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Maintenance Worker (Seasonal)

Evergreen, CO

Work Experience

Maintenance Worker (Seasonal)

Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Houghton, MI

May 2011Current

Isle Royal National Park 
Houghton, MI 49931 
05/2011 - Present 
Maintenance Worker (Seasonal). Responsible for opening and closing the Windigo portion of Isle Royale National Park, including putting the water plant together, filling and purging all the water lines for nine buildings, fixing any leaks in the lines and fixtures, starting up the power plant generators, and fixing any problems associated with the power system and, at the end of the season, shutting down the power plant, draining the buildings and all water lines, and taking the water plant apart. Performed general maintenance throughout the season including carpentry, plumbing, painting and staining, fixing and replacing door and window hardware and locks, minor electrical work, and custodial and grounds maintenance. Operated John Deere 4000 and 3000 series tractors, cut grass, graded roads, cleared wind-fallen trees from trails, installed siding and insulation, serviced tractors and generators and performed any other work required to keep the park running. 
Department of the Interior - National Park Service: Badlands National Park 
Interior, SD 57750 
Maintenance Worker (Seasonal). General building maintenance including carpentry, plumbing, minor electrical work, custodial, snow removal, painting and underground installation of water, sewer and electrical utilities to new and existing buildings. Qualified to operate backhoes and Bobcats (skidsteers).

Maintenance Worker (Seasonal)

Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Houghton, MI

May 2010Sep 2010

Isle Royal National Park 
Houghton, MI 49931 
05/2010 - 09/2010 
Maintenance Worker (Seasonal). Member of the trail maintenance crew. Helped set up the park's sign shop with the objective of creating, replacing and installing the park's front and back country signs during the 2010 and 2011 summer seasons. Made backcountry signs by cutting air dried cedar logs to length with chainsaws, peeling with broad axes and draw knives, shaping round with one or more flat faces using handheld power planers, sanding to smooth finish using belt sanders, and preserving with a mixture of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. Freehand routed the flat surfaces with engraved or raised lettering, burned engravings into the wood and hand painted with oil based enamel. Made front country signs from dimensional cedar planks using table saw or. Carried a Pulaski and Sierra saw on backcountry trips to perform emergency trail repair (windfalling, brushing, waterbar cleaning). 
sliding miter saw for small width signs and made larger width signs by gluing together smaller 2x6's with biscuits using a jointer to true the edges and thickness planer to smooth and reduce rough boards to true parallel thickness. Hauled signs from base camp to wilderness locations and installed them. Did historical preservation of graveyard fences and fences around open mine shafts around the island

Working Concrete Foreman

Lillard & Clark Construction Company, Denver, CO

Jan 2006Jun 2009

3775 South Knox Court
Denver, CO 80236
(1/2006 - 6/2009)
Working Carpenter Foreman.
Worked on $40 million Westminster Wastewater Treatment Plant, $500 million Aurora Prairie Waters Raw Water Treatment Plant, and Denver Water Montclair Pump Station Repair:
  • Supervised crew of three to five men.
  • Supervised and assembled hand-set Symons forms to build concrete structures including Headworks, Load-Out Building, clarifier tanks, multiple large and small diversion structures, and wet wells.
  • Occasionally supervised the building of gang forms.
  • Supervised and built wood forms for walls, footings and unique small structures using plywood, 2 x 4's, 2 x 6's, job-built welded ties, all-thread, jahn clamps, slippers, cat heads, and pencil rod.
  • Erected shoring for decks.
  • Erected scaffolding.
  • Ground, rubbed, faced, pointed and patched walls and floors.
  • Graded and set curb and gutter forms, and flatwork forms.
  • Poured and finished walls, flatwork and curb and gutter.
  • Framed interior walls.
  • Put up drywall.
  • Sandblasted and power washed walls, footings, floors and machinery.
  • Installed and repaired doors, and windows.
  • Installed and repaired plumbing lines of copper and plastic.
  • Installed, tore out and repaired large and small stainless steel, plastic and cast-iron lines, fittings and pumps for both sanitary and potable uses.
  • Painted walls and pipes.
  • Repaired railings.
  • Repaired irrigation lines.
  • Used numerous small hand and power tools including skillsaws, drills, core drills, grinders, demo saws, miter saws, chop saws, die grinders, hammer drills, compressors, jackhammers, sawzalls, pipe threaders, table saw, floor grinders, pumps, hammers, tapes, squares, concrete finishing tools, levels, chain-hoists, come-a-longs, pallet jacks.
  • Operated rubber tire backhoes and off-road forklifts.
  • Used blueprints, manufacturers' manuals and field orders to build structures, place pipe and set machinery.
  • Kept daily work records.

