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Construction Manager

Andersonville, TN

Work Experience

Construction Manager

Safety and Ecology Corporation,

Aug 2008Current

Responsibilities and skills include hiring of approved contractors, reviewing applicable contractor insurance requirements and state licenses, scheduling, daily meetings with clients, inventorying equipment, ensuring policies and procedures are followed safety for the employees, quality, manpower and budgets. Responsibilities also include the following: concrete, plumbing and mechanical design, structural design/engineering, basic electrician training, standard construction techniques, blueprint reading, budgeting, and purchasing. These above mentioned items were put into practice at the USDOE Y-12 site, building upgrade and demolition projects. Held position as a Site Manager on the RAMP projects where I over saw roofing contractors/electrical contractors, read designed as built drawings, worked on modifications to the existing facilities, attended daily progress and weekly progress meetings with client representatives. Was closely involved with quality programs as well as safety programs and kept projects within the allotted time frames and I also filled in for safety on a as needed basis where I was responsible for the development of JSA's, audits, training programs, inspections of safety equipment , rigging, ppe, trained employees on proper use.. Ensured that all ES&H policies and procedures were in adhered too. 
Design and conduct construction-related Safety Audits to ensure that corporate policies and procedures are adhered too and to audit our process for DOD, NASA and DOE compliance. Involve the craft and management team in Safety decision making, so we could achieve some of the highest audits at U.S Department of Energy Sites. 
Design Audits and revise procedures to ensure that we are in compliance with U.S.A.C.E, D.O.E, D.O.D and Client policies. 
Present construction safety and OSHA regulatory compliance training programs to contractors and direct hire's at D.O.E, D.O.D sites and at Siemens Energy facilities. 
Serves as an outage specialist to Siemens Energy at power generating facilities; My responsibilities were to implement the Siemens Human Performance Program at nuclear sites and fossil sites throughout the United States, Audited the Human Performance Process, Conduct daily inspections, provided orientation for craft, provided training for all employees, attended pre-job briefings and audited that process, provide oversight to the Project Manager, develop rigging plans for rotor lifts and resolve health and safety concerns along with quality issues. Also provided input in the decision making process for work processes. 
Provide oversight for demolition operations at D.O.E and D.O.D facilities. These operations are reactor demolition projects at NASA sites along with ORNL buildings at USDOE and DOD facilities. 
Ensure that the quality standards are in place for air sampling. Ensure that policies are in place for all aspects of the project and are in place to ensure compliance with federal, state and local plans. 
Develop safe work plans to ensure that hazards are recognized and are eliminated before operations start at Siemens projects and at D.O.E sites.

Construction Manager/Safety Supervisor


Oct 2005Aug 2008

Responsibilities include but not limited to the utilization of key skills plus the following:

Construction / Safety Manager

Fluor, Rockdale, TX

Dec 2006Apr 2008

Alcoa TN and Warrick IN, hydroelectric facilities in Tennessee and North Carolina with Voith Siemens. Projects also involved reconstructing and refurbishing rectifier buildings, refurbishing bag house, reconstructing electrical switchyards, retrofitting a 580 mega watt power station and demolition of water treatment towers. Project construction risks included electrical hazards, mobile equipment, molten metal, confined space, hoisting and rigging, fall protection, excavation safety, scaffolding, and asbestos and lead abatement. All of these projects were under a strict schedule and a low cost budget. I oversaw the daily accomplishments of the crew and superintendents. I made revisions to the work packages with the input from the engineering department and worked close with the craft who was responsible for accomplishing the task. I was involved with rigging plans and approved rigging and heavy lift plans, Took part in the sub-contractor hiring process looking at licenses and approved permits, took part in the human resource process and oversaw daily construction activities 
Designed and presented training programs to contractors for the hydro electric projects in Tennessee, Rockdale, Texas and for the Alcoa Friendsville Mine in Illinois. Project role required knowledge of MSHA 30 CFR regulatory requirements. 
Designed and conducted Construction Safety Audits and Construction Safety Training to ensure that the Alcoa/Fluor alliance Policies and Procedures are adhered too. Was a part of the team effort to achieve the highest audit scores for the past three consecutive audits within the alliance per Debbie Poole and Ike Spivey. 
Supported and implemented a Zero Incident Safety Training program to produce a zero incident culture throughout the Friendsville mine Project, and in Rockdale Texas. 
Established and encouraged a safety first culture throughout the project for sub-contractors by encouraging craft involvement in hazard assessment, implementing a new-hire mentoring program, and conducting safety compliance audits. Ensured that all Fluor, MSHA, OSHA Policies are in place and adhered to by conducting audits and trend analysis. Provided safety lessons learned and daily compliance tool box topics.

