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Epidemiologist and Patient Care Coordinator

Lanham, MD


Highly motivated health official professional with 7+ years relevant experience in diverse health and clinical settings pursuing challenging positions utilizing scientific knowledge proven by excellent academic record, hands-on training both in clinical and laboratory setting, and linguistics skills in the public health arena of epidemiology and biostatistics as well as patient care. Willing to relocate. Fluently bilingual in English and Arabic.

Work Experience

Epidemiology and Community Preparedness Intern

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, Toledo, OH

2012 2012

  • Performed population-based assessments, epidemiological evaluations, survey and study design, and practical research activities.
  • Worked as part of a team to deliver public health surveillance services.
  • Assisted in creating and maintaining an integrated and comprehensive service delivery system.
  • Provided expertise and support to the medical establishments, community-based agencies, federal, state, and local agencies, and department staff to educate, exchange information, and track disease control issues in Lucas County, Ohio.
  • Planed, developed, and conducted Community Health Assessments, program evaluation, reports, and assist with grant management.
  • Maintained and coordinated the public health emergency preparedness and response programs for the Department.
  • Developed and executed functional, tabletop, and full scale exercises and drills to test agency emergency response plans and capabilities.
  • Performed risk analysis and mitigation efforts, planning, response, recovery and other post-emergency activities.

Medical Interpreter

Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC

2009 2010

  • Provided support to embassies and international organizations headquartered in Washington, D.C. and the many patients and their families traveling from overseas for medical care or physician consultation.
  • Ensured smooth navigation of all hospital facilities and ensured that all medical needs are met effortlessly.
  • Provided qualified medical interpretation for patients and families both in-person and by phone throughout the hospital for all appointments, procedures and hospital stays.
  • Provided personalized service that supported and guided patients through every aspect of their care-from appointments and consultations to the determination of treatment plans, cost estimates, international insurances and payments.
  • Also assisted patients and families with any cultural or special needs.

Senior International Care Coordinator & Medical Interpreter

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

2005 2008

  • Maintained an active role within the division to seamlessly coordinate medical care of international
patients referred to Johns Hopkins Medicine International, by assuming a liaison role between international patients, the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, and embassies of international patients
providing clear and tangible communication channels.
  • Oversaw the management of complex, high acuity, urgent and high profile referrals, as well as ensured all
appropriate appointments, treatments, medications, equipment, and general care are emplaced, as well as verifying financial viability of self pay, insurance, and embassy covered patients.
  • Provided various aspects of patient care during the inpatient or outpatient stay by adequately assessing
patient and family needs, and educating the medical team of cultural drifts that could be missed, leading to a higher quality of care.
  • Served as a medical interpreter for foreign language patients and translated written documents.


Master of Public Health M.P.H. in Epidemiology

University of Toledo (formerly known as Medical College of Ohio) - Northwest Ohio Consortium of Public Health, Toledo, OH


Certificate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD


Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

University of Maryland Baltimore County UMBC, Baltimore, MD



Certified in HIPAA and Medical Terminology. Highly experienced in patient care environment and able to develop and manage public relations information. Able to apply advanced statistical techniques emphasized for biomedical sciences using statistical packages. Conduct epidemiological method to problem solving and maintain understanding of various study designs. Understand measures of disease and the distributions of its determinants in populations, as well as the many perspectives involved with chronic disease prevention, incidence, and treatment. Understand the concepts addressed in scientific articles and able to develop hypotheses based on scientific literature. Maintain a professional attitude and demonstrate self-confidence, initiative, and flexibility. Highly engaged, self-motivated, eager to grow. Exemplify service excellence in all encounters. Require little supervision and welcome constructive criticism.

Additional Information

Research Experience:
Research Data Analyst
University of Toledo Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.
Research Supervisor: Dr. Sadik Khuder and Dr. Joan Duggan, M.D.
  • Performed literature review and meta-analysis for epidemiological research on Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS using R Statistical Package, SPSS, and SAS.
  • Provided general support with data management.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate quantitative information to investigators and other researchers.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of basic research methodology and research data collection.
  • Demonstrated excellent written and oral communication skills.

Laboratory Assistant Volunteer
University of Toledo College of Arts and Sciences-Department of Biology. Research Supervisor: Dr. Deborah Vestal
  • Studied signal transduction pathway involved in ovarian cancer cells.
  • Conducted multiple experiments with different conditions to determine the ideal procedure requirements.
  • Isolated antibiotic from rabbits and evaluated its effects on cancerous cells.
  • Prepared media and laboratory solutions; prepare and titrate microbial and viral stocks; prepare and stain spot slides; prepare primers and probes; isolate and purify DNA, RNA, and/or proteins.
  • Coordinated instrument maintenance; calibrate laboratory equipment; record laboratory temperature readings.
  • Made detailed observations and maintain clear, accurate and timely documentation of all laboratory work.
  • Maintained a safe working environment by adhering to company policies and procedures. Actively participate in laboratory maintenance.
  • Efficiently organized, prioritized and planed work schedule.
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