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San Francisco, CA

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Olivia's Place, 上海市

Aug 2012May 2013

Shanghai, China 
Screened, evaluated and treated infants and toddlers with general developmental delays, school-aged children with sensory integration problems, and older children with severe physical disabilities to maximize daily function in the 
areas of play, self-cares, and learning. Worked in a variety of settings including clinic, school, and home. Set up home 
programs to facilitate development milestone achievement, receive appropriate sensory input, and maximize overall 
function. Educated parents and other caregivers ("ayis"), teachers, and other school staff such as guidance counselors and school psychologists. Gave educational presentations to the public about how to encourage development in children ages 0-2 and fine motor skills for school-aged kids. Conducted basic treatment sessions in Mandarin Chinese.


On Lok Lifeways, San Francisco, CA

May 2008Apr 2011

Was an OT for this non-profit organization whose mission is to keep frail elderly in their community homes as long as possible. Worked with two different interdisciplinary teams (one all Chinese center, and one center at a Convent). 
Evaluated and treated geriatric persons in adult day health center setting and supporting environments for skilled 
therapy needs and/or maintenance programs. Educated caregivers on how to maximize participants' ADL performance and safety in positioning and transfers. Supervised rehabilitation aides.


Associated Learning and Language Specialists, Redwood City, CA

Apr 2007Apr 2008

Screened, evaluated and provided individual sensory integration-based treatment to children ages two though ten in a 
private clinic setting. Led infant/toddler groups in the occupational therapy gym as part of an early intervention class. 
Evaluated and provided school-based occupational therapy to children ages three to eleven in special day classes at a 
public school. Educated teachers, classroom staff, parents, and speech therapists about sensory processing. Created and implemented sensory diets and other home and school programs targeting fine motor skills, muscle 
tone/strength/endurance, and visual skills necessary for self-care, play, and academic skills.


Stellar Rehabilitation, Verona, WI

Feb 2006Oct 2006

Provided OT services to assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Kept functional and holistic focuses to progress towards ADL goals using postural analysis, kinesiotaping, manual skills, lymphatic drainage techniques, exercises, and adaptive strategies. Trained in driving rehabilitation and assisted in the development of Stellar Driving Rehab Program in collaboration with parent company Adapted Experts. Communicated with and educated patients, staff, and families. 
Advocated for patients in order to have more services at their facility and more therapy despite insurance obstacles.


Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI

Jan 2005Oct 2006

Evaluated and treated impairments impacting activities of daily living on the inpatient rehabilitation unit and organized 
events to increase cultural awareness and staff efficiency in a job-shared position 1/05 - 9/05. After 9/05, provided OT 
on-call coverage primarily in the orthopedic hand clinic involving treatment requiring splinting, modalities, 
kinesiotaping, manual techniques, exercises, and educating patients on self-management strategies; occasionally 
provided OT coverage in the outpatient day rehabilitation center and other inpatient areas.


Independent Health Care, Inc, Madison, WI

Oct 2004Oct 2006

Conduct scheduled home visits to evaluate client's needs and plan occupational therapy treatments according to ADL 
related goals. Facilitate exercise, educate clients/families/staff, assess daily tasks, and alter the environment for maximal self-care ability of each client. Participate in meetings and communicate with other health professional to 
coordinate care for each individual client.


University of WI, Madison, WI

Jul 2005Sep 2006

Coordinated the Senior Women's Fitness Program. Instructed women ages 40-85 in cardiovascular aerobic dance 3 
days/week and strength, flexibility, and balance exercises 2 days/week with efficient, fun, and functional approaches. 
Recruited and trained student instructors to lead and assist in classes. Developed methods for individual modifications through one-on-one manual cueing and verbal group cueing during classes. Established annual fitness testing in collaboration with a kinesiology class. Supervised all fitness testing sessions and met with participants individually to 
discuss results and goals. Made daily recommendations for women with health or fitness related questions. Ordered and maintained equipment. Managed the SWFP budget. Recruited new class members through marketing strategies.


