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How to Partner with Super-Resume

Our partner program lets you create your own resume website using our technology. Suppose you want to create a site To do this, you create a DNS CNAME record pointing this domain to Our server will then serve this domain. You put your pages in the doman on your server. Our server will prepend "mktg." to the domain and proxy there to serve your pages.

For your site to work, you need a configuration file. This is also served from "mktg..." with the path /Config.luan . This file is Luan source which should be easy to modify. Here is the Config.luan file for this site. You can copy this file and modify it as needed. This file works by overriding the base Config.luan.

You should use the partner tools from your own domain. For example .

For our own internal testing, we use the domain You can also use this site for testing. Point to and make a site for your files.

Now let's consider 3 use cases.

Embed in existing site

Suppose you already have a successful site at In this case you just need to add our resume building pages. These pages have no SEO value, so you can add them in another subdomain like So you create a DNS CNAME record pointing this domain to And you serve from your server. This domain only needs /Config.luan which you will customize to fit the look of your site.

Create a standard site

If you are starting from scratch, you might as well serve all pages through our server to avoid using a subdomain. So point to and serve from your server. You can server your web pages here using whatever technology you like. And you need to serve /Config.luan to configure our page.

Create a custom site

You can fully customize Super-Resume to do whatever you want by serving Luan files from your "mktg." server. These Luan files can run inside our server with full access to our technology. This is what we do at The luan files here are loaded across the internet into our server and run there to generate pages. To debug this code, use "Uncache Code" when you make changes and check "Logs" to see what happened.

Other topics

We use Stripe for payment processing. If you want to take payments, you should set up your own Stripe account and configure /Config.luan to use it. Without a Stripe account set, your site will be free for users. With a Stripe account set, you will get all revenue from your site.

If you have any questions, please email .

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