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Lead Project Piping Designer

Tampa, FL

Work Experience

Lead Project Piping Designer

Thompson Global Partners, Inc, Tampa, FL

Jun 2011Dec 2012

Responsible for: Piping G.A.'s and Equipment Layouts to add 4 New Rail Loading Stations with a new rail system to an existing loading facility and the writing of a Scope of Work document for the mechanical contractor. Interfacing with the mechanical contractor with all field related problems. All work required extensive fieldwork.

Lead Project Piping Designer

Dec. 2013, Thompson Global Partners, Inc, Power, Fl, US

2011Dec 2011

Power, Fl. 
Auxiliary Boiler Replacement & Conversion of the CT to a Natural Gas Fuel System 
Lead Project Piping Designer - Responsible for: Piping G.A.'s and Equipment Layouts, the writing of a new aboveground and below ground H.P. Natural Gas Piping Material Specifications, RFQ's for new equipment, hydro testing and pigging packages. Piping work required field surveillance and measurements of existing unit.

Project Field Engineer

Thompson Global Partners, Inc, Hanford, WA

Oct 2010Jun 2011

Hanford, Wa. 
Condenser Rebuild for a BWR by B&W 
Project Field Engineer - Responsible for the review, tracking and content of work orders. Assisted the boilermaker craft personnel in everyday work actives and resolved mechanical and technical problems during construction of a BWR Condenser Rebuild Project.

Lead Field Piping Designer

Thompson Global Partners, Inc, Gonzales, LA

Jun 2010Oct 2010

layout of Temporary Equipment and the means to introduce the new Rock into present Material Handling System to met schedule deadline, and the Layouts of two Permanent Material Handling Systems. All work done in field.

Field Project Engineering Manager for the Piping and Civil/Structural

PegasusTSI, Inc,

Dec 2008Jun 2009

ISOM 2 Rebuild Project 
Field Project Engineering Manager for the Piping and Civil/Structural disciplines that included 6 personnel and 2 administrative personnel for the Rebuild of the Isomerization Unit that caught fire. Provided technical direction to personnel, also the writing bid documents and scope of work packages for piping, civil and structural, fireproofing, insulation and steam tracing.

Field Project Engineering Manager for a Feed

PegasusTSI, Inc,

Aug 2008Dec 2008

1&2 Cost Estimate of the site wide collection of 154 Atmospheric Relief's to a new common Flare Header with the addition of 3 Flares and 8 Blowdown Tanks and related equipment and the addition of 1 Cooling Tower. Organized and setup the site field office, supervised and directed 12 field personnel in the Piping, Civil/Structural, I&C and Electrical disciplines while interfacing and coordinating of all work with home office Process and Estimating Group (Est. 196M).

PegasusTSI, Inc,

Jan 2008Aug 2008

Sulfur Storage and Handling Facility 
Piping Design Group, responsible for the piping layout and design of the Fire Water Pump House and Storage Tank using PDS. This was fill-in work until the COP Atmos. Relief Project was approved above.

Field Project Manager

PegasusTSI, Inc, Waterford, NY

Dec 2007Jan 2008

for the PSM Remediation Group consisting of 4 field piping designers and 1 clerical type. Organize and released piping work packages for design resolution bid and scope of work packages, preparation of Article XXII documents with work packages, prepare Bulk Material Quote documents and the ordering of material using SAP. Forecast all costs for the PSM work, track construction work and walk down construction work packages. Track Expense and Capital Costs against PO's. Provide technical direction in a MOC review and tracking. All Tracking of Work Orders was done on a database I designed using ACCESS. Assemble and issue all work packages.

Lead Field Piping Designer

PegasusTSI, Inc,

Jun 2006Dec 2007

Responsible for identifying tie-ins to existing piping and all items to be demoed and reused, and the layout of platforming, piping, and equipment as well as, vendor correspondence and reviewing of all fabrication drawings, also, as a Liaison between the office and the owner's I&E requirements. Some of the work included the Modification of two Polymer Blenders and associated piping, components and explosion vent to conform to the NFPA code and new design pressure. Reviewed the vessels and its components, design modifications, placed orders for equipment and expedited the equipment/material for construction. Duties also included the interfacing with piping and mechanical contractors for technical support and the soliciting outside specialty engineering help.

