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Aviation Environmental Specialist

Mission Viejo, CA


Accomplished professional with several years of Project and Program Management experience in the field of Environmental Compliance & Protection for transportation (incl. aviation) and energy projects and facilities. Managed several projects from $100,000 to $2,000,000 in size; preparing budgets, scopes of work, schedules, overseeing technical work:
  • Managed Environmental Compliance with federal & state laws for multi-state operating facilities and Characterization studies for site remediation, and prepared many technical documents for permits.
  • Managed & Conducted Environmental Impact Assessment for several projects and planned actions.
  • Experienced in Literature Review, Data Analysis, Preparation & Presentation of Technical documents, and coordination of interdisciplinary review of documents for technical adequacy and for presentation to Clients & Regulators. Prepared more than 150 technical documents.
  • Conducted more than 75 Environmental Due Diligence Audits.
  • Planned & managed investigations for complex engineering facilities, such as power plants, dams, refineries, natural gas pipelines, and transportation related facilities (Budget $2-3 Million).
  • Managed Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Utilization Program for facilities.
  • Experienced in Contractor Management & oversight. Resourceful in problem solving.
  • Member of FAA national team for developing Environmental Management System (EMS), and Guidance Documents. Self starter for many environmental projects and activities.
  • Coordinated activities with clients, regulatory agencies and other team member organizations.

Work Experience

Aviation Environmental Specialist

Tetra Tech AMT,


010 - 
Examine the environmental impact (air quality, noise, climate change) of implementing new FAA Performance Based Navigation procedures for the Next Generation Air Transportation System. Prepare NEPA documents.

Consulting Group - Senior Environmental Engineer

Lockheed, Martin, WA

1994 2010

Accomplished Senior Environmental Protection Specialist and provided technical and management support to FAA's Environmental Protection & Energy Conservation Program. Activities included managing, preparing and/or reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment Documents, Developing and Implementing Environmental Management System, Environmental Compliance Plans, conducting Environmental Due Diligence Audits for property transactions, Developing and Implementing Site Characterization, and Implementing Energy Conservation Program. Implemented national programs and coordinated activities with field staff and with national (EPA) and state regulatory bodies, Monitored field activities of remediation and restoration work at former DOD contaminated sites, Reviewed national orders, SOPs, NEPA/CEQA and EDDA Reports.
  • Performed more than 75 Environmental Due Diligence Audits and prepared required documents.
  • Prepared EA/IS's & sections of EIS/EIR for many projects and reviewed many NEPA/CEQA documents.
  • Initiated, Managed and implemented Energy Conservation program for FAA facilities.
  • Successful environmental compliance for over ten years at more than 100 facilities without any violation.
  • Successful management of Asbestos Inspection and Drinking Water Testing Program.
  • Member of National Team for revision of FAA Orders on Due Diligence Audits and NEPA.
  • Member of National Team for Development of Environmental Management System (EMS) for FAA.
  • Initiated identification of environmental and vulnerable human receptors near FAA Facilities.
  • Coordinated Environmental Impact Assessment studies with National Park Service.
  • Successful in appeal to National Advisory Committee on Historic Properties.
  • Prepared Program Management/Implementation Plan and Administrative Record for projects.
  • Prepared notices for public participation in Federal Register about NEPA studies.
  • Examined feasibility of using Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind power) at remote facilities.
  • Managed and maintained energy use database.
  • Editor of FAA Newsletter "The Environmentalist"

  • Lockheed Martin Spot Award – 2004 & 2001
  • Employee of the Year Award – 1997

Senior Principal Scientist - Consultant


2001 2004

- Senior Principal Scientist - Consultant

Managed investigations necessary for environmental impact assessment, estimation of natural hazards, and risk assessment, for critical engineering facilities, such as power plants, dams, refineries, and pipelines. Defended the results with the National and International regulatory agencies for obtaining necessary licenses. Investigated feasibility of geothermal energy development at several sites. Project Management and Business Development. Research on earthquake and volcanic hazard estimation. Experienced in working under a corporate Quality Assurance Program.
  • Best Technical Paper Award - 1980, 1981

Special Projects At Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation:

(C) Project Manager for Estimating Seismic Risk to nuclear power plants

1979 1993

Cost Account Manger

1990 1992

Project Geophysicist

1980 1989

  • Literature review, data analysis, preparation of site history and development of subsurface model. Conducted Phase I and Phase II (RI) studies for many sites, including field data acquisition, data analysis, and refinement of subsurface model by integrating geological and geophysical data. Studies were carried out for site characterization, risk assessment and probabilistic hazard estimation, for several projects.
  • Prepared sections of Environment Impact Statement & Safety Analysis Documents for infrastructure projects.


1982 1986


Ph.D. in Geophysics/Mathematics

University of Wisconsin,

M.S. in Petroleum Engineering

University of California, Berkeley, CA

B.Sc. in Geology & Geophysics

Indian Institute of Technology,

Additional Information

  • Program & Project Management for Environmental Compliance and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Program Management of Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy Utilization.
  • Knowledgeable in Environmental Impact Assessment studies & regulations. - NEPA/CEQA,
  • Knowledgeable of Federal & State Environmental Regulations - CAA, CWA, TSCA, EPCRA, RCRA,
  • Environmental Due Diligence Audits prior to Real Estate Transactions - CERCLA, SARA.
  • Expert in Data acquisition, analysis and integration, Report Preparation.
  • Preparation of Management Plans & Activity Plans & Procedures.
  • Publication of 52 scientific papers in peer reviewed research journals.
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