regional safety manager

Fluor, Sarasota, FL

Jul 2005Oct 2005

Sarasota Fl. 07/05-10/05 
Responsibilities included but not limited to the utilization of key skills plus the following: 
Served as the regional safety manager for power plant maintenance outages in Florida. The following clients were FP&L and TECO. Facilities were located in Sarasota, FL, Orlando, Homestead and Tampa. Projects included boiler outages and maintenance support to Florida Power and Light. Responsibilities included oversight compliance for the following fields: Construction Management, Cost, Quality, Inventory of equipment and field oversight in construction and safety roles. Safety responsibilities were scaffold inspection, hoisting and rigging, confined space, lockout tag out, and other various activities. 
Through the implementation of programs such as employee mentoring and auditing programs we enhanced employee safety awareness, quality, productivity and morale. 
Reversed prior history of low morale and incomplete training by implementing 
Safety orientation programs / luncheons and followed up training classes and safety audits and recognition programs.

Safety Manager Marathon Oil Refinery

, Detroit, MI

May 2004Jul 2005

Responsibilities included but not limited to Key Skills plus the following: 
Served as the Marathon East Plant Safety Manager for the Michigan Refining 
Division. Activities included expansion of refinery and turnaround maintenance involving removal and installation of piping, heaters, catalysts, reactors, tubes, heat exchanger retrofit, and other reconstruction activities relating to refinery operations. 
Wrote and implemented safety policies and procedures which were adopted by Marathon Oil Corporation 
Established and implemented a comprehensive and results oriented audit system for the refinery. 
Trained Marathon employees and its contractors in safe work practices, audited the refinery's safety program, and implemented training programs for Marathon employees and contractors to the refinery. 
Presented safety expectations and requirements to numerous contractors at the contractor kick-off meetings. 
Supported refinery, analyzed processes for potential safety issues while functioning as liaison between safety program and Marathon Oil Corporation. 
As safety liaison I consulted with refinery and contractor personnel on industries best practices for construction projects that were underway or planned for the east plant. 
As safety liaison I worked closely with Michigan OSHA to establish and maintain a productive regulatory relationship.

Fluor Corporation, Montgomery, AL

Feb 2004Apr 2004

Construction Manager / Safety Supervisor for the 430

Paint Shop,

May 2003Feb 2004

000 square foot Paint Shop facility construction project and 360,000 square foot Stamp and Weld Facility Construction risks included: scaffolding, fall protection, excavation, hot work, heavy equipment, hoisting and rigging, electrical, and lockout tag out. 
Advised German construction managers and Korean clients in proper safety policies and procedures to the standards that are required by United States DOL regulations. 
Worked closely with sub-contractors assuring they were on target with schedule, cost improvement, quality issues and productivity reports and also implementing and accepting the Construction Industry Standards. Led the initiatives in writing and establishing safety protocols using construction best practices from prior assignments and literature.

