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QC Welding Inspector



  • QC Welding Inspector
  • Mechanical Tank Supervisor
  • QA/QC Tank Engineer
  • QA/QC Welding Inspector
  • Welding Inspector
  • NDT Head Inspector
  • NDT Inspector Level II
  • Welding Inspector/UT inspector Level II
  • Supervisor

Work Experience

QC Welding Inspector

Global Petroprojects Services AG, Arzew, DZ

Nov 2010Current

Work Location: Arzew, Algeria
Project: GNL 3Z
Service Period: Nov. 6, 2010 - Present
Position Held: QC Welding Inspector
Nature of Business: International Recruitment and Manpower Supply
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Assess Subcontractor Welding Inspectors in the conduct of activities.
  • Establishing that a procedure is available, has been approved as required by the appropriate authority and is being employed in production.
  • Witnessing of welder and procedure approval tests.
  • Witnessing the preparation of test pieces and destructive tests, and verifying
compliance with appropriate standards and specifications.
  • Verification that adequate and valid welder approvals are available, and that only approved welders as required are used in production.
  • Fabrication and site welding activities surveillance for confirmation of compliance of subcontractor to project quality procedures.
  • Verification that all NDT requirements and post weld heat treatment has been conducted in accordance with specification requirements.
  • Review of Visual and NDT reports of welding accomplished by subcontractor qualified personnel.
  • Walk down the line and develop punchlist associated with Welding Inspector scope and review/approve final welding summary report prior to hydrotest/pneumatic test.
  • Preparation of inspection statistical reports.
B. Employer: (Self Employed Contractor)
Work Location: Philippines


Residential Houses/Buildings Construction, PH

Oct 2008Nov 2010

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Contractor and management of Residential Houses/Buildings Construction.
  • Control of manpower, working schedules and quality of work.
  • Manage and control purchasing of construction materials, tools and equipments.

C. Employer: Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy industries Co., Ltd
Work Location: Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar
Project: Ras Laffan Onshore Expansion LNG Tank
QG II Onshore Project LNG Storage Tank

Tank Supervisor

Engineering Procurement Construction,

Oct 2004Oct 2008

Nature of Business: Engineering Procurement Construction
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Monitor and supervise subcontractors to carry out construction processes under the controlled conditions based on the agreed subcontractor's quality procedures.
  • Ensure that all activities are systematic and controlled manner.
  • Coordinates interfaces as construction work progresses.
  • Checks to verify that mechanical equipments have been correctly installed and will function properly so that the initial starting of items and pre-operational testing can be performed.
  • Verify that the completed system are in conformance with requirements defined by Company's specifications, drawings, and other documents, and that field modification and other changes made during installation or hook up have been completed.
  • Developing a punch list of all items that are not completed in accordance with the Project Specification and control of completion of punch list items.
  • Monitor construction progress based on latest issued construction's schedule.
  • Directly supervised installation of 35 units of LNG Loading and Circulating Pump.

Senior QA/QC Tank Engineer

Kellogg Brown & Root,

May 2002Jun 2003

Work Location: Kome, Tchad, Africa
Project: TChad/Cameron Oil Development Project Position Held: Senior QA/QC Tank Engineer Service Period: May 3, 2002 -June 1, 2003
Nature of Business: Engineering Procurement Construction
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Responsible for overseeing and executing all quality function required for ongoing project, including but not limited to quality assurance and quality control inspections, testing, work execution and work monitoring.
  • Verify that the quality related activities are in accordance with the applicable codes, specifications and procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all details on the drawings and specifications are met.
  • Ensure that NDE is carried out in accordance with the approved procedures and specifications to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Identify any deficiency, promote corrective actions and verify their implementation.
  • Ensure that all inspection and testing has been carried out and the pre-test punch list are complete and signed prior to hydro testing.
  • Witness all tank requirement tests.

E. Employer: Dresser Kellogg Energy Services
( Dresser Ran, Kellogg Brown & Root )
Work Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Project: Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria
Obigbo Node Associated Gas Gathering Project
a. Obigbo AG Plant & Sales Manifold
b. Agbada AG plant
c. IMO River AG Plant
d. Flowstation @ IMO River 2, IMO River 3

QA/QC Inspector (Welding)


Feb 2000Sep 2001

Nature of Business: Carries out all or part of the design, engineering, 
procurement, construction & commissioning of the project. 
F. Employer: TSKJ Nigeria Limited

Welding Inspector

Technip, Snam Progetti, Kellogg Brown & Root, Bonny Island, NG

Mar 1998Mar 1999

Work Location: Bonny Island, Nigeria
Project: Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas
Service: March 21, 1998-March 19,1999
Position Held: Welding Inspector
Nature of Business: Front End Engineering & Design (FED), Engineering
Procurement Construction Management (EPCM)

