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Equipment Operator

Reynoldsburg, Ohio


I am a highly trained Heavy Equipment Operator/Construction Equipment Operator with equal forklift training and run time. I have preformed repair and maintenence on the equipment. I also have experience doing repairs on small engines. I have an electrical background with multiple schooling experiences including an apprenticeship, as well as working in the field.  I would like to obtain a position with your company so that I can expand my skills and bring my knowledge to your team. I am a dedicated and hard worker and I am a very quick learner.

Work Experience

Equipment Operator

A2B Property Services LLC, Utica, Ohio

Apr 2015Dec 2015

  • Operated Heavy Equipment including skid steers and mini track hoes.
  • Used these machines to excavate and grade dirt, spread gravel and plowing snow.
  • Used multiple attachments on the skid steer including a jackhammer, grapple bucket, rotary cutter, auger, forks, smooth and tooth buckets.
  • Preformed almost all of the maintenance on the machines and attachments as well as minor repairs.
  • Used hydraulic systems on a daily basis and maintained them as needed.
  • Led a crew of up to 5 workers at a time as well as went and completed jobs by myself.
  • Made sure that jobs got completed on time but in a safe manner.
  • Preformed daily checks on all machines and equipments.
  • Loaded trucks and trailers using equipment.
  • Loaded and hauled all equipment.
  • Trained other workers on how to use machines safe and effectively.
  • Installed doors and windows in new homes.
  • Cleared trees and brush using chainsaws and rotary cutters.
  • Made sure job sites were neat and cleaned up before leaving.
  • Arrived early some days to make sure everything was ready to go for that day.


Darby Creek Excavating, Circleville, Ohio

Jan 2015Apr 2015

  • Operated Heavy Equipment including: Track hoes, back hoes, skid steers, dozers, sheeps foot compactor and smooth drum compactor.
  • Gutted schools to prepare for demolition.
  • Preformed demolition on schools and aided in the loading of debris into dump trucks.
  • Used partner saw to cut up debris
  • Put up silt fence for erosion and debris control.
  • Used different machines to compact and move dirt.
  • Used a laser grade eye to determine and make corrections to ensure an even level of grade..
  • Directed dump trucks to dump dirt in intervals so that it could be easily moved and compacted.
  • Aided in the laying of pipe while using a trench box to ensure safety.
  • Preformed daily maintenance on machines at job site to ensure safe and proper operation. 
  • Organized shop to maintain neatness and quick access of equipment.

Forklift Operator

Mast Global, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Nov 2014Dec 2014

  • I successfully completed a forklift certification class and training to gain my forklift certification.
  • Operated forklift to put away pallets with product on them. Also pulled product down.
  • Had to lift and lower pallets from up to 5 stories.
  • Had to meet a productivity standard in different categories.
  • Loaded and unloaded pallets from docked trailers.
  • Threw boxes onto conveyor belt and had a quota that needed to be met.
  • labeled and stacked boxes for different purposes.
  • Used a RF scan gun to preform my daily tasks.
  • Used an electric pallet jack to move product around the warehouse.
  • Efficiently learned new tasks that not everyone got the opportunity to learn.
  • Had to move quickly yet safely to meet my product quota.
  • Almost always exceeded required quotas.


Weekley Electric, Newark, Ohio

Aug 2014Nov 2014

  • Worked along side long-time Journeyman Electricians to preform multiple different electrical applications.
  • Worked on residential, commercial and industrial Electricity.
  • Read blueprints to determine layouts of runs of wire and various outlets and other items.
  • Determined the layout of conduit runs, then bent and installed conduit.
  • Preformed all actions to be in accordance with the NEC (National Electric Code).
  • Installed breaker boxes and hooked up power supply.
  • Ran wire throughout buildings and hooked up to appropriate outlets.
  • Installed receptecles, switches, lights, fans, breakers
  • Used electric scissor lift to run wire, conduit, fans, lights, industrial bus ways.
  • Went to college through my apprenticeship where i learned about multiple things and did hands on electrical work in the classroom.
  • Made sure truck was loaded every morning with supplies and tools needed for the day. 
  • Did underground runs, where i laid the pipe in the trench, backfilled, pulled wire and hooked up to appropriate location.
  • Learned how to figure out diffenrent electrical conversions to determine appropriate equipment so it meets code.


John Hinderer Honda Power Store, Heath, Ohio

Feb 2014Aug 2014

  • Was in charge of the warehouse as it was only me.
  • Unloaded units from trucks and put away.
  • Used a gas powered forklift to move crates and raised and lowered them from up to 3 stories.
  • Assembled motorcycles, ATV's and side by sides.
  • Prepped units when sold and for test drives.
  • Test drove units before sale to ensure safety and proper operation.
  • Preformed mechanical repairs on units.
  • In charge of delivery and pick-up of units. 
  • Used a truck and enclosed trailer daily to transport units.
  • Preformed daily tasks to maintain a very efficient system of running the warehouse..
  • Used both an ATV and forklift to do my daily duties.
  • Preformed maintenance on units that i used daily.


Licking Valley High School, Newark, Ohio


Graduated with diploma.


CTEC of Licking County, Newark, Ohio


  • Learned residential and commercial wiring
  • Learned how to ensure that all applications meet the codes in the NEC.
  • Learned how to use teamwork and leadership skills to improve efficiency and promote working together.

Park, Recreation and Wildlife

Zane State College, Zanesville, Ohio


  • Studied botany, geology, biology and many more subjects to gain a better understanding of nature and the enviornment
  • used teamwork in my construction class to build a bridge going across the school pond.
  • Actively participated in school activities, especially those related to my field.

Electrictian apprenticeship

Columbus State/IEC, Columbus, Ohio


  • Studied multiple electrical subjects to expand my knowledge of the trade. 
  • Used teamwork and leadership skills to complete in-class projects and competitions.
  • Learned how to properly and efficiently bend conduit.
  • Learned more in depth about the NEC.


  • Forklift Certification
  • Experienced Equipment Operator
  • CPR/First Aid certified
  • Strong Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  • Great Customer Interaction 
  • Ensured Safety Practices
  • Very Fast Learner
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