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Financial Management Analyst

Middleburg, FL


My objective in obtaining this position would be to positively affect the overall well being of the team I work with, to work as a team player, and to aid in successful achievement of goals. I would be able to utilize the skills I have obtained through my previous years to aid the area I am assigned. I have gained and demonstrated broad knowledge in many different financial based skills in my previous positions and look forward to achieving many new ventures in the future.

Work Experience

Financial Management Analyst

Navy Medicine Support Command,

Jan 2009Current

Civilian Personnel Funding and FTE Controls Analyst -
  • Regional CIVPERS/FTE analyst, working actively as the program planner for budget estimates and submissions with multiple appropriations in executing 2000+ civil service and foreign national employees. Total value of compensation for reporting is recorded at $120M.
  • Actively work within the Accounting system STARS FL to pull all labor reports, compiling reports into summary spreadsheets that allow the controller a better management tool for monitoring labor execution and funds control.
  • Preparing an average labor and FRINGE estimate to be posted each pay period. Track cumulative labor amounts for variance between targeted YTD numbers and annual plan.
  • Prepares complex financial spreadsheets for Chief Financial Officer and key leaders to use at Position Management Board meetings. Reporting associated variances and recommend spending redistribution of funds for CIVPERS labor.
  • Create annual phasing plans for labor and track variances of planned vs. actual labor. Estimate all vacant positions to ensure the numbers are within planned budget for the fiscal year, which allows the CFO a better overall labor review.
  • Working SMART report to pull out AOR (area of responsibility) budget on CIVPERS labor by bag, created a report to show AOR giving a high level view of how activities are functioning within CIVPERs labor plans.
  • Formulate FTE reports for corporate data calls. Calculate adjustments to estimates by applying standard formulas and percentages rates. Must compile and analyze all data submitted and ensure reports are accurate.
  • Interpret and develop CIVPERS labor budget requests, control, and reporting of obligations and expenditures, budgetary policies and practices.
  • Works monthly 1532 reports (labor reports) generated from BUMED to review any discrepancies in reporting monthly end strength FTE totals.
  • Responsible for pulling all Fringe, Undistributed, and Labor Corrections each pay period to reconcile labor accounting from STARS FL, must reconcile and collect historical data to ensure proper tracking and trended of labor. Ensure all reports are worked accurately and timely for proper month end closing.
  • Responsible for completing all data calls regarding CIVPERS labor for budget execution.
  • Actively works in the Work Year Personnel Cost System (WYPC) for our regional command and 46 other supporting activities. Prepare monthly FTE reconciliation, including variance explanations for submission to BUMED (NAVMED HQ).
  • Obligating civilian labor into STARS based on estimates, ensuring obligations match actual expenditures on a bi weekly basis.
  • Analyzes historical data to trend CIVPERS labor costs in support of annual CIVPERS funding and FTE controls for NMSC operations.
  • Responsible for maintaining the balance of FRINGE adjustments for the Region, ensuring all activities remain in balance on a bi-weekly basis.

Support Agreement Regional Manager -
  • Regional program coordinator for Department of Defense/Veterans Administration, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA's), Technology Transfers, Training Affiliation as well as inter-service and intra-service agreements.
  • Responsible for review and analysis of all agreements to determine the correct formatting and content of the agreement being submitted to Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) standards.
  • Review agreements for funding, accuracy and content. Responsible for reporting such findings to the Chief Financial Officer and other key leadership positions.
  • Serve as the direct liaison with BUMED for corporate compliance of federal regulations.
  • Ensure all financial actions are properly annotated including all budgeting, funding and appropriate use of governmental funds within any agreement.
  • Coordinate, assist and monitor the long range planning for the entire support agreement program.
  • Interpret BUMED policy guidelines with regard to governmental support agreements. Developed the BUMED Standard Operating Procedure for Support Agreements which serves as the guide for all areas of Navy Medicine. Compile data calls for BUMED support agreements.

Payroll Administrator -
  • Serving as the command's Payroll Administrator responsible for all civilian employee pay matters and serving as the direct liaison for all DCPS/DFAS matters, serving as the technical expert for this command for managers and all staff.
  • Maintaining all payroll processing, timekeeping and leave records ensuring all records are kept for proper documentation requested by federal regulations.
  • Train new employees on policies and processing within the payroll system including all required federal regulations.
  • Created a bi-weekly audit report for leave, compensatory time and proper sign-in/out for each employee which provides a bi-weekly report to all supervisors and Chief Financial Officer to better assist them in monitoring each employee's time and attendance.
  • Ensure all overtime, compensatory time and travel compensatory time are properly approved and reviewed by controller, creating knowledge of the funds that accompany those compensatory time for the fiscal year budget requirements.
  • Serves as the subject matter expert to provide training and direction to all supervisors, departmental timekeepers and all employees for all payroll and timekeeping matters.
  • Conduct comprehensive reviews of pay transactions, including such items as pay allowances, special incentive pay, debt collection underpayments and overpayments on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Processes all payroll forms including federal, state and local tax withholding limitations, including direct deposit address changes, advance and restored leave, allotments and savings bonds.
  • Research and resolve complex pay and leave issues applying current pay procedures and regulations.
  • Oversee proper processing of bi-weekly civilian payroll using the Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application (SLDCADA).
  • Analyze payroll in Defense Civilian Payroll System (DCPS) for invalid transactions, conversion of hours, missing time and take appropriate corrective action, including any manual prior pay corrections.
  • Maintain privacy act information and demonstrate highest level of ethical conduct on a daily basis.
  • Produce a variety of reports that identify trends and provide recommendations for advancements or ways to improve the time keeping program.

