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Houston, TX

Work Experience


Martin Marietta Materials,

Jun 2011Current

  • Weigh master for MMM and CENTURY asphalt scale house Weigh bobtail and end dump tractor trailer material dump trucks.
  • Communicate with all supervisors and employees to ensure efficacy throughout all Houston operations
  • Communicate with costumers for MMM and provide excellent customer service to all clientele
  • Frontend-loader operator for MMM duties include loading material into dump truck for dispatch as well as using heavy equipment to build and organize stockpiles on material yards
  • Operate computer programs to operator material scale (SELTEC) for weighing out dump trucks
  • Supervise crew during operations as well as supervising safety procedures on jobsites
  • Process information on usage reports for all inventory on various sights impute safety data reports for operations
  • Perform duties as Water truck driver and sweeper truck driver to maintain clean yard and to control hazardous dirt and dust to comply with city ordinance
  • Unload train cars from UNION PACIFIC and BNSF railroad. Operate vibrator piston to loosen up materials on train cars.Unload into material pits and feed into conveyor belts and onto stacker for stockpiling material on to jobsite operating bay doors of material cars on train, setting up conveyor belts and setting timing and speed of stackers and feeders. operate train engine to position train to unload material cars into material pits

heavy equipment operator/ crane operator

United States Navy Seabees,

Jan 2006Current

Oilfield Construction Worker / Equipment Operator

Sturgeon and Son Inc., Bakersfield, CA

Jan 2008Jan 2011

  • Diligent worker for Sturgeon &Son Inc. and AERA; recognized for exemplary work and attention to details on special projects, grading, drilling and Investment Recovery Teams (IRT)
  • Licensed to operate front-end loader, backhoe, roller, bobcat, dump truck, 15 and 20 ton tractor trailer, scissor-lift, 11k, 12k and 4k forklift, as well as a number of other company vehicles.
  • Safety representative for S&S Inc. for drainage crews
  • Provided maintenance for diesel equipment operated, pre-planned, including earthworks calculations, land surveying
  • Supervised crews and worked on roadway, grading, and excavation projects, operated heavy construction equipment machinery for horizontal projects on AERA lease; Ventura Ca.
  • Processed permits, application forms, cost analysis, safety reports, and mishap reports, for projects.
  • Performed engine maintenance services for cars and trucks, company vehicles.
  • Pre-plan, perform calculations & responsible for millions of dollars of equipment, personnel, and personal vehicles; while providing exceptional customer service for contractors.
  • Supervise crew during duration of projects to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • Cut and recycle co-rod from pumping units and replaced well heads and gauges for Investment Recovery Team
  • Set forms, pour concrete, finish concrete on V-ditch projects and drainage channels on roadside
  • Installed polypro drainage pipes, install conduits, installed roadside posts and pillars on all AERA Lease road projects.
  • Provided services for commercial, coordinated with engineers to gain compliance with oilfield regulations; acquired AERA permits and application forms for all S&S Inc. projects
  • Provided customer care for S&S Inc. to all contractors from initial contact handling and planning and completion; conferred with AERA and Subcontractors; coordinated construction work and cost analysis.
  • Trained in first aid and evacuation techniques in case of natural gas and fire/explosion emergencies while on projects.

9902 Early Spring Court * Houston, TX.77064 * Cell 832.655.6146

Equipment Operator

United States Navy Seabees, Port Hueneme, CA

Jan 2006Jan 2010

presently serving(RESERVES)
  • Known as hard charger who advanced from E-1 to E-5 in five years. Meritoriously awarded advancement in boot camp for leadership, initiative, and standing out above and beyond call of duty.
  • Licensed to operate motor-grader, front-end loader, excavator, skip-loader, bull dozer, roller, bobcat mini-loader with auger attachment, asphalt mixer, terminal mixer cement truck, batch plant concrete mixer, dump truck, 15 and 20 ton tractor trailer, water truck, scissor-lift, 12k and 4k forklift, as well as a number of other tactical military vehicles.
  • Provided maintenance for diesel equipment operated, ; pre-planned demolitions, including earthworks calculations, land surveying and cost analysis.
  • Supervised crews and subcontractors; operated heavy construction equipment machinery for commercial/ military housing and horizontal projects worth millions of dollars.
Processed permits, application forms and reports for military projects.
MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS Houston, TX AGGREGATE:limestone, granite, & manufactured sand

Auto Technician


Feb 2003Jan 2005

  • Performed gasoline and diesel engine maintanece services for cars and trucks, commercial and private vehicles. Knowledgeable on general vehicle engine layout & automotive lubrication care, filter and hose repair, tire care, car and truck battery, general vehicle electrical layout, brake systems, alternators and starter installations, shocks and struts, exhaust and muffler care.
  • Pre-plan, perform calculations & responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and personal vehicles while providing exceptional customer service.
  • Operate computer programs which include electrical and mechanical calculation for diagnostic repairs.
  • Supervise crew during vehicle maintance to ensure efficiency.
  • Process permits, application forms and bank reports for cost analysis purposes.


Pacific Designs Architectural Services,

Aug 1994 2003

  • Provided services for commercial and residential projects, coordinated with architect to gain compliance with city regulations; acquired building permits and application forms
  • Provided customer care, contract sales from initial contact handling and planning; conferred with Structural Engineers and Subcontractors; coordinated construction work and cost analysis.
Outstanding Customer Service Award 2007 Chandigarh investments inc. Meritorious Advancement Award, U.S. Navy Outstanding Seabee of the Month September 2007 Employee of the Month Wal-Mart 2003 AERA Award for outstanding work Ethics 2009 Nominated for junior Seabee of the quarter 2010 Seabee Combat Warfare Qualified 2010 (USN) Outstanding Mechanic and Sale Representative, Wal-mart T.L.E. 2004
Auto Mechanics ~ Vehicle restoration ~ Sports enthusiast ~ Motorcycle riding
Sailing ~ Exercise/ Fitness ~ World History Buff ~ Photographer

Construction Worker

data com, Houston, TX

Apr 2002Sep 2002

  • Installed fiber optics cable and cat 6 and cat 12 information line install conduits, and power converter boxes, install commercial grade electronics i.e. TV's and scoreboards for luxury boxes, to the new football stadium in Houston, Texas for Father Time production and Data Com Enterprises.



Texas A&M International University Laredo, Sun Prairie, WI

NCCCO crane operator-rigging-signalperson in crane operator/ heavy equipment operator

ATS, Sun Prairie, WI


Certificate in Facilities and Engineering

United States Navy Center for Seabees, Fort Leonard Wood, MO



heavy equipment operator/ crane operator / rigger-signalperson

Additional Information

Computer skills: Microsoft Word Power Point Photo Shop
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