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Senior Geotechnical Engineer, New Orleans Office Manager

New Orleans, LA

Work Experience

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, New Orleans Office Manager

SOL Engineering Services, LLC, Jackson, MS

Dec 2009Current

Jackson Mississippi/New Orleans, Louisiana December 2009 - Present 
Senior Geotechnical Engineer, New Orleans Office Manager. 
Duties included project management and execution, coordination with clients, preparing proposals for municipal, state, and federal clients, and business development. Projects included Mississippi River and Hurricane levee inspections for the 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and geotechnical engineering support for our partner companies on coastal protection 
projects for the National Resources Conservation Service and other water resources projects. Lead geotechnical engineer on the Design Services for Long Term Development of the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Also lead geotechnical engineer on the Claiborne Avenue Livable Communities project, which is one of the most significant 
urban planning feasibility studies in the history of New Orleans. Conduct marketing and business development activities and prepares municipal, State, and Federal proposals.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

The Bioengineering Group, Inc, Baton Rouge, LA

Jun 2009Nov 2009

Duties included extensive involvement in contract work involving U.S. Army Corps of Engineers earthen levees 
rehabilitation task orders in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana by performing geotechnical calculations, peer-reviewing 
geotechnical calculations, and performing independent technical reviews.

Senior Supervisory Engineer

Fugro Consultants, Inc, Baton Rouge, LA

Sep 2007Apr 2009

Duties included managing commercial and industrial projects and supervising junior staff. Extensive involvement in the 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers earthen levees rehabilitation task orders.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Foundation Engineering Science, Inc./SRW Construction, Inc, Fredericksburg, VA

Apr 2005Sep 2007

Duties consisted of managing the Fredericksburg branch office with a staff ranging from five (5) to seven (7) employees, 
proposal writing, project management, project and report QA/QC, personnel supervision, report writing, and client 
development. Projects included construction materials testing for small and large sites, geotechnical investigations and studies, and design and construction of segmental retaining walls for commercial projects.

Geotechnical Engineering Consultant

Self-employed, Baton Rouge, LA

Apr 2002Apr 2005

Duties consist of consulting, proposal writing and project management, and report writing associated with the 
Geotechnical investigations for small to medium residential projects and real estate development projects.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Soil Testing Engineers, Inc, Baton Rouge, LA

Oct 1996Apr 2002

General duties included writing proposals, project management and execution, report writing, and business development.
Acquired extensive experience communicating with clients and consulting with regulatory agencies. More specifically,
managed and worked on a variety of projects with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to several hundred
thousand dollars. These projects included:
  • Expansion, design, and permitting of existing and new solid waste facilities. Planned geotechnical investigations,
analyzed geotechnical laboratory data, and performed all analyses including consolidation, slope stability, basal
heave, using a variety of specialized computer applications.
  • Geotechnical investigations for dozens of telecommunication towers.
  • Geotechnical investigations for dozens of commercial projects including both shallow and deep foundation
recommendations, concrete slab recommendations, and pavement recommendations.
  • Complex consolidation and settlement analyses for a variety of commercial and industrial facilities including
plants, warehouses, ports, and paper mills.
  • Complex slope stability analyses for a variety of commercial and industrial facilities
  • Geotechnical investigations for proposed residential structures including both shallow and deep foundation


recommendations, concrete slab recommendations, and pavement recommendations.
  • Analysis and report writing for Two-Stage Borehole hydraulic conductivity tests conducted at landfills throughout the East and Midwest.

Project Geotechnical Engineer

Rust E&I, Inc, Baton Rouge, LA

Aug 1993Sep 1996

General duties consisted of working on the expansion, design, and permitting of solid waste and toxic waste facilities and other facilities, the management of small-scale Geotechnical projects, and assisting in the development of proposals and
cost estimates. Acquired extensive experience communicating with clients and consulting with regulatory agencies.
Supervised field Geotechnical investigations, assigned laboratory tests, analyzed Geotechnical laboratory data, and performed (using a variety of specialized computer applications) all the Geotechnical analyses associated with the design of new facilities and the expansion of existing waste facilities and other facilities. Analyses included:
  • Slope stability.
  • Consolidation and settlement.
  • Bearing capacity.
  • Basal heave.
  • Earth retaining structures.

Staff Geotechnical Engineer

GDC Engineering, Inc, Baton Rouge, LA

Feb 1991Jul 1993

Wrote technical proposals and developed cost estimates for a wide variety of environmental projects. Participated in the design, management and execution of site remediation and restoration projects. Planned, founded and managed the 
company's hydraulic conductivity testing laboratory. Acquired experience in communicating with clients and consulting with regulatory agencies.


Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX


Additional Information

Geotechnical Engineer with 22 years of experience with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and experience
in the following areas:
  • Project Management Staff Management & Mentoring Staff Management & Mentoring
  • Geotechnical Investigations Complex Geotechnical Analyses Municipal, State, Federal Proposals
  • Industrial & Commercial Projects Municipal, State, Federal Projects Construction Materials Testing
  • Landfill Design and Permitting Telecommunication Towers Landfill Permitting
  • Experience with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Redesign in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Experience Designing Coastal Protection Dikes in Southern Louisiana
  • Developed excellent working relationships with supervisors and project team members, and developed experience
in consulting with regulatory agencies.
  • Managed broad range of project budgets and types and demonstrated excellent initiative and a proactive attitude.
  • Managed a branch office of an engineering/construction firm.
  • Believes that developing and keeping great relationships with current and potential clients are crucial to bringing
their business back and to growing a business by bringing new clients into the fold. Gaining clients trust and
satisfaction go a long in moving from the cost-based business to quality- and satisfaction-based business with
  • Blieves that active involvement in engineering societies and interpersonal relationships play an integral role in
developing and growing a business. Shaking hands, listening to clients, hand-delivering reports and proposals
(when possible), and going the extra mile to make clients happy go a long way in bringing back their business.

Ziad Alem, PE
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