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Management Analyst

Edgewood, MD


As a Management Analyst for the Division of the Main Complex Management (DMCM), I am responsible for directing, coordinating and overseeing assigned DMCM building operation, leasing actions, maintenance, repair and construction activities. 
As a buildings management specialist, I was responsible for directing, coordinating and overseeing all building operation, maintenance, repair and improvement activities in a designated building(s). I coordinate and evaluate all operation activities to assure that the occupants receive the proper level and kind of building services specified in the operations orders. I also worked in a space management capacity on occasions. These duties required me to use the space management standards and policies of the commissioner. 
As a maintenance and repair supervisor with in the Division of the National Computer Center Management (DNCCM), I participated in the planning, assignment and utilization of SSA's equipment and employees. I would plan and coordinate the building renovation and the development of preventative maintenance policies and procedures. I was responsible for maintain a safe and productive work place.

Work Experience

Management Analyst

Social Security Administration Headquarters, Baltimore, MD

Oct 2011Current

  • Baltimore, MD 21235 10/2011 to Present
SSA is a branch of the federal government. The SSA headquarters building maintenance mechanic branch dedicated to provide products and services necessary for the Agency to achieve its primary mission. This branch is responsible for all the buildings and the infrastructure associated with them. This duty was a tempera detail to help fill a need in the maintenance mechanic branch.
Management Analyst
My duties as a Management Analyst in the Office of Buildings Management (OBM) included the following: analyses, review, evaluation and advising management on activities in the areas of SSA's Headquarters facilities management program and all related service. During my time, I also assisted a senior analyst and other team members in identifying critical complex issues and deficiencies in, or problems with OBM operational processes and procedures. I have used Total Quality Management techniques/processes to make recommendations on developing new or modify existing policies and procedures that directly influence the level of customer service provided by the Office. On occasions, I implemented these recommendations, as directed. I use the office computer systems as a means to measure the results of the implemented recommendations. I also use those same systems to make revisions as necessary or as directed.

I participate in the development, presentation, justification and execution of the GSA Delegations budget and/or the Centralized Common Expense Account. Within the GSA Delegations budget are the operations and maintenance, as well as our recurring and non recurring repair funds for the SSA delegated buildings at Headquarters.

I represent the position, concerns, interests and views of the Division Director of OMCM, regarding administrative and management matters to Office Directors, other managers, staff and specialists and other management staffs.

I plans and carry out special projects, studies or assignments involving administrative concerns or problems. Such projects or assignments are often of a sensitive nature. I will make recommendations to upper management to improve Office processes involving operations, workflow, controls and resource utilization. Some of these responsibilities cross Division lines, as well as being outside the Office's scope of responsibility. This work would require me to oversee contractors, make final inspections with contracting officers and aid in the approval of the completed work. I performed the previous duties listed while I am working as a Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR).

I will plan and maintain the Office's work measurement procedures. I also monitor and make recommendations to the Office Director for the implementation of work measurement techniques and production standards in the Office.

I utilize Office computer systems to maintain, analyze and produce a variety of programmatic, management, administrative and work measurement information.

I have participated as a member of inter and intra agency committees/workgroups regarding a variety of issues, e.g., personnel management and budget formulation, etc., as required.

I provide advice and guidance to OMCM managers on personnel management matters, including developing position descriptions, performance standards, recruitment, reorganization and training activities. Personally handles those projects that are sensitive or have high priority.

I gathered data for analysis on our newer energy conservation programs. I have assisted in the operation, maintenance activities and repair activities as workload necessitates. I would work on estimates and write specifications for construction, maintenance and custodial services contracts. I worked with our space manager to monitor the new comprehensive space utilization, control and improvement program for assigned building(s) by using the services of the computer graphics space management system.

Maintenance & Repair Supervisor

Social Security Administration National Computer Center, Baltimore, MD

Aug 2009Current

  • Baltimore, MD 21235 08/2009 to Present
SSA is a branch of the federal government. The SSA headquarters building maintenance mechanic branch dedicated to provide products and services necessary for the Agency to achieve its primary mission. This branch is responsible for all the buildings and the infrastructure associated with them.
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Maintenance & Repair Supervisor (General Foreman NCC Utilities) WS 13-2 - WS 14-4
Plans, coordinates and directs the activities of Utility systems Repair Operators (USRO), Distribution Facilities Electricians (DFE), Electricians, Pipe Fitter/Plumber and Maintenance Mechanics engaged in the maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and modification of new and existing electrical systems and operating equipment. I had journeyman level knowledge and skills of either the operating engineer. I am a master electrician as well. This includes environmental systems, the non interruptible power supply (UPS) systems, high voltage substations and solar turbine generators (13MW), air, chilled water, heating, HVAC, sewage, structural plumbing, sprinklers, mechanical and refrigeration systems. I supervise employees responsible for the computerized building management system in the utility building (Siemens APOGEE). Through my four subordinate shift supervisors, I was able to supervise approximately 17 shift-working employees in grades WG 10 to WG 11. All of these employees work on rotating shifts. All work supervised is performed on a 24 hour basis at the National Computer Center (NCC). I was also the direct supervisor of five flextime employees to include one work leader, two electricians, one pipe fitter/plumber and one maintenance mechanic. Their grades were between WG-10 to WL-11. Coordinates activities with the onsite building manager assigned to the NCC.

