from Angeles City Terminal to Wallace Air Station, La-Union Camp John hay, Baguio City and Subic U.S. Naval Base, Olongapo City, Philippines. 
d) Requesting and purchasing spare parts needed for engines mentioned above and supervising maintenance personnel.

Heavy Duty Mechanic

Al-Rajhi Farm,

Aug 1986Feb 1988

Workshop Buraidah

Head Mechanic

Tucor Moving & Storage,

May 1985Jun 1986

Industries, Inc. 
Barrio Dela Paz, San Fernando 
Pampanga, Philippines 
a) Maintaining three Forklifts, two Toyota Forklifts and one Mitsubishi Forklift, 10 Six Wheelers truck Isuzu forward engine, model 6 6BDI and 4 6BBI, 4 ten Wheeler trucks engine model Isuzu E-120 two Isuzu Elf and Van engine model Isuzu C-240 and light vehicles for VIP and two Hino Tractor trailers. 
b) Tuning up and overhauling diesel and gasoline engines, trouble shooting of hydraulic systems of Forklift, repairing brake system of units mentioned above from air brake fluid assister, vacuum brake fluid assisted etc. 
c) Driving Pick-up, repairing and servicing break down units from terminal to Clark Air Base, Subic naval Base, Wallace Air Station and Camp John Hay. 
d) Supervising maintenance personnel, requesting and purchasing spare parts needed for breakdown units.

Shooter & Mechanic Driver

Chiyoda Petrostart Ltd,

Jan 1984Jan 1985

Al-Jubail Industrial City, K.S.A. 
a) Maintaining and repairing generator, air compressor, welding generator, forklift, hydraulic and telescopic mechanical cranes, light and heavy vehicles. 
b) Overhauling and repairing Cummins, Fuso, Isuzu, GMC, Hino Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan Engines. Trouble shooting electrical and mechanical problems for worksite to jobsite. Maintaining Furukawa Pay Loader, Cat Grader 12G and 14G, Bulldozer D-6, D-7 and D-9.

Mechanic Driver

Al-Arifi Trading & Contracting Co,

Nov 1982Sep 1983

a) Maintaining electric generator, hydraulic and mechanical cranes, air compressors, truck trailers, light vehicles and Rig Drill water well drilling. 
b) Trouble shooting and overhauling Caterpillar, GM Detroit, Cummins, Mercedes Benz and magirus Deuts Engines. Maintaining and repairing Caterpillar Grader 12-G, Bulldozer D-9 and D-10 and Pay Loader engine and hydraulic systems. 
c) Assigned as Head Mechanic of Khurais and Al-Rugay job site for water well drilling, maintaining telescopic cranes, tractor trailer, rig drill 1 and 2 and light vehicles.

Light/heavy Trouble Shooter

Transport contractor, Inc,

Feb 1977Aug 1982

Philippine National Oil company Mechanic 
McArthur Highway, Angeles city, Phils. 
a) Mechanic Escort. Escorting ammunition run from Subic Naval Base to Clark Air Base. All mechanical and electric problems in the ammunition run are my responsibility (10 tractors and trailers). 
b) Mechanic Escort. Escorting refeer van run from Clark Air Base to all American Bases in the Philippines and relieving tractor-trailer driver. 
c) Maintaining truck trailer, Stake truck, Forklift and repairing under chassis problem. Repairing and overhauling GM Detroit's Cummins, Isuzu, Fuso and light engines.

Fire Truck GM Detroit

Chubb Fire,

1977 1977

engine, series 71 and 73 16V engine, automatic transmission series CT 700 and CT H2O capacity 12.274 liters and Foam capacity 30.548 liters. 
b) 2 emergency rescue truck. Rosenbauer Jumbo Cheetah, model 1983 MAN diesel engine V10 engine, model D2534 M/NT 1 flat form Sirmac model Teed-3D-176-108 1982. 1 water tender Gloster Saro 1978, 1 water tanker Man diesel model 22-240-HK 1980. 1 Chevrolet ambulance, 1 command car Chevrolet K-5 blazer, 1 command car Chevrolet Caprice and all light vehicles used by VIP personnel in airport fire station. 
c) Trouble shooting and repairing gasoline and diesel engines. Pneumatic system of crash fire, and rescue vehicles and running gears system of all automotive connecting in CFR section. 
d) Operating Grader and clearing obstruction in runway shoulder from runway 17 to runway 35 approximately 4 kilometers long from taxi way mike 1,2 & 3 and runway 07 to runway 25. clearing and eliminating wild bushes scattered around runway shoulder, ground as per PCA Inspector relation must be 150 meters away from runway's shoulder siding both sides. 50 meters away for the taxiway's side shoulder from taxi alpha and taxi way mike. 
e) Operate one or more types of gasoline, diesel, or electric powered wheeled vehicles. .Load/offload cargo from flatbed trucks using powered fork lift truck. Perform operator maintenance within established time frames. Loading and unloading power generators to truck flatbed using forklift truck. Maintain records and documents actions, such as operator inspection checklists/forms and accident/incident reports.
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