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Software Developer

Oracle, AZ


I have 20 years of experience in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of computer software. My first two years were spent writing and maintaining programs in support of military operations while enlisted in the United States Army. During the last 18 years I have been engaged in the development of a variety of line-of-business applications on the personal computer platform. I have worked on programs of increasing sophistication. I have fulfilled the role of team member and in some cases have had sole responsibility for the entire system development life cycle. 
Some of the systems I have worked on include bankruptcy management, document management and distribution, lease accounting, purchasing, medical billing, dental practice management, legacy system conversion, embedded software components, logistics, manufacturing estimation and ordering, recruiting, satellite TV marketing, resource scheduling, custom accounting interfaces, report generation, computerized reservation system interfaces, and corporate budgeting. 
I continue to be excited by and engaged in this career field. The breadth and depth of the possibilities and opportunities this field offers is immense. I plan to continue my professional journey by applying, adapting, and evolving my existing skills while at the same time learning and developing new skills and abilities. I'm looking for another opportunity that will foster this sort of professional development and fulfillment in the Tucson area.

Work Experience

Software Developer

Epiq Systems, Inc, Kansas City, KS

Nov 2002Current

Designed, developed, and deployed ASP.NET MVC Web API web services in support of external revenue streams. 
Took several turns in the role of Software Engineering Support (Epiq's Tier-3 product support role) for internal and external Epiq product lines. 
Designed, developed, and maintained multiple legacy and competitor data conversion systems. Researched and utilized the new Task Parallel Library (TPL) to increase the throughput of these data conversion systems. 
Maintained, upgraded, and supported legacy software for internal systems. 
Worked as a team member in the .NET port of Epiq's popular Trustee Case Management System (TCMS). Employed the following technologies in its development: SQL Server Data Tools, Prism (MVVM), Enterprise Library, LINQ, WPF, WCF, CSLA, SSRS, VSTO and Log4NET. 
Worked as a team member in the design and development of both U.S. Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy systems. Exhausted the capabilities of Visual FoxPro versions 7 thru 9 in the creation of a browser-like GUI framework designed to simplify the already complex rules and regulations of bankruptcy work-flow. Utilized the new XML features of Visual FoxPro for everything from preference persistence to remote procedure calls. Used IIS in conjunction with COM+ component services to enable n-tier access to backend business objects written in Visual FoxPro and deployed as multi-threaded DLLs.

Independent Consultant

, Lansing, KS

Jun 2002Nov 2002

MFA Oil. Provided on-site consultation and training for certain departments of MFA Oil on the creation and distribution of reports using Crystal Reports 8.5. 
911 Datamaster. Worked as a subcontractor in the development of an emergency services support application. Used Visual Basic.NET as the core language and ADO.NET for data access. Utilized SQL Server 2000 as the DBMS. 
911 Datamaster. Developed a custom stand-alone application in Visual C# to initiate replication between two instances of SQL Server 2000.

Programmer Analyst - Consultant

Essential Skills, Inc, Lenexa, KS

Jul 1995Jun 2002

Sprint PCS. Worked as a team member in the redesign, development and implementation of a lease accounting system for a major wireless communication company. Implemented a database for two-tier client-server access on an Oracle 8i platform. Designed and coded database stored procedures and triggers in PL/SQL to implement core business logic. Designed, developed, and distributed a front-end client user interface using Visual FoxPro 6 for use with the accounting system. Wrote various support DLLs and COM components in Visual C++ to extend the capabilities of PL/SQL and to increase the speed of crucial processes within the client application. 
Essential Skills, Inc. Wrote a multithreaded "web crawler" in Visual C++ to support company's venture in financial research. The web crawler stored its findings via Active Data Objects (ADO) in a SQL Server 7.0 database. 
Butler Mfg Co. Worked as a team member in the design, development and implementation of a three-tier client-server purchasing system for an international construction company. Combined third-party ActiveX components from various vendors to build a client-side user interface with Visual Basic 6 that resembled the style and ease-of-use of Microsoft's Outlook. Implemented the middle tier in remotely accessible dynamic-link libraries (DLL) using Visual Basic 6 and IIS 4. Created supporting triggers and stored procedures for the data tier in Transact-SQL on a SQL Server 7.0 platform. 
Preferred Physicians Medical. Worked as a team member in the design and development of a medical billing system. Successfully designed, developed and implemented a task scheduler, an ad-hoc reporting tool and an EDI interface for the transmission of medical transactions. Developed helper-functions and modified existing code using compile-time directives to "springboard" the application from a file-server model to a client-server model. The system was written entirely in Visual FoxPro 6 and used SQL Server 7.0 for data storage. 
Precision Dental. Participated in the conversion and enhancement of an existing dental practice management system that was hosted on a legacy OS (MS-DOS). Designed the scheduling, patient-encounter and treatment planning portions of the new data model using Visio. Wrote routines to convert and transfer data from the existing system to corresponding locations in the new data model using Visual FoxPro 5. Wrote routines to compile and summarize various practice statistics in Visual FoxPro 5. Developed several custom automated spreadsheets using Excel and VBA that could manipulate data in a practice's SQL Server database. Wrote routines in VBA to dynamically create analytical Excel spreadsheets from a practice's SQL Server database. 
CTB Inc. Converted a production engineering application from DEC Basic to Visual Basic 3. Used DAO in conjunction with Access for persistent storage of application data. Utilized third-party ActiveX components for online displays of complex matrices that were originally available only in hard copy. 
Butler Mfg Co. Developed an interface between a manufacturing and engineering system using Visual C++ that allowed engineers to intercept and enhance manufacturing orders prior to submission to the manufacturing system. Used Crystal Reports for various interface reports. 
Butler Mfg Co. Developed an ActiveX control in Visual C++ to import engineering data from a computer-aided drafting (CAD) application, compare the data with data from an engineering database, and report any discrepancies. Utilized a Crystal Reports ActiveX control to generate and display the discrepancy report. Created an automated installation using InstallShield for redistribution of the ActiveX control. 
Butler Mfg Co. Developed a logistics system using Visual FoxPro 5 and SQL Server 6.5 to automate the logistics involved in shipping large-scale metal building materials to both domestic and international construction sites. Designed further to coordinate business units, track financial resources and provide remote access to third-party service providers. Implemented a role-based security model that allowed a given user to participate in multiple roles. Utilized a client/server approach to accommodate the remote access requirement. Provided a two-tier capable front-end client user interface that could connect to a remote back-end relational DBMS via ODBC. Created an object-oriented application framework for use as the development platform of the system. Maintained the system's code base in Visual SourceSafe. 
Lester Building Systems. Participated in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of several enhancements to a building quoting and ordering system. Converted all of the system's legacy hand coded FoxPro DOS screens and reports to newer easier-to-maintain FoxPro Windows 2.6 user interface resource files. Re-wrote several major parts of the system in FoxPro Windows 2.6 using the style of a recognized industry expert to support Windows/DOS cross platform development. Did specific detail program design and coding on several new modules.

