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Lead Mobile Developer

Plano, TX


  • Always on the lookout for new technologies to enhance software products. Currently investigating and deploying several iOS apps using TouchDB (CouchDB for iOS) to provide smooth customer experience in offline and facilitate real-time collaborations.
  • Strong and passionate attention to details and smooth user experience.
  • Published a book on iOS development. iPhone SDK 3 Programming: Advanced Mobile Development for Apple iPhone and iPod touch (Wiley). Available here.
  • More than ten years of work experience in the area of software development, business analysis, programming, system development, testing, scientific research, and software management, designing and developing mobile and desktop applications using iterative methodology and overall Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Expert in developing offline mobile collaborative applications that sync with CouchDB NOSQL cloud databases.
  • Expert in Objective-C, Java, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch with rich understanding of frameworks, memory management, multi-threading, best practices, and development tools.
  • Expert in Object oriented design patterns in Cocoa/Cocoa Touch
  • Experience developing mobile Graphical User Interface using Interface Builder, Android SDK, Backbone.js, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script, and AJAX.
  • Expert level skills on developing mobile libraries to consume Mobile APIs.
  • Expert level skills in developing custom UI components for iOS native environment.
  • Write clean and clear code and expert in finding and fixing crashing bugs.
  • Team player, hardworking, highly self-motivated, fast-learner and goal-oriented individual committed in pursuing a long-term career in Information and Communications Technology.
  • Perform system analysis and debugging system errors.


Magellan (Enterprise), RESTify/RESTify Pro (, OXY (Enterprise), TripCase (, iObserver (Enterprise), UGotFlagged! (, Logger! (, Forecast! (, MEmories (,

Work Experience

Lead Mobile Developer

Timberhorn Mobile, Frisco, TX

Jan 2012Current

PRODUCT: Magellan, Companion
Magellan is an in-house (Rent-A-Center) iPad app that provides construction crew with access to stores info including searching (proximity, other criteria).

  • Architected the solution, implemented the iOS client and the backend services.
  • Worked on integrating with the Active Directory and enterprise systems for automating stores database updates.
  • Developed backend using JAVA technology and Servlets.
  • Launched enterprise app to internal clients
  • Added support to printing, and credit card processing, and bug fixing for existing Companions app.
  • Demos to C-level executives.

Oxy is an enterprise product developed for Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Oxy iPad app provides field operations and safety teams the ability to manage their business and provides real time dynamic surveys for field use.
  • Architected the solution, implemented the iOS iPad and supervised the backend (.NET MVC 4) developer resource.
  • Support for internal enterprise deployment.

RESTify is a REST client for the iPhone and the iPad. It's a universal utility app that allows the user to test web services and observe response, headers, etc. RESTify Pro is under development to provide database replication using CouchDB cloud server ( and local TouchDB server running on the iOS device.

  • Architected the solutions, implemented the iOS universal apps.
  • Active research of new technologies to have seamless syncing with cloud and other devices.
  • Design the Rails backend server to provide efficient provisioning of CouchDB databases, setting up users, and configuring security and permissions.

PRODUCT: iObserve

iObserve is a collaboration platform that provide offline-support for recording patient observations and is targeted for physicians to easily access patient records and facilitate collaboration.

  • Architected the iOS client using distributed NoSQL database (CouchDB).

PRODUCT: Gen 3 Diagnostic Patient Reports (DX3)

DX3 is a Sencha Touch 2 mobile app that provides lab results for physicians allowing them to customize the reports and interactively visualize the patient reports.

  • Architected the Sencha Touch 2 prototypes and implemented products from designs, contributed to user requirements document and wireframes.
  • Developed two prototypes to help the client decide on best user experience.
  • Intensive JavaScript development and debugging as well as use of new Sencha Touch SDK and API.

ENVIRONMENTS: XCode, Objective-C, Multimedia, JSON, REST services, iOS networking, dynamic UI generation, CouchDB, Cloudant, Sencha Touch 2, Ext JS 4, Ruby Mine 4.0, JavaScript.