Northeast Regional Detail Manager

Kinetics, New Berlinville, PA

Dec 2001Jun 2006

Responsible for work assignments and piping detailers on job sites, ensuring all work was performed accurately and in accordance to Industry and Job requirements and on time. Designed a database for the Bill of Material Take-Off of the Isos, in Access, to be used to track piping material. An Isometric Tracking Log, in Excel, for a detail History of all Isometrics used on the Project and work percent complete status. Organized the Document Control System and trained personnel in its use. Test Forms and Work Packages to be used for Pressure and Steam-in-Place Testing for all Piping Systems. Scheduling, Estimating, Man Power Forecasting and Bid Proposals. Below is a list of projects worked.
  • Human Genome Sciences/Kinetics, New Berlinville, PA.
  • Amgen/Kinetics, and New Berlinville, PA.
  • Merck/Kinetics, New Berlinville, PA
  • Ben Venue/Kinetics, New Berlinville, PA
  • Wyeth/Kinetics, New Berlinville, PA
  • Rhodes/Kinetics, Coventry, RI

CAD Operator - On-Site CAD Coordinator

J.C. Higgins Corp, Stoughton, MA

Nov 2000Dec 2001

for a Mechanical Contractor developing detailed HVAC Mechanical Coordination Drawings, Piping Layouts, and Fabrication Cut Sheets for Boiler Room, Emergency Diesel Generators, Cooling Towers, and Crac Units using AutoCAD 2000i. Also, the maintaining of all CAD and Network stations On-Site.

Sr. Piping Designer / Checker - Develop Equipment and Piping Layout of Raw

Jacobs Engineering Group, Houston, TX

Mar 1998Nov 2000

Reduced Crude Exchangers and Desalted / Reduced Exchangers. Checking of Reduced Crude Cooling System and miscellaneous support systems. Work was in an Existing Plant that required field verifications.

Senior Piping Designer & Construction Piping Field Engineer

Raytheon Engineers & Constructors Inc, Houston, TX

Jul 1997Mar 1998

Equipment and Piping Layout of Depentanizer Area and LPG Storage Area, Butane and Propane Bullets. Assigned to Construction as Field Piping Engineer at TransAmerican Refining Co., Norco, La.

Project Manager - Cold Box Fabrication Facility

Chart Coastal Fabrication, New Iberia, LA

Aug 1996Jul 1997

The management of all Fabrication work to meet Scheduled Deadlines. Duties consisted of securing, Materials, Manpower, and Equipment for the Assembly, Testing, and Installation of all Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural Steel and the Technical Support of craft personnel, as well as any cost saving measures in the Fabrication of Cold Boxes.

Senior Piping Designer & Checker - Equipment and Piping One

Litwin Engineering Co, Houston, TX

Nov 1995Aug 1996

Line Layout Drawings and Checking. Layout of equipment included a Splitter Column, a Reboiler and Condensate Pot with Pumps, Guard Bed, Inline Filter, Gas Heater and Cooler, K.O. Pot, Gas Compressor, Surge Drum with Vertical Pumps, and Compressor Suction Filters.

Mechanical Design Field Engineer

Process Systems International, Inc, Westborough, MA

Jan 1995Nov 1995

Duties included the development of Piping, Pipe Supports and Equipment Arrangement Drawings. Project Office and Field coordination of work activities and personnel. Other duties include the writing of Specifications for Piping and Pipe Supports, scheduling of Construction Activities, Field Liaison, and Vendor interface. The Project dealt with Liquid Nitrogen as the Process and the heavy use of Vacuum Jacketed Piping. Requested by the client to be sent to the fabrication facility to oversee the fabrication and testing of the jacketed piping, because of the schedule slippage to make improvements at the fabrication shop. Improvements where incorporated and the schedule was met.

Mechanical Design Engineer and Field Engineer

Process Systems International, Inc, Westborough, MA

Jun 1994Jan 1995

Westborough, Ma. 
Lyondell-Citgo Refinery, Houston, TX 
Marine Vapor Recovery Unit & Cold Boxes 
Mechanical Design Engineer and Field Engineer - Worked on proposal packages for a SXP (Solvent Extraction Systems) and Cold Boxes. Checked piping & material specifications, and piping drawings. Cost estimates for mechanical design and installation for Marine Vapor Recovery Units, including modification of loading and unloading dock facilities. Supervised 3 field personnel and 4 office types. Prepared company generic piping specifications. Inputting of the piping specification and fittings into the piping ADAV computer program for use by the piping designers.

