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Senior Physician Assistant

West Haven, CT


Experience in military and civilian pre-hospital EMS, Emergency Medicine, Operational and Tactical Medicine, Occupational Medicine, disaster preparedness, disaster medicine and management, mass casualty planning, and "all hazards" emergency response. NIMS and National Response Framework compliant (ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 trained) and fully trained to the operational level regarding CBRNE and hazardous materials response.
  • Expert clinician. 15 years experience as a board certified Physician Assistant in a variety of hospital, clinical, and military pre-hospital EMS settings, and 15 years in pre-hospital EMS, hospital, and clinical medicine as a paraprofessional in worldwide environments.
  • Experienced leader with expertise in human relations, project development and management.
  • Extensive work with corporate level management in policy, program development and execution.
  • Extensive background and experience in education, training, course instruction and staff development.
  • Experienced in medical equipment management, budgeting, and supply management.
  • Extensive training in CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) and relevant all-hazards response and mitigation courses. (Certificate list available.)
  • Knowledge of Federal, State, Tribal, and local disaster response policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Certified volunteer fire service and civilian pre-hospital EMS experience (FFII/EMT) spanning 9 years in 3 states.
  • Superb written and oral communication skills.

Work Experience

Senior Physician Assistant

Occupational Health Services, Norwalk, CT

Oct 2009Current

  • Provides full spectrum of Occupational Health Services to a hospital staff of 1600 employees and a corporate client base of over 500 regional business clients. Full range of all OSHA and NIOSH diagnostic testing and evaluation including breath alcohol testing, audiometry, spirometry, vision testing, laboratory analysis, drug screening, and all required preventive surveillance testing; provides DOT examinations for authorized personnel; conducts pre-placement and periodic physical examinations per OSHA, NIOSH, and NFPA standards for 5 area Police, Fire, and EMS personnel municipalities; conducts ROTC examinations for the DODMERB (Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board); performs travel clinic and travel medicine services; provides all hospital staff and corporate client workman's compensation evaluation and treatment and management of acute work related injuries; offers on-site seasonal immunizations and health and wellness screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar sampling and educational seminars; assists with solo provider coverage at stand-alone corporate health clinic managed by our largest corporate client; serves as departmental emergency management coordinator; serves as lead clinician and occupational health consultant on hospital wide decontamination/hazard materials response team; medical specialist and consultant for the Fairfield County Hazardous Materials Response Team; participated in the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Emergency Management Symposium, 2010.

Instructor and Facilitator

Health Force Solutions, Flushing, NY

Jul 2009Current

  • One of several ACLS and BLS instructors and the sole physician assistant instructor for privately owned and operated American Heart Association affiliated education and training company; co-instructed well over 1000 hours of course instruction to private hospital and corporate clients in both disciplines with highly successful pass rate.

Program Director and full-time faculty lecturer

2009 2010

  • Program Director and full-time faculty lecturer for the largest and lengthiest program at this training facility, encompassing over 56 weeks of didactic and clinical medicine training. Third senior and second highest ranking executive of this training detachment leading a department of 10 instructors (pre-hospital paramedical personnel) and support personnel managing an equipment and expendables budget of well over $750,000 dollars. Complete oversight of 56 week curriculum to include program development, maintenance, and all necessary educational and care standard updates; provided QI/QA for all students during clinical rotations; maintained full clinical privileges working in Urgent Care. Chaired high visibility committee which established a first responder training curriculum currently utilized navy-wide, and functioned as an integral member of various executive planning and policy board committees related to curriculum development and management. Additional leadership and management responsibilities included serving as disaster preparedness coordinator to the Submarine Base Emergency Manager, the Trauma and Resuscitative Medicine Programs Director, and participation in a variety of relevant Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness courses, including the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Emergency Management Symposia.