Independent Consultant

, Leavenworth, KS

1998 2000

Wessyx Inc. Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained software in support of a professional recruiting and placement company using Visual FoxPro and SQL Server. Advised and assisted the company in the migration to a Windows based platform from a legacy Apple Macintosh platform. 
Enhanced and developed support software for a satellite TV marketing company using FoxPro DOS 2.6. Developed several new user interfaces and program modules for a membership information system. Developed utility programs to maintain the company's FoxPro-based DBMS.

Programmer Analyst - Consultant

Source Consulting, Overland Park, KS

Dec 1994Jul 1995

Yellow Logistics. Was solely responsible for the design and development of a pharmaceutical "reverse" logistics system for the logistics division of a major freight company. Was written to support multiple users running on a Novell local area network (LAN). Specific responsibilities included the analysis and documentation of end user requirements, the subsequent system design, detailed program design, coding, testing, and implementation. The system was implemented using FoxPro Windows 2.6. 
Yellow Logistics. Performed the role of analyst/senior programmer for a return parts management system. Managed the system through the complete system development lifecycle as well as the development of support modules for a commercial warehouse application (Neptune Warehouse Management Software). This system was also implemented using FoxPro Windows 2.6.

Software Engineer

International Tours and Cruises, Mission, KS

Jan 1992Dec 1994

Planned the development of a proposed custom accounting system to market within the travel industry. 
Researched, acquired, and integrated third-party application software company-wide to enhance the value and usability of existing information systems. 
Managed multiple systems through the entire systems development life cycle. Systems include: 
Universal Report System. FoxPro DOS 2.0. Provided multi-user access to all company reports. Utilized a simple point-and-click interface. Included a security subsystem for usage authorization and monitoring. Each report was supplemented with an in-depth narrative. Later version included "smart" printer selection. 
Computerized Reservation System (CRS) Interfaces. FoxPro DOS 2.0. Were used to initiate, transfer and translate data messages from CRS hosts (major airlines in the United States). Message data was disseminated into the company's accounting system and used to update statistics. Completed three interfaces. Two interfaces were developed from scratch (Apollo and Sabre) and one was re-engineered from an existing interface (WorldSpan). 
Corporate Budget Application. FoxPro DOS 2.0. Was developed rapidly in response to new company policy. Utilized by management as an analysis tool, it provided both individual and consolidated office views/reports. 
Accounting System Interface. FoxPro DOS 2.0. Provided accounting and marketing personnel with an efficient means of accounting system interaction. Data was derived from the CRS interfaces and programmatic links to the company's SBT accounting system. The system maintained statistical data for Companies, Clients, Agents, Accounts, Destinations, Node Offices, Products, Vendors, Car Rentals, Cruises, Flights, Hotels, and Tours.


AAS (Deferred) in Computer and Information Science

KCK Community College, Kansas City, KS

Programmer/Analyst Course, Fort Gordon, GA

Software Engineering Courses

McDonnell Douglas Automation Company, St. Louis, MO

Automation Courses

Wang Laboratories, Inc, Berlin


Visual C#, T-SQL, Visual FoxPro, PowerShell, Regular Expressions Visual Studio (to include SQL Data Tools), Team Foundation Server, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Profiler, Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, VMware, RDP .NET Framework, SQL Server, IIS, WPF, WCF, SSRS, ASP.NET MVC Web API, LINQ, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Unity, Prism, TPL, CSLA (ORM), Log4Net, VSTO, COM, ODBC, ADO, EDI, UML Agile Methodology

Additional Information

Security Clearance  
1988 - 1991  
Top Secret/Secret Compartmented Information 
Issued by the U.S. Army
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