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Why to Partner with Super-Resume

The resume business is very profitable but Super-Resume doesn't have the business people to take advantage of this business. We are primarily technical people. Therefore our goal is to sell the company, Super-Resume, to a good business person who can make the business work.

Our partner program lets you create your own resume website using our technology. This is basically a "try us before you buy us" program. This is why you get 100% of the revenue from your partner site. Our goal isn't enterprise sales, our goal is to sell our company.

Consider how it usually works when buying a technology company. You pay up front before you know whether the business will work and how good the technology and people really are. So you take all the risks. In our case, you only buy us when you are sure that the business works, and that the technology and people are good. So we take all the risks. We are willing to take the risk because we know that our technology is good and that this business is good. We know that a good business person can make this work, and will then buy us at a fair price.

The Resume Business

You can use the Google AdWords keyword planner to get an idea of the size of this market. Try "resume builder". It shows 100K - 1M monthly searches with a price of $2.40 to $4.50. "resume template" shows 100K - 1M monthly searches with a price of $1.71 to $3.40. So a lot of money is being spent in this market. If you can rank high in free search, then you can make a lot.

When we were lucky enough to get a few keywords on the first page of Google, we netted $97K in a month. But we are not marketing people, so we couldn't maintain this position. With effective SEO, revenue should be substantial.

Why Us?

Our core technology is as good as any resume builder available and better than most of them. You can try the others to compare. The leader in this area is LiveCareer and they have many sites that don't clearly belong to them. I give them credit for also having good technology. Most of the other sites aren't nearly as good.

The technology is not trivial. A decent interactive resume editor requires serious web programming. And generating the Word DOCX format is quite challenging but necessary since this is the most popular download format.

Our value isn't just our current technology. We can also work with you to build whatever you want. If we think a feature has core value, we will add it to our core code without charging you anything. If what you want is specific to your site, then we can help you develop it in your part of the code.

Why did we develop the partner program?

We could have just hired a business person for equity. But this is a gamble that could well have gotten us someone who talks well but can't deliver. We could try to sell the business now as is. But this is unlikely to get us a fair price. The partner program allows us to prove our value, and you to prove your value. We will meet your technology needs. Then if you can produce a good profit, then you can buy us and everyone wins.

If you have any questions, please email .

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