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(Insulator) - Removed

Houston, TX


To secure a position with a well established company with a stable environment that will enable me to utilize my experience in data entry and production.

Work Experience

(Insulator) - Removed

Brand E.I.S /Protherm,

Jan 2006Current

and installed different types of insulation, which included: Foam glass, Perlite, and Mineral Wool. The job demanded physical stature to climb up scaffolds and hoisting up heavy material. Precise measurements of each piece of insulation had to be taken for the installation to be successful. Tools used that required intense training: Dry wall saws, cutting knifes, hand saws, snips, nippers, dividers, pistol grip band tensioners, screw drivers, hole punch, metal cutters, staple hammer.
  • Job Title: (Certified Asbestos Abator) - This job required training with asbestos, which included an understanding of safety regulations, safety equipment usage and proper asbestos removal procedures. All equipment had to be set up at the job site which included: asbestos barricades, asbestos warning signs (English and Spanish), a HEPA vacuum, asbestos labeled bags, CP-11 mastic, Garden Sprayers full of encapsulant. After following safety regulations the asbestos removal commenced using the proper procedures. After removal, the asbestos was disposed of in labeled bags then put into specific disposal bins.
  • Safety Correspondent- Currently conducting Brand's New Hire Orientation along with conducting Brand's Fall Protection Training. (Written and Hands On)

Scanning & Data Entry Dept. Associate

Medical Research Consultants,

Sep 2004Mar 2005

Was required to be trained in company's database to electronically bate stamp records. Converting digital material from medical records into single tiff images and if necessary convert them into tiff images from PDF format. Those images would then have to be entered into a mass tort system. The records would be entered by location, client name, state, bate numbers and type. Quality checks were required for images to see if any changes needed to be made or search for the image itself. Clients reviewed medical records online through the company's software. Sometimes those records needed to be linked or if it was a broken link, I would re-link those specific records to be viewable via internet. If there were a broken links, meaning the image couldn't be linked for some reason, was responsible to run a program in which a list of broken links would show up. The exact links would be found and then re-linked to make sure it was viewable via internet. Was responsible for quality and time management to produce for each client.

Production Associate in Records Dept

RLS Legal Solutions,

Jul 2002Sep 2004

Job duties included checking medical records. By that, each record's information has to match up with the Work Order. The records would then get labeled by hand with labels made with a special bate labeling machine. Other tasks included assembling records for law firms to present in court such as making a copy of a record for each law firm based on their special requests. Basic office required skills included legal copying, basic copy machine duties, creating bate labels, some database work, quality checking each record by hand, typing record labels, bate stamping/ p-touching, printing record and C.D labels, matching up X-Rays with their copies along with labeling them, also scanning records and images, using TIF format, into a database (I:drive) using Infothek Software. After scanning each record page by page, the data is then burned onto a CD if ordered. Also, other duties included handling the Incoming and Outgoing Certified Mail. The mail would first be separated by law firm, then prepared with a mail ticket that would go with the package, which is the proof of delivery, and sent out. It would then be logged with a delivery slip, which includes the date of delivery, work order number, law firm and invoice number. Strong organizational skills were required to maintain stability in this work environment.


Houston Community College,


Stephen F. Austin High School,


Obtained High School equivalency,

Additional Information

Computer Software: Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Wacom Graphic Tablet, Macintosh and PC components, Internet Research, Strong communications skills, time management precision, and strong organizational skills, Setting up audio/visual equipment
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