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construction Manager

Warner Robins, GA


A goal oriented, dedicated engineering professional with over 25 years of hands-on field experience in construction and project management. Principle strengths are meeting budget and timeline constraints, providing accurate cost estimations, and providing sound leadership to turnkey operations. Exceptional problem solving and communications skills with expertise that includes CDMA, Standard, Analog & Digital Technical Design, BSO Design/ Build outs, and BTS Design/ Build outs. Managed site Acquisitions in addition to Documentation of Right-of-way Quality Assurance, Tech Support, R&F, Fiber Optics and Copper designs and build outs, and International/Domestic building codes, MS/ MSO switch raw land build out

Work Experience

construction Manager


Feb 2013Current

Reasonable for the LTE new build for the WVA, KY, OH market for 250 cell site launch. Managed the day to day construction for LTE build out. Managed are Turf vendors on Quality design. Approve all Field change and Quality issues that a rises.

Design Engineer

GCI/Exxon, Anchorage, AK

Nov 2012Feb 2013

Designing of Fiber Optic for the Exxon Project located on the North Slope. Designing of 30 plus Modules building that supports Housing of personal and office space and Main Comm center for communications for the North Slope. Detailing a LAN/WAN, CCTV. P.A. System and a fiber backbone a long with a POT system.

Project Manager

Alcatel-lucent, Charlotte, NC

Nov 2011Nov 2012

Responsible for designing and installing of 450 Fiber to the cell site. Dealing with 6 Fiber Venders and 5 A&E companies to complete the AAV install .Responsible for design approval of the fiber installation to the cell sites, scoping of the project to creating and approval of the BOM [bill of materials] tracking the project using sprints internal reporting tool FST and Siteterra.

Lead Construction Manager


Jul 2011Oct 2011

Perform site survey for the LTE build outs for 429 cell site. Worked with the A&E firm on the site design; and Equipment locations. Survey the Power and Telecom requirements for each new site. Perform the BOM and ordered the required material per site, scoped and scrubbed all site

Project Manager


Dec 2010Jul 2011

In charge of the Police/ Fire Communications tower and equipment upgrade, swapping out Nortel old equipment and replacing it with Hassis new equipment and re banning as we go. Responsible for General Contractor selections and approving the construction drawing, a lone with approving the several Million dollar budgets, tracking and scheduling the work to be completed in a timely manner fitting in too the customers time frame. Holding weekly meeting with the customer on the outcome of the project, inter acting with local A&E firm on correcting their drawing in a timely for permitting process to begin. Dealing with the city of Dade to avoid permitting pit falls. Managing the complete project commission the new Harris equipment.



Aug 2010Dec 2010


New York Long Island,

Dec 2009Sep 2010

1800 cell site build out. Managed the day-to-day pathing crew's,. Which included the installation of the Drangonwave, Brigewave dish's, and though ongoing quality of craftsmanship, handling the day to day access issue that a raised constantly along with correcting, any prior installation issue for the 4 G project and MSO upgrade build out. 
While working in Afghanistan, design and over seen the installation of the Outside Plant, for one of the NATO base in the Afghanistan, Utilizing local work force. I assigned the construction of the actual buildings that housed the equipment along with the personal living in their assigned living quarters. While assigned to Rohm International, I was in charge of 184 cell site for the Terra antenna systems build out, For the Saudi Arabia Government, there were 135 raw land build 49 Modes long with 184 new shelter, power and telecom upgrades and all site with new Generator and fuel cells, along with 29 site that were serviced by solo panels located in the Sahara desert. New MSO design and raw land build out


T-MOBILE, Greenville, SC

Dec 2008Dec 2009

In charge of a 150 plus UMTs site overlay, performed scoping, material ordering (BOM) and material control. Dealing with are client and are general contractor on a daily bases. Performed Bid walk a long with QC/QA on the UMTS build outs .Assured that line's and antennas, civil and equipment were completed on time and under budget and to the T-Mobile's high standards. Assisted in the joint efforts with Cox's cable of the design, Installations and test fiber to the cell site. MSO/ MSC switch up grade. Set the scheduled for the roll out and the commission of the Ericsson equipment.



Jun 2008Dec 2008

In charged of the Quality Control of a 220 UMTS site build out and the remaining new builds to be completed in a timely manner, Directed the close out procedures for a prompted delivery to are client. In the Tri-state area Maryland, district of Colombia, and Virginia. Worked with the local LEC to provide Fiber to the cell site for the T-1 service.


