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How To Track Visits To Your Resume

Super-Resume allows you to track who looked at your resume and when they looked at it. You do this using our Trackable Links feature.


Create a Trackable Link

All your resumes are listed on the account page. Close to each of them there is a section called "Trackable Links". After you click on the "Create Link" button, a small window will pop up. You should enter the recipient name (company or person) that you plan to send the resume to. You can also check the alert box if you want to get notified by email.


Grab the Link

After you save the link, you will see the URL that you should send to the employer. Copy and paste it in your email to the employer.


Watch for Visits

On the account page you can see the number of visits of each link. If you checked the alert box in step 1, you will receive an email whenever someone opens the link in the browser.


View the Resume

Anyone that opens the link will see a read-only version of your resume. The screen has buttons to zoom in/out, print and download the resume.


Check the Visit Details

If a trackable link has one or more visits, you can click on that column to see the details of each visit. This includes the location (city, region and state) of the person who opened the resume, and the time and duration of the visit.

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