Medicare/Tricare Billing Supervisor

HCA Shared Service Center, Orange Park, FL

May 2008Dec 2009

Monitored special projects, and processes to ensure completion and accuracy.
  • Preparing annual/quarterly budget submissions to administration for FTE average and departmental costs.
  • Evaluated monthly cost controls of Medicare dollars, reporting percentages for monthly totals/goals.
  • Analyzed monthly goals of department and formatted estimates for future budget plans.
  • Updated training material for new hires, and current staff.
  • Worked with leadership to prevent/correct any issue raised by staff, or other parties involved.

Supervisor, Medicaid Billing


Jan 2007May 2008

Maintained reporting functions for the Medicaid Billing department, working with trending, forecasting and interpretive functionalities to move the department forward in achieving goals.
  • Created process training for all staff, create/assemble power point presentations, and process flows for training of new and current staff.
  • Worked with leadership to prevent/correct any problematic issues or concerns rose by staff, or related vendors.
  • Involved in any management decisions with staff, to the extent of HR related issues, and implementation of all day-to-day functions dealing with payroll, and any other employee related functions.
  • Worked with analysts to eliminate incorrect funding of programs and reconciling current goals and expenditures of each different Medicaid program.
  • Worked with and negotiated changes with comptroller and upper management on a weekly basis, reporting narrative material concerning all budgetary programs. Being able to support all justifications with needed back up from my research and analytical work.
  • Controlled monitoring of all execution of Medicaid dollars to ensure proper allocation to each account and to ensure proper timely distribution has been completed.
  • Traveled monthly to meetings in Tallahassee to represent Medicaid billing for my organization and worked to adhere to all guidelines and legislative changes are being followed daily.
  • Provided monthly reports to senior leadership, ensuring all goals and expectations are met within guidelines.

Manager, Medicaid Billing


Nov 2004Jan 2007

Successfully supervised the day-to-day activities of twenty-seven employees in billing and collecting for nineteen different hospitals of Medicaid claims.
  • Maintained the order in the department and able to multi-task in several different roles simultaneously.
  • Monitored obligation of Medicaid dollars daily to report to and defend budget increases and decreases as needed.
  • Reported on the day-to-day billing tracking and control of dollars to leadership using complex financial excel spreadsheets and power point presentations.
  • Maintained weekly cash goals, bringing in over two million dollars on a weekly basis.
  • Tracked special programs associated with Medicaid budget execution, creating a budget and financial breakdown for each special program for each year.
  • Worked as the supervisor to ensure correct levels of funds are being disbursed to create an accepted delivery to each different vendor.
  • Worked weekly with CMS vendors to establish procedures and processes to effectively reduce accounts receivable balance.
  • Created procedural instructions for staff for all different requirements throughout the year, some of which include estimating goals, and achieving project goals for health care comptrollers.
  • Worked with the hospital comptrollers on achieving budgetary goals and estimates compiling detailed statistical material concerning programs in including budget, funds, admission goals, posting goals, and accounts receivable.
  • Adhere to Medicaid budget policies and procedures per guidelines.
  • Worked as a program head in establishing power point presentations in order to better report deficiencies, goals achieved and future goals for organization and department.
  • Attended AHCA monthly meetings to discuss Medicaid publications, Legislative changes and updates to Medicaid/Medicare policies.
  • Held monthly meetings with CMS vendors to resolve problem accounts on accounts receivable balance to reduce total.

Lead, Medicaid Logging Team


Oct 2003Oct 2004

Supervisor of eight logging employees for nineteen hospitals.
  • Responsible for coding and working all discrepancies for Medicaid claims transmitted from the SSI billing system.
  • Maintained Tricare logging/billing area and Medicaid logging area simultaneously for several months.
  • Responsible for monthly accounts receivable reports to upper management with account details.

Cash Posting Analyst


Sep 2002Oct 2003

Daily distribution of incoming cash through HOST accounting system. Holding the record for posting the highest transactions in the department on a month-to-month basis.
  • Analyzing general ledgers to post unapplied cash to patient accounts.
  • Mentored and trained all new employees of the department.


Victoria's Secret, Orange Park, FL

1998 2001

Handled all HR related responsibilities.
  • Monitoring of staff, and sales percentage daily.
  • Updating training material for new hires, and current staff.
  • Worked on marketing and sales with Divisional representatives to gain revenue in sales.
  • Conducted monthly floor changes.
  • Opening and closing of store.
  • Involved in monthly budget planning for store and employees.
  • Held to monthly standards for budget planning and requests from cooperate division to control funds being earned.


Associates of Arts

Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL


Bachelors in Business Management

Shared Service Center, Orange Park, FL


Additional Information

  • Strong reporting skills with programs such as excel, and power point. I have created multiple progress reports for administration with graphs, charts, and pivot tables. I also have a strong knowledge base of excel, equipped with v-look up skills, and pivots. Knowledge base does include Access data base system to create reports for senior management.
  • Successfully completed DDI Management Training courses, Rapid Process Improvement Facilitator course, Adhoc report writing course, Business Objects training course, Visio process flow training, and Model-netics.
  • Day-to-day analysis in the governmental area with such tools as unbilled, cash average, and production averages.
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