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Montgomery, Alabama


When I finish School

  • I am interested in working with lawyers in order to gain some real world experience in law.
  • Practice law on a pro-bono basis with Volunteer Lawyer's Project.
  • My career goal is to become a lawyer once I have finished school and gotten my degree.
  • To accomplish and fulfill my dreams of becoming a Corporate Lawyer, to be happy in an environment where I can offer the small experiences that I have accrued.

After Graduation

Job Title

Company Name, Location

Nov 2020Nov 2020

  • All duties with the title clerk job including filling out titles, making sure all contract parts are together and ready to send out to the proper banks, all paperwork is ready to be taken to the courthouse for licensing of the vehicle, stocking in vehicles that come in through dealer trades or new off the truck and taking care of vehicles that would come in bought for certain companies.



School Name, Location


(Optional) GPA, Awards, Honors

  • I hold a GED General Education Degree ( High School non-graduation degree) degree in General Mobile, Al.
  • I plan on transferring my associates degree to UNO, for my Bachelors Degree.


  • Lawyers get the updated information about the individual cases and keep themselves aware of the happenings.
  • Examples, coordinated information from several project staff and external lawyers while managing the collection of data by IS from various sources.
  • I reviewed vehicle seizure forfeiture reports and police reports to obtain information to complete briefings for lawyers.
  • Meet with applicants to obtain information for loan applications and consult with lawyer present.
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