AT&T/ NSORO, Orlando, FL

Oct 2007Jun 2008

In charge umts of new site construction in the Orlando, FL and the North Carolina market. The scope of this position consists of working with our A&E team on design-to-performance bid process, selection of contractors, preparing and ordering the BOM, approving field design changes, approving change orders, assuring that we deliver the highest quality craftsmanship in a timely manner to the client, while staying within or below budget with on time delivery of the project requirements. Coordinate daily and weekly meetings with the client, assuring that the deliverables and the tracker are as accurate as possible and within the given period. Coordinated work on more than 350 sites over the life of the project. Dealt with the local LEC to provide Fiber to the cell sites .That included design, installations', and testing and turn up a long with quality acceptance.



Nov 2006Oct 2007

Responsible for the management of new construction and co-locates for the installation of iDEN and CDMA along with UMTS for 600 cell site build in the Atlanta market. Responsible for the approval of site design and contractor selection, bid walks approval, along with change order approval and equipment ordering. Managed the construction general contractor for are timely build out, keeping the cost on track and under budget. Ordering and performing the quality and acceptance of fiber optics installations to the cell site.


CH2M HILL, Central California,

Jan 2005Nov 2006

In charge of UMTS upgrade of over 600 cell sites, re-designing sites to accommodate new lines and antennas, along with the installation of the UMTS power drop that are required to support the upgrade installation for the Ericsson equipment ordering the power and Fiber T-1 installations upgrades and approving quality and acceptance of the new installations. MSO switch upgrade Schedule the installation and testing and commission of the new Ericsson and Nokia Equipment



Dec 2004Dec 2005

I was tasked to performed quality assurance for the installation of Ericsson UMTS equipment. Provided the new upgrade service for Cingular/AT&T in the bay area, over 600 were affected by this upgrade. I approved everything from new site design to site acceptances for the complete turn over package to customer. Guided construction supervisor and the sub contractors and recommended the proper corrected action to insure proper installations of these sites in a tim 
Designed, planned, created CAD drawings, ordered and tracked equipment for the integration for the Cingular/ AT&T realignment of 3000 cell sites in the Saint Louis/ Kansas market area. All sites were replaced with Siemens equipment, replaced the existing CDMA/TDMA of Nokia and or Ericson equipment. As it was required, designed and wrote Specs for the installations of the new equipment replaced the existing, CDMA and TDMA that consists of Nokia and Ericsson equipment. As it was required, designed and wrote Specs for the installation of E-911 equipment, along with the future growth of the UMTS equipment. Ordered the new T-1 drop with Fiber to cell when required, issued the installations and test specs for the fiber too the cell site.

Project manager/Foreman

HENKELS&McCoy, Manteca, CA

Jan 2004Dec 2004

I managed 100-cell site upgrade for an E-911 equipment and installation over lay to the point when AT&T technician could perform the commissioning of their equipment. Located in the center of California, the areas included San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco and their surrounding suburbs areas. Performed a complete turnkey design and installation of an 18 microwaves cell site install for the state of Nevada, from civil work, tower erection to complete shelter setting and installation (rack equipment, batteries, backup generators) lines, dishes and performed sweep test. Completed 55 cell sites installation of TDMA swap out, upgrade of Ericsson equipment, testing and turn up for Cingular footprint for central California.



2002 2004

I over seen the Quality Assurance, for the I3PM/LAN, WAN Project. Under the direction of the United States Government for the U.S.Army Responsible for overseeing the installation of 110 miles of outside plant conduit and of which 148 KLM of fiber optic cables were installed ranging from six strands to a 288-strand fiber count with the installation of 3 new POPS, along with the installation of 38 miles of copper cable ranging from a 25 pair to 1800 pair cable from which would include 124 manholes and 4 hand holes for a new installed as well as the installation of 11 new vertical main frame in their main Central Office the inside plant equipment that provided service for 110 buildings. That included 150 communication rooms, which housed the 4500-6500 Cisco routers, and the Central office that included the new installation of 11 new vertical MDF frame of which 5000 new copper cable pairs were installed to the ageing and over stressed outside plant. This insured that the installation practices were up to industry standards, for both Inside and Outside Plant. I personal over seen the installation of Equipment, construction, and safety practices were being followed to highest RCDD and Military standards. Performed and executed both Engineering and redesign changes at the first level for approval. Over all I was responsible for the outcome of the completed project.

Outside Plant Manager

ASTAC, Barrow, AK

2000 2002

I was responsible for the day-to-day activity of a rural telephone plant in Barrow Alaska. Installations and maintenance hired and trained local support staff and contractors in the installation of Pots, T-1, 56K circuits and DS-O to DS-3 and special circuits performed on a daily basis all the while operating the cell site. Design and implement of the five and 10-year growth plan to relieve over stressed areas of the city. Design and improve the Internet bandwidth and services. Improve the day-to-day working relationship with the community and internal staff.