Process Systems International, Inc, Westborough, MA

Apr 1992Jun 1994

Koch Refining Co., Corpus Christi, TX 
Project Field Engineering - Responsible for resolving all field related problems concerning all crafts on a Bi.

(Part-Time) Consultant

SAE/Carlson, Cochituate, MA

Aug 1991Dec 1992

Equipment and piping layouts. Updating of piping specifications. Cost estimates for mechanical design and installation for Pepsi Cola, Amchem, and Merck Chemical.

Process Systems International, Inc, Westborough, MA

Oct 1991Apr 1992

Hess Oil Refining Co., St. Croix, VI 
Marine Vapor Recover Piping and Equipment layout.

United Engineers & Constructors, Inc, Boston, MA

Mar 1991Aug 1991

Millinocket Paper Mill, Millinocket, Me. 
Field installation of SO2 vent fans.

Design Supervisor

United Engineers & Constructors, Inc, Boston, MA

Jan 1990Mar 1991

Responsible for the supervision of 4 designers, draftsmen and AutoCAD operators in the development of, P&ID's, Plant and Equipment Layouts, pipe supports, and the coordination of the Electrical, Structural, / Civil, Mechanical Services, I&C, and Pipe Analysis Disciplines, Manpower Forecasts, Staffing, and field support of construction and startup.

Construction Field Piping Engineer

United Engineers & Constructors, Inc, Seabrook, NH

Oct 1989Jan 1990

Seabrook, NH 
1300MW Nuclear Power Generating Plant, Seabrook, NH. 
Construction Field Piping Engineer - Responsible for the supervision of the field craft for the installation and fabrication of piping and mechanical equipment for the plant operating licensing.

Field Craft Coordinator

Harry Grosky Co, Springfield, MA

Apr 1989Oct 1989

Responsible for the coordination of work activities between the piping, electrical, and HVAC crafts.

Lead Area Field Piping Engineer

United Engineers & Constructors, Inc, Seabrook, NH

Jun 1982Jan 1986

Seabrook, NH 
1300MW Nuclear Power Generating Plant, Seabrook, NH. 
Lead Area Field Piping Engineer - Responsible for the supervision of 2 engineers, 8 designers, and 2 clerks. Wrote special work procedures and assigned to a special task force to resolve the lining problems for inline piping and valves of the Seawater Cooling System.

Mechanical Piping Field Design Supervisor

United Engineers & Constructors, Inc, Richland, WA

Jun 1978Jun 1982

Richland, Wa. 
WPPS Nuclear Project, Units 1&4, Richland, WA. 
Mechanical Piping Field Design Supervisor - Responsible for the supervision of 6 designers, 3 drafters, and 1 clerk. The update of all mechanical piping drawings associated with the BOP and the answering of field problems.

Piping Designer I - Design Supervisor

United Engineers & Constructors, Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Aug 1974Jun 1978

Philadelphia, Pa. 
WPPS Nuclear Project, Units 1&4, Richland, WA. 
Piping Designer I - Design Supervisor, responsible for the development of layout of the equipment arrangement drawings and piping arrangement drawings for the BOP.

Piping Designer I

Allstate Design and Development Co, Philadelphia, PA

Apr 1973Aug 1974

Responsible for the development of equipment arrangement and piping arrangement drawings.

Piping Designer I

General Design, Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Apr 1973Aug 1974

Responsible for the site layout of eight combustion turbine units and all related equipment including the detail piping and the possible addition of a fossil plant with barge unloading facilities.

Mechanical Piping Designer

Certain-Teed Products Corp, Valley Forge, PA

Aug 1971Apr 1972

Responsible for the modification of the gas distribution system, at the Berlin, NJ Fiberglas plant.


Catalytic, Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Feb 1969Aug 1971

Responsible for the development of, P&ID's, Piping Arrangement drawings, Piping Isometrics drawings and Bill of Materials.




JFK Technical School, Philadelphia, PA


Mechanical Engineering

Widener College, Chester, PA

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