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Freelance Esthetician


To pursue my passion and work with other passionate individuals with whom I can grow with professionally, in an atmosphere where my skills would be acknowledged as well as refined. I would prefer a place where I complete the puzzle to the so as to turn my position into a flourishing career. I graduated high school when I was 15 as I enjoy learning; I pushed myself hard to graduate early since I already knew that skincare was my passion and goal in life. I had already had been working and saving money since I was 13, walking dogs, babysitting, & working for my grandmother to have money for school. Now I am ecstatic to start a new chapter of my career; working in a medical spa. I diligently study medical, biology, & anatomy textbooks constantly to increase my knowledge as in esthetician, & one day a dermatologist. It is important that my customers receive the best & highest quality of service, to leave them satisfied & returning customers. Having them come to me for a service & leave feeling relaxed & confident is what I strive for. I keep a log on all of my clients, recording treatments, progress; we also take pictures, to see weekly results in the treatment they are receiving. What attracts me to skincare is that there is always something new to learn and understand about the largest organ of the human body, the quarter of an inch thick vessel that holds us together is the most important to me. My grandmother always told me to never stop studying my profession, keep updated with new technologies, advances, and treatment. As she herself, has her own cleaning business, where at one time, she came to this country with nothing but the clothes on her back and $20. Her perseverance gives me the drive to excel and become my own boss someday, just as she did.

Work Experience

Freelance Esthetician

Pin Up Beauty,


Although I have always worked freelance; Pin Up Beauty is the name if my business. It has really taken form & professionalism. I have been able to market myself, & retain steady clients. I do mostly house calls, as I have found that many clients prefer the comfort of their home as to a booth, so all my equipment is portable. This way they don't lose the entire wellness & experience from the treatment, due to outside distractions. I get great feedback on my acne treatment facials, hyperpigmentation chemical peels, lymphatic drainage & facial massage as I incorporate aromatherapy & various facial pressure point techniques. MY clientele are very reliable clients & we have a great professional relationship. They range from all walks of life, which is another reason I love my career. I love the people I meet, heal, treat, & the bond we form, as they are entrusting me with their appearance, & wellness is an honor to me.

Lead/only Esthetician

Ulta, Austin, TX

Jan 2012Jun 2012

I personally obtained over 70 new clients per month whom of which had never been to Ulta, as well as held a 98% retention rate. I level jumped from Esthetician 1 to Master Esthetician in only 6 months, which normally takes a year for the average person. I was awarded district salesperson of the month. I constantly exceeded weekly sales goals, despite specials of $10 and $20 facials as well as ½ off services. Since leaving there I still see about 10-15 clients on a weekly to monthly basis that I have marketed myself. My reason for leaving is that I was the only esthetician, & their setup was not for an esthetician, there was no separate room for me, so it was never quiet. My facial area was in the middle of the store. Ulta only offered facials, so I brought my own equipment, to add body waxing, paraffin treatments, micro needle treatments to facials, lymphatic drainage on the entire body, galvanic current, high frequency as well as ultrasonic treatments. This made their profits rise as well. Ulta was fine, however better suited for a less seasoned esthetician. As I trained a candidate, out of school & felt that she had much to learn & Ulta could offer her that. In the end I felt that I was not being challenged enough & had no room to grow or achieve higher after topping district sales in a matter of 8 weeks. I decided to leave, find a Med Spa that will challenge me, teach me, & become my career where I can plant roots & strive for the best, as well as put to use my advanced esthetician techniques.

Lead Bilingual Receptionist

Hissey Kientz LLP, Austin, TX

Sep 2011Jan 2012

This was my first job after being laid off & undergoing back surgery, here I excelled & re-used my skills from DSHS. I did a lot of translating since I was one of 2 people that spoke Spanish in the entire office. I directed phone calls, screening clients, organizing data charts, re-assessing the training manual to better fit the criteria for this position. Working with a partner receptionist at this busy firm gave me the skill to work alongside your partner receptionist as we had to know everything that was going on, as far as attendance, projects, mail, meetings, & conference calls. I took this job till I could find a job in my field. I was offered lead esthetician at Ulta, although it was very easy, I took this job to get back into my field, & start a new freelance business on the side.

Contracted as Lead Esthetician, Airbrush Makeup Artist & Waxing Specialist

VIVID ENT, Hollywood, CA

Jan 2008Dec 2010

Hollywood, CA/Sherman Oaks, CA from January 2008-December 2010 
Position: Contracted as Lead Esthetician, Airbrush Makeup Artist & Waxing Specialist 
Accomplishments: Having the creativity & professionalism to work for a company in the film & modeling industry. I worked as the "go to" esthetician for all makeup, facials, & waxing on an off set. I worked with airbrush makeup, as well as did make up for award shows and conventions. As lead, I directed the other estheticians based on talent. Here I also gained several clients that I traveled and worked with privately as their personal esthetician. Vivid also owned several other smaller companies that I worked for; including working as a makeup artist for models that cataloged their dancer/bikini line of clothing.

Bartender & entertainer

VIVID ENT, Hollywood, CA

Jul 2010Oct 2010

worked from the grand opening till mid fall, to supplement my freelance esthetician gigs as they were abundant at this time, however temporary for; movies, photo shoots, Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park, professional photography, & other side esthetician jobs. I also got to dress up every day in costume for work, so that was always fun. I also worked for a company that provided on call estheticians for wealthy & famous people I mainly practiced lymphatic drainage as well as facials with pressure point as those were my strongest services. I was called maybe twice a week. (Left Hard rock due to layoff, due to steep decline in company sales.) 
((*Delay in this period (10/2010- 9-2011) was due to back surgery. My fiancé & I moved to Texas as work for him was scarce in L.A, & I decided to start a new chapter in the state that I was originally licensed. During recovery, I was able to study dermatology books, ingredient books, & indulged my knowledge in books about my career, so I never felt out of practice.))