Duties & Responsibilities (E & F)
  • Implement procedures and standards for field or fabrication shop control of welding, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Positive Alloy Material Identification (PAMI), Heat Treatment and Material Traceability. Monitor Subcontractor performance.
  • Monitor subcontractor Welding Inspectors, especially their examination of welding parameters, application of the correct Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) and assurance that qualified welders are used for the work being performed. Perform random visual inspection.
  • Ensure the subcontractor's correct handling of all welding consumables and equipment in both the shop and field environment.
  • Assess the quality of work of the subcontractor field inspection personnel. Keep the in-charged Piping Superintendent informed of required corrective actions. Where necessary raised Field Inspection Report.
  • Witness subcontractor welds procedure and welder qualification, and evaluate welder performance.
  • Ensure that the NDT equipment/materials are suitable for the work to be performed.
  • Ensure that the subcontractor records are up to date, accurate and accessible through daily reviews of all related forms. This will include Daily Welding Report, NDT Request, Welder Performance Records, etc.
  • Select weld for random radiographic examination.
  • Interpret Radiograph film results.
  • Monitor the subcontractors input data in a computerized Weld Tracking System.
  • Authorize/approve all weld repairs and associated follow up NDT.
  • Assist the Senior Welding Inspector in carrying out audits of subcontractor welding, NDE, Heat Treatment, PAMI, and Material Traceability system.
  • Monitor all PWHT operations to ensure compliance with specifications and review documentation.
  • Ensure material traceability, where required is maintained and documented on relevant isometric and traceability reports.
  • Perform final welding/ NDT inspection prior to pressure testing, and sign the Piping Field Test report along with the subcontractor Welding Inspector as the welding release for testing.
  • Prepare weekly report and statistical quality report for submission to the Senior Welding Inspector.

NDT Head Inspector

BF metal Corporation,

Oct 1996Aug 1997

Project: APO Cement Plant
Project Location: Tina-an, Naga Cebu (Erection Site)
Service Period: October 11, 1996-August 22,1997
Position Held: NDT Head Inspector
Nature of Business: Design, manufacture, fabrication and supply of structural steel, tanks, vessels, drums, piping, etc.
Also engaged in the erection of structural steel building, steel bridges, cement plant and tower.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Perform quality control monitoring and inspection (visual, dimensional, NDT examination) of welds in the fabrication shop and erection site.
  • Monitor and control equipment (welding) suitability, welding consumables and welding parameters as per specifications, codes and standards.
  • Coordinates with the Third Party/Client Inspector in the implementation of quality procedures, standards and customer requirements including the repair/ remedy of all punch listing made by them.
  • Preparation of QC/NDT reports and documentation control such as Certification of Acceptance, Non- Conformance Report, Daily Activities/Accomplishment Report, Manpower Report, Quality Status Report, Welder Qualification Test and Performance Report.
  • Qualification and testing of all applicant welders.

NDT Inspector Level

Belleli Saudi Heavy Industries Ltd, Jubail

Mar 1995Mar 1996

Work Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Service Period: March 1995-March 1996 &Jan. 1994-Oct. 1994
Position Held: NDT Inspector Level 2
Nature of Business: Design, Manufacture, Fabrication, and Supply of Heat
Exchanger, Pressure Vessels, High and Low Pressure
Piping, Reactor, Air Coolers, Finned Tube Production
Evaporators with Certificate of Conformance to
Quality System Standard, ISO 9000

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Perform quality control monitoring and testing (UT, PT, MT, RT) of welds in the fabrication shop and erection site.
  • Coordinates with the Client/Third Party Inspector as per procedure requirements.
  • Preparation of Daily Activities Report, NDT Report and Certificate.

Welding (Visual) / UT Inspector level

National Pipe Company Ltd,

Nov 1990Nov 1993

Work Location: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Service Period: November 1990- November 1993
Position Held: Welding (Visual) / UT Inspector level 2
Nature of Business: Manufacturing of spiral- welded pipes for sweet and sour and application and pipe repair sleeves based on American Petroleum Institute standard.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Perform calibration and routinely set-up of automatic line weld monitor (SNUP U 17) as well as base metal lamination check (KSE 28).
  • Perform nondestructive testing (MT/RT/PT/MT) on finished and on -process product as required/necessary.
  • Perform visual and dimensional inspection of welds and base metal quality.
  • Temporary upgraded to Leadman (NDT) to supervise and control manpower and working schedules, machine control and operation.
  • Preparation of NDT, Visual and Dimensional Report.


Republic Wooden Corporation,

Jul 1989Nov 1990

Nature of Business: Manufacture of different kinds of flywood for local
& Export quality.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervise and control of manpower and working schedules to ensure attainment of production program as well as production output and quality of the product.
  • Guidance and control of machine operation and usage.
  • Preparation of manpower and production report.

Good in reading and writing of English language.


Micro Tutor Computer Center,


Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Technological Institute of the Phils, Manila


Additional Information


*Philippine Board of Electrical *Licensed Assistant Electrical Engineer
Engineering Licensure Exam *Licensed Registered Electrical Engineer
*Certification Scheme for Welding and
Inspection Personnel, TWI Certification Ltd. *Certified Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.1)
*International Maritime Welding Society *Certified Welding Inspector (WQC-1: 2008)
*International Institute of Welding *International Welding Inspector Basic Level
*American Society of Non Destructive *Certified NDT Level II (RT.UT,PT,MT)
Testing (ASNT SNT-TC-1A-2006)

  • Qualified to interpret engineering prints & data.
  • Qualified to intrerpret Radiographic film results.
  • Knowledge on the use & operation of manual ultrasonic machine.
Model: Krautkramer USL -32, USK-7, Gillardoni MG-12, & USN-52.
  • Knowledge on the use & operation of Automatic Line Weld monitor/flaw detector.
Model: Krautkramer Snup U-17 & KSE 28.
  • Qualified to perform four discipline of nondestructive testing such as;
a. Ultrasonic Testing
b. Magnetic Particle Testing
c. Penetrant Testing
d. Radiographic Testing
  • Perform welding (visual) & dimensional inspection.
  • Have a basic understanding of welding techniques, welding positions, welding consumables and weld preparation.
  • Be able to use welding inspection gauges and other commonly used measuring devices to check pre-weld fit ups and post weld inspection.
  • Perform Brinell Hardness Test.
  • Computer literate.
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