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Equipment Operator

Benton, KY

Work Experience

Equipment Operator

Marshall County Road Department, Benton, KY

Jul 2000Current

I am currently a equipment operator at the road department. While working here I have gained experience working on many pieces of equipment and driving semi trucks. I have operated the following: bulldozers, backhoes, trackhoes, gradalls, tractors, rollers, forklifts, and skidsteers.  I also hold a Class A CDL license with a tanker and double/triple trailer endoresments. I have held this license since August of 2000.


Currently my job is divided between two main positions: In the spring and summer my job is to work with a crew of three people and we keep the right of ways on the roads mowed and the trees trimmed. In the fall and winter I operate a gradall where myself and a crew of 6 to 8 people go around the county cutting trees and limbs that are hazardous to people traveling on the roads. I go out and find the trees or limbs and determine what type of equipment will be nessasary to to the job effiently and safley. Additionally in the winter time I operate a truck with a salt bed and snow plow to remove snow and ice from the roads.


Also while at this job I have been involved in the construction of building new roads. I have been a part of many stages of this kind of project including: marking where the new road is going, driving dumptrucks hauling material to the site, installing cross drains, and spreading the material with pieces of equipment.


While working here I have been part of working during natural disasters. These include tornadoes, wind storms, flooding, and ice storms. During these times I have been part of making roads passable whether it be removing debris or fixing roads that were washed away. During the ice storm of 2009 I worked as a monitor for crews that were removing the debris from the county. I was responsible for overseeing crews of up to 20 people with dump trucks and loader equipment and chain saws to make sure they were doing there job according to the laws that were explainded to me. This consisted of working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for four months.








Atkins Lawn Service, Benton, KY

Mar 2014Current

I am currently the owner of Atkins Lawn Service. I started this business in 2014. I used resources that I already owned to start the business. The first year I started with less than 5 properties to maintain. The last two years I have expanded to over 30 properties per year to maintain.


I have uprgraded my equipment as nessessary the last two years. I always keep my budget balanced and I have always kept my business in the black only buying nessecary supplies as needed.  I also do all of my maintenance work to my equipment as well as scheduling my yards to keep them maintained as needed.


IBEX Tanker company, Calvert City, KY

May 2000Jul 2000

My job at IBEX consisted of building tanks out of metal that were mounted onto semi-trucks to carry hazardous materials. I also worked in the accesory department which included building bumpers and roll over bars for the tanker trucks. I also was a forklift operator for the company using them to move our products around the building and to place the tanks onto semi-trucks.

Customer Service

Shop-O-Rama Hardware Store, Benton, KY

Jul 1999May 2000

During my time of employment here I helped customers with plumbing and electrical needs. I also helped do inventory as well as stocking shelves with new inventory.


Marshall County High School, Benton, KY


High School Diploma

Additional Information

I am a member of the Briensburg Masonic Lodge where I was the master of the lodge from January 2015 to December of 2015. My duties while being master were to oversee the budget of the lodge which includes close to 200 members. I also was in charge of having various improvments to the lodge property during my time at master which included having the parking lot expanded and repaved, new gutters installed, and having new chairs installed in the lodge. Also while at this position I helped to start programs at local elementary schools to award students with perfect attendance with new bicycles.


I have recieved certificates for defensive driving.


I also have volenteered coaching baseball and basketball over the last 5 years. This consisted coaching players from 4 years old to 10 years old with little to no experience playing the sports.


I feel that I have the skills nessecary to perform a supervisor position. In my all of my jobs I feel that I have been able to perform at a high level with very little instructions needed to perform the jobs. 


I currently run my own business. I know what it takes to operate on limited funds and to maintain equipment to perform the job at hand.


I also feel that I have the people skills to keep employees happy while at the same time performing the best job possible.


NAME                              EMPLOYER                 TITLE                CONTACT             
Dave Berndt              Retired Logistics           Supervisor         270-362-4152



Jesse Fielder             US Fish and Wildlife    Special Agent     270-703-7018


James Barnes           Kentucky Dept.             Parole Officer     270-556-7348

                                  Probation & Parole


Eric Sirls                  Self Employed                                           270-703-7752


Alan Miller                First Missionary             Senior Pastor      270-205-6971 

                                 Baptist Church






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