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Heavy Duty Mechanics/ Custom Track Service Supervisor


Work Experience

Heavy Duty Mechanics/ Custom Track Service Supervisor

Mantrac Ghana Limited


REASON FOR LEAVING: To get more experience in earth moving machines.

Heavy Duty Mechanic

African Mining Services Ltd

May 1999Jun 2004

Job Duties
As a break down mechanic:
I do major component change out, such as engines, torque converters, transmissions, differential assembly, wheel stations, hoist cylinders, suspension cylinders, hydraulic control blocks, tracks frames, down rollers idler segments, telescopic seals, track guard and tracks change out, pumps, cylinder head gasket, bucket pins, bearings. In doing major component change outs, this is the procedure used:
  • Safety machine must be parked on level ground with parking break engaged, all wheels chocked hydraulic pressures released.
  • Machine must be jacked for certain repairs removing of wheel station, working on a frame.
  • Remove components that are in the way of actual component needed to be removed (for instance, radiator get to the engine) to get access to be component.
  • Remove all hydraulic hoses attached to the component, remove cables harnesses if attached.
  • Slack mounting belts and suspend the component before finally removing mounting belts, remove the faulty component.
  • Clean the mounting surface, fix new seals, fix new component with crane or lifting gear, Put mounting belts in place, torque the mounting belts to manufacture specification, fix back all cable harness and fix back all hoses and pipes with new seals.

Field service troubleshooting:
  • Consult machine operator to know what happened when the breakdown occurred.
  • If it appears to be an engine problem, first step is to check engine oil, coolant and fuel levels, if ok, then check electrical system using ET (Electronic Technician) to diagnose the problem, when problem is detected, do rectification works according to manufacturer specifications.

Brand Model
Caterpillar 773B
Caterpillar 773C
Caterpillar 992C
Caterpillar D10N
Caterpillar D10R
Caterpillar D10T
Caterpillar D8T
Caterpillar D9R
Caterpillar 785C
Demag H135
Caterpillar 16H
Caterpillar 14H
Caterpillar 992G
Caterpillar 992D
Caterpillar 320C
Caterpillar 330CDL
Caterpillar 345CDL
Caterpillar 835C
O & K 170RH
Liehberr 994
Liehberr 120

Technician Engineer

Ghana Australian Goldfields Ltd

Feb 1992Mar 1998





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