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Mobile Developer

Denver, CO



I enjoy longs walks on the beach and cocktails on Tuesdays. 
I'm currently looking for a career with a company that will provide challenging programming work with a fun / laid-back work environment. Fun co-workers is a must!

Work Experience

Programmer / DJ / KJ / Audio Engineer

Cracker Studios, Inc, Denver, CO


* Create fun and entertaining musical environments for many types of locations while maintaining a professional image. 
* Provide exciting and memorable karaoke experiences for all types of individuals and personalities. 
* Compose and deploy exceptional audio materials for a multitude of situations.

Mobile Developer

DISH Network, Englewood, CO

Jul 2011Feb 2012

  • Completed development on existing (unfinished) mobile projects.
  • Provided critical design and development skills for new mobile applications.
  • Assisted with incorporation of ANT scripting into new application build processes for streamlined deployments.


Sony Online Entertainment, Denver, CO

Jan 2009Dec 2010

* Provided essential gameplay programming and proprietary scripting work for new and existing games. 
* Maintained and updated server and database systems for live game environments. 
* Delivered live, time-critical game patches and updates for active games. 
* Administered pivotal communications with both the design and engineering teams to make reliable gameplay decisions. 
* Contributed to the following game titles (credits):

Programmer & Software Support

Group 1 Solutions, Glen Ellyn, IL

May 2006Jan 2009

* Developed highly beneficial and efficient applications that provide clients with a variety of mapping and CAD solutions. 
* Maintained and updated existing company software while exhibiting an outstanding level of support for business clients. 
Military International

Utilities System Journeyman

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Jun 1998Sep 2002

Active Duty


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

DeVry University, Addison, IL


C, C++, Flash, Flex (AIR), AS2, AS3, ANT Scripting, Visual Studio, Eclipse / Flash Builder, Code::Blocks, MySQL / SQLite, PostGre, MS Access, Windows / OSX, Unix / Linux, Android / iOS, iPad, XOOM, CVS, SVN, Perforce, Audio Editing, Audio Mixing, Sound Forge, Reason

Additional Information


DISH Network (contract)
Flex 4 (AS3)
  • Flex 4 with AS3 development used in all mobile projects.
  • Primary development environment was Flash Builder 4.5 running on OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.8).
  • All source code maintained and stored via SVN.
  • Primary development tasks focused on completing existing (unfinished) contracted mobile applications.
  • Secondary development tasks focused on creating new revamped mobile applications to replace existing.
  • Both existing and new mobile applications developed to be used by DISH retailers and distributors for sales, advertising and leads purposes.

ANT Scripting
  • ANT scripting used in building and deploying of mobile applications.
  • ANT scripts stored via SVN.
  • Use of ANT scripting to build and deploy mobile applications helped to simplify and shorten the time required for the distribution process.

Sony Online Entertainment (Denver Studio)
  • C++ used in all game clients and for some aspects of server applications (Unix service-based).
  • Primary development environment was in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and later 2008.
  • Code maintained and stored via CVS source code management and later using Perforce.
  • Tasks using C++ were mainly aimed around code maintenance, code addition for game updates, or for bug fixing.
  • QT was the UI library for older games and Adobe Flash for newer titles.

Perl / Unix Shell Scripting
  • Perl and shell scripts were used for server-side game services.
  • Development for Perl and shell scripts done using standard VI editors directly on Unix server machines.
  • Code maintained and stored via CVS source code management and later using Perforce.
  • Tasks in Perl and shell scripts mainly focused on maintenance and additions for game updates.

Flash (AS2)
  • Adobe Flash (AS2) used for UI front-ends in FreeRealms 2.0 and CloneWars card games.
  • Code maintained and stored via Perforce.
  • Tasks in Flash (AS2) were focused on adding and modifying SWF components and integrating them into the game client.
  • Working with the game client front-ends (UI) involved working in C++ and Flash. Scaleform was used as the interfacing component.

Flex 4 (AS3)
  • Adobe Flex (AS3) used for internal tools to assist with gameplay development.
  • Development in Flex was done using Adobe Flash Builder 4 Professional (Eclipse).
  • Code maintained and stored via Perforce.
  • Major tasks involving Flex were focused on replacing older gameplay tools written in C++ with Flex-based applications. These applications would interface with game databases and allow non-programmers to perform gameplay scripting.
  • These particular tools were to be web-based browser applications in Flex so that they could be accessed via the internal network.

Cracker Studios, Inc.
  • C++ used as main development language for an online multiplayer 3D game project: The Search for the Hidden Mana.
  • 3rd-party libraries used: Irrlicht, FMOD, C++ Sockets, pThreads, MySQL, and Boost.
  • Development environments used: Dev-C++, Code::Blocks.
  • Major accomplishments:
o Client / Server communications using TCP and UDP protocols.
o MySQL database used for all data storage.
o Standard account / character creation and login.
o Working UI interface with maps, chat, targeting, object view, and full options menu.
o Simple chat communications with chat bubbles.
o Basic PC and NPC movement AI with collision detection.
o Dynamic map system.
o Working “zoning” system for traveling between rooms.

Flex 4 (AS3)
  • Adobe Flex (AS3) used to develop a “search station” application for karaoke patrons who need to view and search for available digital karaoke songs.
  • This application also has a large amount of administrative and configuration options. Administrators (KJ’s) must be able to maintain and update song lists, export song lists to various formats, and easily import lists.
  • Currently, this application is being tested in real environments by real business owners and used in real-world environments.
  • Notable aspects of development:
o Heavy use of Regular Expressions.
o Custom components and updating core classes for compatibility.
o Developing work-arounds for single-threaded heavy-processing issues. The main problem being slow UI refreshing.
o CSS usage.
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