I participate with building managers in scheduling annual overhaul and inspection periods so as not to affect service to building occupants, scheduling the preventative maintenance program and establishing watch schedules. The Building Manager and other officials regarding the need for augmenting or replacing equipment also consult me. I assist in the negotiation of contracts for installation or repair of equipment. I personally inspect and assist in the inspection of contract work during and upon completion. I made continuing studies to determine means of reducing costs and improving efficiency. I worked on new energy conservation projects and work practices within the building of the NCC.

I made requisitions of equipment and supplies for assigned activities. I aided in preparing cost estimates of labor and materials for new projects. I had micro-purchase authority assigned to me. Its use was making small purchases as needed for materials and quick service calls and repairs. I maintained complete equipment records, including inventory of spare parts and normal operating logs. I provide information and advice to higher levels of supervision on such matters as ability to accomplish work assignments, as scheduled, cost estimates, changes in techniques and standards, rearrangement of equipment or other changes in facilities.

I assign work to shift supervisors as well as the work leader. I also establish deadlines, priorities and work standards. I work to establish a good working climate to encourage employees to participate in achieving management goals and to promote efficient and economical work operations. I would inspect most work to determine that the overall objectives were completed. I have been required to work with tools and on shift during emergency or personnel shortages.

I have recommended personnel actions such as promotions, reassignments and transfers, reviews and referred recommendations made by subordinate supervisors. I scheduled and approved leave for direct subordinates and scheduled and approved advanced leave for indirect subordinates. I made periodic appraisals of their work performance and assisted in appraisals of their subordinates as well. I worked to resolve or refer disciplinary cases, complaints, grievances or other personnel problems. I would also work in support actions from subordinate supervisors as needed. I determined training needs and provided on the job training to supervisory personnel and electrical personnel. I would organize safety meetings and establish safe operating procedures. I wrote many new switching procedures for our high and medium voltage switching within the buildings.

Basic Management Analyst

Certified COTR,

2010 2010

training 2010

Deputy Commissioner's Citation 2009 Feeder Response Team Lead

Social Security Administration National Computer Center,

2010 2010

Distribution Facilities Electrician (DFE) WG

Social Security Administration National Computer Center, Baltimore, MD

May 2006Aug 2009

  • Baltimore, MD 21235 05/2006 to 08/2009
SSA is a branch of the federal government. The SSA headquarters building maintenance mechanic branch dedicated to provide products and services necessary for the Agency to achieve its primary mission. This branch is responsible for all the buildings and the infrastructure associated with them.
Distribution Facilities Electrician (DFE) WG 11-4
As the Distribution Facilities Electrician (DFE) on shift my duties included monitor of 3 Titan Generators and their operation. I had to clean and request work to be done on the units. I was responsible for repair and maintenance of objects outside of unit. I was responsible for their operating the units in case of emergency. I was required to start them vis three separate standard operating procedures. I would work to follow all safety protocalls as established by management. My understanding of all switching procedures had allowed me to combine each procedure as needed during any emergency. I reported any problems to my direct supervisor and requested maintance or repair from the maintenance company contracted with by the government.

My duties also required I work with USRO's performing HVAC repairs, chiller maintenance and learning the basic operation of the Chiller plant from a mechanical aspect. During my time as a DFE I performed repair and maintenance on (20ton)Liebert CRAC units as they were assigned to me. The normal assignment included up to 9 total units. Each employee was required to maintain, repair as necessary and perform PM as scheduled.

NCC Feasibility Tour Team,

2009 2009

2009 NCC Feasibility Tour Team



Social Security Administration Learning Center, Baltimore, MD


CCBC Dundalk Campus,


Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore, MD

Basic Leadership Training

Social Security Administration Learning Center, Baltimore, MD

Management Training

Social Security Administration Learning Center, Baltimore, MD

Certificate in Basic Management Analyst

Social Security Administration Learning Center, Baltimore, MD

New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Baltimore, MD

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