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Alton, TX


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Keppel Amfels, Brownsville, TX

Apr 20102013

14.00hr $10hr prediem 
Responsibilities- Duties include Flux Core, select equipment and plans layouts, assembly, and welding, layout positions, aligns, cut, assemble, and fit metal components together in various body positions and in various places. Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to secure in position for welding. Setting up equipment and welds parts, using arc, gas- shielded arc, submerged arc and arc gas welding equipment, using portable grinder, hand file, or scraper, and weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions.


Keppel Amfels, Corpus Christi, TX

Apr 2012May 2012

18.00hr--- $300.00wk Pre-Diem 
Responsibilities- Lay out, position, and secure parts and assemblies according to specifications, using straightedge, combination square, calipers, and ruler, tack-weld or weld components and assemblies, using electric, gas, arc, or other welding equipment, inspect grooves, angles, or gap allowances, using micrometer, caliper, and precision measuring instruments, remove rough spots from materials, using portable grinder, hand file, or scraper, and weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions.


Keppel Amfels, Christine, TX

Mar 2012Mar 2012

24.00hr----$90.00 Pre-Diem 
Responsibilities- Duties include Stick/Mig welding for all new construction on sight (bar joists, bridging, roofing, decking, columns, I beams, channels, angles) fabrication, maintenance and repairs. Welded metal components in flat, vertical or overhead positions. Welded metal parts together, using both gas welding and brazing, and any combination of arc welding processes. Involved in all installation phases of modern structure. Including updated designs from original blue print, connecting, fitting, and rigging for crane operations and heavy duty equipment. Clamp, hold, tack weld, heat-bend grind or bold component parts to obtain required configuration and positions for welding.


Keppel Amfels, Longview, TX

Aug 2011Feb 2012

19.00hr - 65Pre-Diem 
Responsibilities: Handle responsibilities of installing, repairing, altering and maintaining electrical conductors, fittings and fixtures for heating, lighting or power purposes, Perform responsibilities of supporting Journeyman Electrician and Master Electrician in the inspection, troubleshooting, and replacement of electrical systems including lighting systems, power distribution and emergency systems, Responsible for assisting journey level workers in operating electrical power generating plants, Handle the tasks of operating and troubleshooting minor electrical equipment and systems, Participate various training sessions in areas of proper storage of electrical equipment and cost estimation of minor electrical installation, Perform maintenance work like repairing generators, transformers, electrical motors and electrical controllers under the guidance of the electrician


Keppel Amfels, San Antonio, TX

May 2011Jun 2011

Shut Down) $25.00hr----$85.00 Pre-Diem 
Responsibilities- Welded metal components in flat, vertical or overhead positions, together to fabricate and repair products, such as machine parts, plant equipment. Assembling structural metal products, such as frameworks or shells for machinery, ovens, tanks, and stacks, and metal parts for buildings and bridges, according to job order or blueprints. Cut, bent, bolted, and welded each piece according to requirements. Ignite torches or start power supplies and strike arcs by touching electrodes to metals being welded, completing electrical circuits.


Keppel Amfels

Mar 2011Apr 2011

Shut Down) $23 .00hr----$90.00 Pre-Diem 
Responsibilities- Construct, assemble, maintain, and repair stationary steam boilers and boiler house auxiliaries. Align structures or plate sections to assemble boiler frame tanks or vats, following blueprints. Work involves use of hand and power tools, plumb bobs, levels, wedges, dogs, or turnbuckles. Assist in testing assembled vessels. Direct cleaning of boilers and boiler furnaces. Inspect and repair boiler fittings, such as safety valves, regulators, automatic-control mechanisms, water columns, and auxiliary machine.


Keppel Amfels, Saint Paul, VA

May 2010Nov 2010

23.00hr----$65.00 Pre-Diem 
Responsibilities -Bell, bead with power hammers, or weld pressure vessel tube ends, in order to ensure leak proof joints. Bolt or arc-weld pressure vessel structures and parts together, using wrenches and welding equipment. Examine boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, and vats to locate defects such as leaks, weak spots, and defective sections so that they can be repaired.



Mission High School, Mission, TX

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