Senior Staff Physician Assistant, U.S. Navy

Director, Submarine Independent Duty Corpsman Program

Naval Undersea Medical Institute, Groton, CT

Apr 2005Jul 2009

Medical Treatment Branch Director, and Triage and Treatment Strike Team Leader. Instructor

Naval Ambulatory Care Center, Newport, RI

Mar 2001Mar 2005

Newport, RI, March 2001- March 2005
  • Provided full-spectrum family practice and urgent care services in a multi-disciplinary clinic to support over 30,000 military and civilian beneficiaries. Duties included lecturing on various leadership, emergency medical, and CBRNE topics of interest to active and deploying medical staff, membership on various planning and policy boards and committees, and participating in local public health initiatives and local disaster drills as the Medical Treatment Branch Director, and Triage and Treatment Strike Team Leader. Instructor in ACLS, PALS, and BLS to the local staff and developed and executed training plans for the departmental and professional staff. Also provided independent after-hours urgent and emergent care in remote branch clinic with ED phone back up if needed. Leadership and management roles included oversight of 15 paramedical personnel including all QA/QI oversight and all acute care treatment and sports medicine care in a training population of physically active adults. Equipment and expendables responsibility for a budget of $250,000 dollars.

Staff Physician Assistant

Naval Undersea Medical Institute,

Feb 1999Feb 2001

  • Provided a full spectrum of Primary and Emergency medical care to over 5,000 personnel in a department of 35 professional medical personnel. Leadership and management responsibilities over 30 paramedical personnel for routine, urgent, and emergency medical treatment including all QA/QI oversight. Participated on a variety of planning and development committees as well as developed and executed various training plans for the departmental staff. Additional responsibilities included team leader of the Primary Emergency Medical Response Team, the Primary Radiological Response Team, Assistant Radiation Health Officer, and Preventive Medicine lead on all matters pertaining to public health and occupational medicine programs. Created and implemented the Mass Casualty Response plan and served as the walking wounded treatment area supervisor during mass casualty drills and exercises. Additionally, served as the team leader for the alternate mass casualty treatment reception and staging areas.

Staff Physician Assistant, U.S. Navy

Bradley Medical Clinic, Officer's Candidate School, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA

Jan 1997Feb 1999

  • Provided full-spectrum Primary Care and Sports Medicine services to both staff and student personnel in a stand-alone clinic serving over 3,000 personnel. Duties included event medicine planning and participation for the 32nd and 33rd Marine Corps Marathon, creating and evaluating clinic treatment protocols for cellulitis, acute fracture management, and temperature-related injuries, and co-creating a 2 week long indoctrination course for support medical personnel on the identification and treatment of common urgent medical care conditions along with all QA/QI oversight responsibilities. Provided extensive on-sight medical support in austere conditions for a variety of field exercises where transport to a definitive treatment facility was delayed by more than one hour. Established and maintained a field support mobile clinic with rotating paramedical personnel including supervisory duties and QA/QI responsibilities for over 20-30 full and part-time paramedical personnel. Developed and executed professional training plans and managed a departmental budget of over $200,000 dollars. Provided on-sight standby medical service for high risk training events at outlying treatment stations. Additional management oversight of 4 paramedical personnel while serving as the sole correctional facility health care provider for the regional military brig.


Officer Development School, Newport, RI

Nov 1996Dec 1996

  • Attended training and development course to prepare newly commissioned Naval Officers of the staff corps for various leadership and supervisory responsibilities. Supervisory responsibility over a company of 33 personnel ensuring daily scheduling and other course commitments were met.
Student under Instruction, U.S. Navy

Physician Assistant Program

Naval School of Health Sciences, San Diego, CA

Sep 1994Sep 1996

  • Attended full time traditional classroom training leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Graduated Cum Laude in a class of 29.
Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman (Submarines), U.S. Navy

Senior Middle Manager

TRIDENT Refit Facility, Kings Bay, GA

Nov 1991Aug 1994

served as Assistant Radiation Health Officer and Medical Department Representative, responsible for all aspects of administering a Radiation Health and Safety program for a combined military and civilian staff of over 1500 personnel. Primary radiological response and decontamination team member responsible for the medical treatment of potentially contaminated personnel as well as oversight of the decontamination station and process. Supervisory responsibilities over 2 paramedical personnel and participation on various middle management planning, policy, and development committees. Responsible for equipment and expendables budget of over $100,000 dollars, and developed and executed training plans for a department of 10 personnel. Participated in and lectured for weekly clinic-based training classes administered by the local group physician staff. Volunteer member of the Arlington Volunteer Fire Department (FFII/EMT-B) in Jacksonville, FL. Charter member of its volunteer water rescue team (non-diving).