Site Safety Representative for CITGO

Fluor Corporation, Chicago, IL

Oct 2001Apr 2003

Responsibilities included but not limited to Key Skills plus: 
Responsible for establishing a safety culture by working closely with contractors, sub-contractors and craft personnel advising the project team of the refinery safety practices. 
Developed and provided safety training in excavation, hearing conservation, lead and asbestos, hot work, mobile equipment, scaffolding and general construction. 
Worked with the Safety Team to develop the Demolition plan for the Crude Unit 
Instructed employees in Confined Space, Respiratory Protection, Rigging and Hazardous Waste Operations at the Chevron refinery in Pascagoula MS 
Conducted daily safety audits for determining regulatory compliance and advised employees of results and remedial actions. 
Revised the procedures to incorporate protocols throughout areas of my responsibility. 
Managed EHS safety compliance programs for areas of my responsibility. 
Was involved in critical lifts and pre planning of these lifts at both Chevron and Citgo,

Fluor Corporation Sithe Mystic Power Plant, Boston, MA

May 2000Oct 2001

Boston MA 05/00-10-01 
I was responsible for assuring and encouraging a Safety First Culture throughout the project. Project involved construction of a 1600 megawatt generating facility. 
Trained contractor personnel in the best safety practices working closely with contractor crafts persons and supervision. 
Managed site safety by practicing a "manage by walking around and observing safe/unsafe work practices and taking corrective action when/where necessary. Conducted daily audits to ensure corporate compliance. 
Responsible for the Hazard Communication Program for the site, and implemented a Hazard ranking system to inform the craft of chemicals on site. 
Developed and presented contractor safety training programs utilizing expertise obtained as a Safety Instructor. 
Southeast Regional Training Fund LIUNA 02/98/05/00 
I trained employers and employees in all aspects of working safely in a radioactive/hazardous environment in construction industry performing work for the U.S. Department of Energy. 
Prepared and presented training in OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 standards. Programs included but not limited to, Personal Protective Equipment and proper selection and use of fall protection, safe chemical clothing, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, Confined Space Instructor, Hazardous Waste Instructor 80 Hour, Lead Abatement Instructor Hoisting and Rigging Instructor and Radiological Safety Instructor. Obtained OSHA 500 certification and presented training for same

train the trainer

State and Federal, Memphis, TN

1997 1998

I trained employers and employees in identifying and eliminating unsafe practices and I trained employers and employees in interpretation and implementation of regulations to assure compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations. All of these programs were "train the trainer" adaptable. 
F.W. Hake Nuclear Services: Memphis TN. 1997-1998 
Shift Team Leader (Supervisor): Was responsible for the safety and productivity of respective shift. Performed health physicist activities and production activities. Project involved demolition of nuclear fuel rod racks and going to various npp sites 
Assured all employees in my area of responsibility were trained and proficient in working safely and productively in a highly radioactive and hazardous work environment.

Junior Health Physicist I

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Oak Ridge, TN

1990 1997

Oak Ridge, TN. 1990-1997 
This was a radioactive weapons / waste processing facility. During my employment period I achieved the certification as a Junior Health Physicist I and became trained and proficient in Incineration Operations, Compaction Operations, Inventory, Contamination Reduction / Decontamination, Heavy Equipment, Nuclear Power Outages throughout the United States and Molten Metal Foundry for the U.S.D.O.E Oak Ridge Site and held supervisor positions in Nuclear Power Plant outages through out the United States as a Health Physics Technician.


Pellissippi State College,


D.O. in management

Roane State College,


Additional Information

Key Skills: 
SCWE NEI 09-07 
Scheduling and Planning Work Packages 
Cost Reduction/Avoidance Regulatory Compliance 
Safety Quality Evaluation/Audit Safety Training, Audit Development/Presentation ESH Training programs 
Environmental Protection Staff Training/Mentoring 
Documentation/Recordkeeping Loss Prevention 
Strategic Planning Establishing Project Safety Culture 
Hazardous Waste Coordination Radiological Protection 
Lead Protection Asbestos Protection
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