Construction Manager


1999 2000

Managed and directed the day-to-day construction for the Metricom ISM builds out and resolved all local construction issues for the new installation of ISW cell site build out totaling 289 cell sites in the Atlanta and the surrounding areas, along with additional 278 cell sites for the ISW cell site build out in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas. Hired all General Dynamic's employees, along with general contractors to perform the installation for a Metricom project for both Atlanta and Washington D.C. build out. Set the construction standards required along with the technical issues. Managed, performed and approved bid walks to stay in our day-to-day working budget for construction of the new cell sites. Trained all support staff on the standards and revised construction standards for the ISM installation. 
I managed the day-to-day operation of the Metricom construction build out. That included site design with A&E firms, Site Acquisition, and General Contractor's selection. Coordinated with the telephone and power companies for the ordering and installation of new service. Coordinated and approved all site drawings with engineering firms and client.

Senior Construction Engineer


1998 1999

Designed, prepared and constructed PCS sites. Managed work forces and resolved all local issues. Designed and approved all blueprints. Assured standard compliance was met, provided technical back up for the project manager for the designs and construction of the entire PCS site in Tijuana, Mexico and surrounding cities. Project was brought in on time and under budget. Approved the proper site selection for site acquisition personnel along with proper training for site selections for international/ and domestic build outs. Designed and constructed new BSO sites and 34 BTS sites in Japour, India. Resolved numerous customs, local labor, and government issues to accomplish the PCS build out in a timely manner. Approved all red line drawings, established quality control requirements, and settled all construction issues in the fabrication of PCS site in Monterey, Mexico. Project responsibilities were on time. Designed and directed the construction standards and trained personnel in Tetra installation in Salt Lake City project. Responsibilities brought in on time. I performed the redesigned on existing PCS cell site in Mexico City, Mexico. Over came both contractor and sub contractor problems to bring a failing project back in line on time and under budget. Built and designed BSO and 15 BTS sites, for the first phase of a three-phase project in Mauritius. I overcame a local customs issues and local labor and design issues. 
I Created facility layouts drawings, to include floor area design for the cabinet location and placement, Design cable path and pathways placement. Also too included were power distribution, to be located and power requirements for the equipment, and UPS installation, and conditioning of equipment. Conducted loss calculations, surveyed sites and evaluated customer designs, provided analysis of thermal environmental issues, reviewed RF installation requirements and selected materials. Evaluated human factor criteria concerning access, maintenance, and safety; developed deployment strategies, prepared reports on survey issues making recommendations, providing test plans and procedures. I assumed the role of subject matter expert on deployment issues. Designed and directed the power plant installations on all AC/DC power plants in the international and domestic build outs. Build from raw land a 60,000 square foot MSC/ MSO with local work force including Earthquake rated #5 area rated flooring



1996 1998

Supported the building of over 547 PCS cell sites for SPRINT/NORTEL wireless, designed sites, hired and trained constructions contractor, site acquisitions and selected the proper vendors and materials, managed site construction, obtained permits, established standards, provided training, and quality assurance to include cable sweeps. Moreover, insured proper design and installation was being followed that included AC/DC power installation of equipment. Designed, engineered, and managed the new build of construction of 60 KLM of fiber Optics cable for a Sonnet ring, consisting of 150 hand hole and manholes, 186 4-way splice points terminating at 75 building/comm. rooms, bored pulled all through coral and splice tested the complete system. Completed a 1,175 feet directional bore over 75 feet deep under an active working draw bridge, while being able to hit our mark. (MCI/WorldCom)



1994 1996

I managed the Built out of a new carrier MTA from raw land to on-air for 181 sites in three states. Designed sites, hired contractors, selected vendors (Ericsson) and materials, managed site construction and installation turn up. Obtained permits, established standards, provided training and provided quality assurance to include cable sweeps equipment testing and turn up, on power and Telco installs. Approved the Installation of the T-1 and POTS lines and testing for the installation of 181 new of Ericsson cell site equipment for the RBS (Radio Base Stations) and for the supporting of the equipment for the installation of the Ericsson MSO for the joint use of TDMA/ CDMA switch. Designed and installed AC/DC power usages for the powertel PCS, which includes the major switch office (MSO) and cell sites including commercial, generator, and battery usages.


DSM in Construction Management and Personnel Management/Supervisory Training

Attend College of the Air Force, Montgomery, AL

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