Senior Middle Manager

Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman (Submarines), U.S. Navy, Charleston, SC

Apr 1989Nov 1991

USS JAMES K. POLK (SSBN-645)(BLUE), Charleston, SC, April 1989 - November 1991.
  • Senior Middle Manager and sole health care provider responsible for the health and welfare for a crew of 165 officers and men aboard an operational ballistic missile submarine serving overseas. Primary responsibilities included serving as the Medical Department Representative and sole primary care clinician, the Radiation Health Officer, the Preventive Medicine Officer, the Atmosphere Control Officer and Gas-Free Engineer, and administering all facets of these administrative programs aboard. Developed and executed both short and long range training plans for 8 paramedical personnel as well as conducted Basic First Aid training for the crew. Budgetary, equipment, and medical consumables responsibility for medical supplies and equipment in excess of $500,000 dollars. Sole middle manager participating on various executive management planning, policy, and development committees. Additional duties included ACLS, ALS, and BLS instruction for crew, lead trainer and supervisor for the Emergency Medical Assistance Team consisting of 8 paramedical personnel, and participation on various middle management committees. Maintained FFII/EMT certification while serving as a senior medical specialist of the Caromi Volunteer Fire Department, Ladson, SC. Planned promotion to rescue lieutenant pre-empted by a military change of station move.


Naval Undersea Medical Institute, Groton, CT

Mar 1988Mar 1989

  • 56 week course of instruction leading to the certification as an Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman (Submarines). Graduated with distinction and honored with Pfizer Award (most likely to succeed).

Search and Rescue Medical Technician

Hospital Corpsman, U.S. Navy, Camp Lejeune, NC

Mar 1984Feb 1988

  • Search and Rescue Technician and middle manager, logged thousands of hours flying both Search and Rescue missions and Critical Care Transport missions to military and civilian tertiary care facilities in the North Carolina/Virginia regional area. Provided additional work involving Cardiopulmonary Technology and Respiratory Therapy duties by performing ECGs, Holter Monitoring, Cardiac Stress Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, oxygen therapy, inpatient invasive monitoring, and ventilator and critical care management in the intensive care units. Responded to all in-house cardiac arrests as a member of the Code Blue team, and participated on various middle management committees and policy boards. Certified as a FFII and both NRMET and EMT-B in North Carolina while serving the community on the Hubert Volunteer Fire Department. Participated in humanitarian missions to Africa (Kenya and Somalia), Turkey, and Greece. Supervised the establishment and staffing of remote civilian medical clinic during Somali government restructuring.


General Duty Hospital Corpsman, U.S. Navy, Napoli, Campania

Jan 1982Feb 1984

Naples, Italy, January 1982 - February 1984.
  • Provided all aspects of care to routing surgical and intensive care inpatients as well as served on staff in the Emergency Department and Internal Medicine Department. Responsibilities included general patient care duties, administrative duties, and performing a variety of bedside and outpatient procedures and functions. Provided pre-hospital EMS as an EMT-B on rotational basis to outlying military housing and military recreation centers. Deployed in support of the terrorist bombing of the Marine Corps Barracks, Beirut, Lebanon, in October 1983, providing critical care transport services to military hospitals in the European theater of operations.

Student under Instruction, U.S. Navy


Hospital Corpsman Basic School, Great Lakes, IL

Oct 1981Dec 1981

under Instruction for 12 weeks in a course leading to graduation as a Basic Hospital Corpsman. Eligible to sit for the NREMT certification. Graduated with distinction.


Naval Undersea Medical Institute, Great Lakes, IL

Jun 1981Sep 1981

under instruction for 12 weeks in basic training for all enlisted recruits entering the United States Navy. Attended courses in basic seamanship, military training, orientation to naval customs and traditions, first aid, military law, and physical fitness. Graduated with distinction and served as company Recruit Petty Officer in Charge. 
Affilitate Faculty, PACE University Physician Assistant Program, Pace University, New York, New York. 
Clinical Instructor, ACLS and BLS programs, Health Force Solutions, Inc., Flushing, New York.


Master of Physician Assistant in Family Medicine

University of Nebraska Medical Center,


Bachelor of Science

The George Washington University School of Medicine, George, WA


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