Server/Lead Trainer/Bartender

VIVID ENT, Inglewood, CA

Aug 2008Jul 2010

Lake wood & Inglewood, California (310) 674-2505 from August 2008-July 2010 
Accomplishments/ Position held: Server/Lead Trainer/Bartender. At Chili's I always did my best daily to maintain a high standard of customer service skills, while demonstrating a positive and cheerful deposition whilst overcoming adversity, even when everything was not running smoothly. My regular guests were always pleased with their service as they noticed I always kept a cool head as this was a very demanding and high-volume restaurant. Won sales contest for the district, helped decorate for holidays to boost morale for my co-workers. The most valued skill I gained here is to always remain calm, & treat your guest with respect no matter if they are rude. Communication & positivity can turn a difficult situation into an awesome one. As I was "secret shopped" the customers pretended to be very demanding & rude. At the end they tipped $150 & thanked me for my kindness. I also handled large amounts of cash daily, as well as managed my own till. I always maintained a professional work appearance daily. I was promoted as lead trainer in 8 months; I enjoyed organizing fund raisers for St. Jude Hospital such as; Karaoke Nights, silent auctions (where I put in my services for a facial & hot stone treatment), Chili's bowling league & softball tournament. I worked here while still working as a freelance esthetician. I left as more opportunities' presented themselves.

Customer service/Key holder

VIVID ENT, Hollywood, CA

Jun 2008Apr 2009

Hollywood, California (323) 462-2590 
Period of Service: June 2008-April 2009 (Left due to accepting full time/trainer position at Chili's) 
Duties: Customer service/Key holder. I helped coordinate, schedules, work busy signings, concerts, & appearances, including Twilight premier, Ozzy Osbourne, Paramore & Marilyn Manson. I constantly worked overtime & I achieved district employee of the month & regular positive feedback from customers as well as managers. Opening & closing duties, handling a till, kept the store neat & presentable for customers. This job also kept me in Hollywood where I could always network as an esthetician; many tourists & customers coming into the store would have me do their makeup, or paint their face. I also worked as a performer at this time.

Esthetician/Body Relaxation Therapist At Bally's I

VIVID ENT, Inglewood, CA

Jan 2008Aug 2008

Inglewood, CA (310) 672-6002 Period of service: From: Jan 2008-Aug 2008 
Position Held: Esthetician/Body Relaxation Therapist At Bally's I solely performed facials, acupressure and hot stone therapy, & cellulite treatments. Here I helped clients before & after their workouts providing 30 minute facials, body relaxation & other treatments to ease tension pre or post workout. I marketed myself & in my first month I exceeded sales, as well as added on wellness plans to memberships. (Bally's decided to get rid of this service due to bankruptcy; I was offered to stay as a fitness coach which I did for a while until new doors opened for me.

Professional Aesthetician Sales Associate

Ed Wyse Beauty Supply, Everett, WA

Oct 2007Feb 2008

Accomplishments: Professional only sales, high volume orders, fast paced environment, worked alone on a regular basis. I was required to have extensive knowledge on every product we carried; from nail tech supplies, hair toner, extensions, weaves, (both synthetic & non). I also prepared orders that were called in for the salon owners to pick up. This is where I really gained my knowledge of cosmetic ingredients, this helped me could properly sell it to each salon & spa based on their services & needs. Here, I used my knowledge I gained in Vogue Beauty School to sell to professionals and salon owners. Working with hair color chemicals & knowing how to distribute them. I was also in charge of depositing daily deposits for the store. Opened and closed store daily, balanced my own till. Met and exceeded sales quota every month. I also achieved Employee of the Month. While working here I was able to network with other industry professionals to obtain side gigs & was hired freelance for weddings and parties for facials and makeup. Both of which I can provide photos. I enjoyed working for Edwyse, as it was a very close family company. Mrs. Suz Wyze hired me, so I felt that I was part of a team, not just a random employee number. I only left due to the weather in Northern Washington; however I still remain in contact with the company & still purchase with my pro account.


Jim's Restaurants, San Antonio, TX

Aug 2006May 2007

Texas as well as worked at Jim's Restaurants full time in San Antonio, while attending college full time. I graduated top of my class & took all the extracurricular services we could learn if we attended extra weekend classes & online dernalogica courses.*)) 
EdWyse Beauty Supply: Everett, Washington (425) 355-8323 Contact Brenna Larson for reference.

Office Assistant Senior

Department of Social and Health Services, Everett, WA

Jan 2006Aug 2006

May 2007-October 2007 
As my second official job after MC Donald's, DSHS allowed me to gain valuable clerical experience at such a young age. I was employed here when I was 17 & believe that it helped mold my passion for customer service, as well as save money to buy my first car & pay for college as I already knew I wanted to study to be an esthetician. My duties ranged from answering phones, redacting files, communicating directly with social workers & district attorney's on extremely important as well as confidential information, data entry, sorted & sent mail, organized the file room & transferred information from hard copies to digital ones. I would also assist in translating when necessary. I would have loved to stay at this position longer, however it was a temp/seasonal position, however, the following year, I was asked to return again temporarily while I looked for my first job as a freshly graduated estheticain.



Vogue Beauty College, San Antonio, TX


Continental Academy High School, Coral Gables, FL



Fluent in Spanish, traied insugaring, cupping, hot stone massage, mircrodermabrasion, dermalive, anesi, body treatments, and other advanced esthetician treatments.
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