Senior Software Developer

Sabre Holdings, Westlake, TX

Sep 2008Jan 2012

The smartest travel app in the world! Named "Best Travel App" by Business Week, featured in USA Today, CNET & The Wall Street Journal and numerous Apple commercials. The best travel app for: 1) Aggregating & organizing the maze of travel information, 2) Real-time flight alerts and critical updates before & during travel, 3) Sharing with friends & family, and much more.
  • Architected the iOS client and implemented products from designs, contributed to user requirements document and wireframes, converted prototype code into production code, and conducted testing and performance measurement and corrections.
  • Developed business components in the form of Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) and implemented network-level communication for binary/text data transfer between iOS, Android, and Mobile Web clients and the Rails server.
  • Developed iStructure, an Objective-C MVC framework that closely resembles Backbone.js and Spine frameworks. Framework provides mechanisms for structuring the iOS application and provides out-of-the-box support for JSON over HTTP business models, multithreaded resumable downloads, and Offline support.
  • Developed Tables, an iOS library for presentation of table view with multimedia objects obtained from a server. Tables provides efficient UI-friendly population of tables while providing controllable Offline support.
  • Designed and implemented a native Android client for the TripCase application. App was later replaced by a mobile Web app due to business decision.
  • Worked on adding features to a Mobile Web client of TripCase using Backbone.js, JQuery, and JQuery Template libraries.

ENVIRONMENT: XCode, Objective-C, Eclipse, JAVA, Rails, JSON, XML, TCP/IP, Multithreading, TouchXML, Android SDK.

Software Engineer III

Alcatel-Lucent, Plano, TX

Dec 2000Sep 2008

PROJECT: TSS-10 1850 Switch Advanced Network Planning System

Designed and implemented a network planning software to optimize network traffic and overall network cost.

  • Made sure that applications are developed in compliance with architectural guidelines and standards and consistent with the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Responsible for providing network analysis reports to use in network design and operation.
  • Analyze user requirements and the cost-effective systems solutions to address business problems.
  • Develop and design software application using Java and C/C++ programming languages to use in assessing the network cost and traffic loads of customers.
  • Participated in the technical design process by helping analyze and define the technical application requirements.
ENVIRONMENT: JAVA, Eclipse, Sun Solaris 10, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

PROJECT: Optical Network Research
Developed algorithms and strategies for optical network optimization and used results in publishing peer-reviewed conference and journal papers as well as various U.S. and European patents.

  • Developed algorithms and tested network optimization strategies using C++.
  • Utilized CPLEX optimization software for solving linear programs and used results in optimizing optical network traffic and capital expenditure.
  • Responsible for providing network analysis reports to use in network design and operation.
  • Analyze user requirements and the cost-effective systems solutions to address business problems.

ENVIRONMENT: C, C++, Sun Solaris 10, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Software Programmer

Quantum Research Corporation, Bethesda, MD

Jul 1995Jul 1996

PROJECT: Telephone Interviewer Monitoring & Evaluation System (TIMES)

A Windows native application implemented using C++ Object Oriented Design and Programming running under Windows NT platform. Application provides a graphical way for designing session assessment and real-time monitoring of interviewing sessions.

  • Conceived, developed and delivered an advanced telephone- interviewing monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Involved in the technical design process by helping analyze and define the technical application requirements
  • Design and normalize data base structure for management and analysis.
  • Perform system analysis to design software application from customer requirements.
  • Implement software application verification and testing acceptance.
  • Responsible for software development for updates and revision.
  • Utilized Visual C++, ODBC, and audio in software implementation.
  • System received rave reviews from customers (National Cancer Institute) and test center (U. Mass.) Extensively worked with customers and marketing team at all stages of development.

ENVIRONMENT: MS Visual Studio, C++, MS Access, Windows NT.


Ph.D in Computer Science

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE


M.S in Computer Science

American University, Washington, DC


B.S in Computer Science

Yarmouk University,


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