Brannan Construction
(acquired Trainor Construction)
2500 E. Brannan Way
Denver, CO 80229

  • Supervised crew of three to six men.
Working Concrete Foreman. Worked on numerous large and small road Supervised and built water and storm concrete structures associated with road work using Symons and job-built forms. This included everything in the State of Colorado
(2004 - 12/2005)
  • M-Standards book, from barrier forms to headwalls, wing walls, outfall structures and inlets.
  • Set, formed, tore out, and finished curb and gutter, pavement and alleys.
  • Established grade from blueprints and field directives and surveyor's stakes using a builder's level and transit.
  • Repaired Symons forms by straightening and welding frames and cutting and replacing plywood.
  • Operated skidsteer, backhoe and loader to dig, tear-out and grade trails, roads and curb and gutter.
  • Made simple repairs and performed maintenance on small engines, tools, and pickups.
  • Conducted weekly safety meetings.
  • Kept daily work records.
  • Replaced bridge expansion joints.

Trainor Construction, Denver, CO

Mar 1988 2004

Working Concrete Foreman. Worked on numerous structures and pipe associated with potable, sanitary and storm pipelines, Urban Drainage structures (both concrete and rock) in creeks and the South Platte River, Parks and Recreation trails, flatwork, wood and concrete structures, and road and pedestrian bridges:
  • Supervised three to eight men.
  • Built concrete structures associated with the above jobs using Symons and job-built wood forms. This included inlets, box culverts, bridge abutments, bridge decks, outfall structures, diversion boxes, pump stations, large diversion gates, Colorado State M-Standard structures and numerous unique structures.
  • Graded, set, formed and finished curb and gutter, pavement and alleys.
  • Tied rebar according to blueprints.
  • Dug, graded, formed, poured and finished unique faux rock structures in creeks and streams.
  • Built retaining walls and architectural walls using formliners.
  • Supervised and built dewatering systems for the above structures using various combinations of sheet piling, metal shields, trench boxes, sumps, wells, and well points.
  • Built wooden boardwalks.
  • Built concrete, crushed granite and dirt trails in parks incorporating water checks, steps and culverts as necessary or designed.
  • Operated skidsteers, backhoes, loaders, and compactors to dig, rough grade, and finish trails, bike paths, roads and bridge approaches.
  • Did simple repairs and maintained small equipment and pickups.
  • Helped dig and set up bore pits for tunnels.
  • Helped dig tunnels under roads and railroad crossings.
  • Sandblasted equipment and assisted the mechanic on simple repairs such as pick-up brakes, replacing belts, hoses, alternators and starters.
  • Kept daily work reports and conducted weekly safety meetings.
  • Installed, repaired, and tested railings, gratings, hydro-gates, flap gates and pumps.
  • Helped dig, lay, backfill, and repair water, sanitary, and storm lines ranging in size from six inches to six feet.
  • Interpreted and used blueprints, manufacturers' manuals and field instructions.
  • Restored landscape to original condition on rehab jobs. This included laying sod, finish grading, rebuilding chain link and wood fences, etc.

Vogel Concrete, Inc.
1313 Blue Spruce Drive

Working Carpenter Foreman

Suite B, Fort Collins, CO

Jan 1983Jan 1988

Worked on numerous residential housing projects, several local park and recreation bike paths for Adams and Boulder County, and about one and a half years doing various concrete and rock structures in Boulder Creek:
  • Graded, formed, set, poured, and finished residential retaining walls and flatwork such as basements, patios, sidewalks and driveways.
  • Dug, graded, and set rip-rap structures.
  • Dug, set and poured in place large and small concrete and rock structures in Boulder Creek. These structures were designed to produce waterfalls, rapids and pools.
  • Interpreted blueprints and field instructions.


Construction Management Institute, Denver, CO


Red Rocks Community College, Golden, CO


B.A. in Anthropology

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

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