Independent Health Care, Inc,

Dec 2004Mar 2006

Team Rehab Juneau, WI 
Provided OT services addressing physical, cognitive, visual-perceptual, and emotional deficits in a long-term traumatic 
brain injury rehabilitation setting. Led groups focusing on community integration and social skills with speech therapy. 
Co-treated with physical therapy and provided individual OT sessions for individuals needing neurological retraining, 
including planning and going on community outings. Splinted upper extremities, consulted for positioning, instructed 
patients, staff, and families in self-management for exercises and ADLs.


Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI

Feb 2005Dec 2005

Spring semester '04: Assisted OTA students in the learning of assessment tools; gave feedback for accuracy of assessment execution, communication skills, and bedside manner during lab performances, assisted with grading. Fall 
semester '05: Taught Medical Conditions and Physical Rehabilitation Practice for OTA students; created handouts and examinations; gave lectures and designed lab practicals for skills including ROM exercise and ADL adaptation, and 
documentation; met with students individually for guidance as needed; communicated with other instructors regarding students' needs and performances; prepared students for fieldwork.


Reflectx Staffing,

Aug 2003Sep 2004

Reflectx Staffing Various locations nationwide 
Evaluated and treated adults and geriatrics in adult day health centers, outpatient, acute care, sub-acute and long-term 
care facilities. Implemented treatment strategies for specific neurological and/or orthopedic conditions. Adapted bed and wheelchair positions. Co-treated with other therapy disciplines for group and individual treatments. Incorporated 
modalities and soft tissue techniques to maximize outcomes. Educated patients, families, and staff for carryover of skills in other settings. Supervised rehabilitation aides carrying out exercise maintenance programs. Completed home 
evaluations. Assisted with development of an OT department and awareness of services throughout the facility.


Downtown YMCA, Milwaukee, WI

Oct 2002Jul 2003

Certified by Body Training Systems, Inc. to instruct BODY PUMP. Led weight-training classes to a general 
population. Enforced good form to maximize functional muscular strength and endurance and improve posture. 
Memorized and performed BTS choreography. Independently prepared and taught specialty exercise ball classes in a 
corporate setting. Served as a resource and role model for effective exercise.


Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI

Feb 2001Jun 2003

Evaluated physical, perceptual, and cognitive impairments of individuals in acute care and inpatient rehabilitation 
settings. Planned and implemented treatment to retrain or compensate for impairments in ADLs. Issued assistive 
devices/splints and involved modalities as needed. Provided patient/family/staff teaching. Taught home exercise 
programs. Made equipment referrals. Provided OT treatment in aquatic setting. Educated outpatients in fracture 
prevention for an osteoporosis program. Participated in OT scheduling to increase productivity and organization of department.


University of WI, Madison, WI

Oct 1999Jun 2000

Led a floor aerobics class for women ages 50+. Led shallow and deep water aerobics classes for a general population. 
Created and taught routines. Instructed participants in safe and effective exercise, proper body mechanics and preventative health strategies.


Physical Rehabilitation

St Luke's Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI



University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI


Additional Information

  • Adaptability and flexibility in new situations acquired through experience in coverage roles and multiple
  • High commitment to learning and self-improvement through traditional and alternative continuing education
courses; participation in other classes (such as yoga, Feldenkrais, pilates) to broaden my therapy approaches,
as well as for personal growth.
  • Ability to successfully communicate with people (clients, families, colleagues) of diverse ages, ethnicities,
and socioeconomic status.
  • Ability to work in a team, as well as independently, depending on the needs and context of the situation.
  • Positive attitude despite stressful working conditions due to limited time and/or resources.
  • Dedication to clients' well-being with a non-judgmental, patient approach.
  • Intermediate-level Mandarin Chinese for oral communication, beginner-level for written communication
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