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Financial Management Specialist

Leavenworth, KS

Work Experience

Financial Management Specialist

Central Plains CPAC, Leavenworth, KS

Sep 2011Current

Financial Mgmt Specialist 
Salary: $47,488 Veterans Affairs 
Krista Huadalla (913) 578-9354 Leavenworth, KS 66048 
My duties are to serve as a Financial Management Specialist for the Central Plains CPAC 
covering VISN 15, 19, 23 comprising 21 facilities. I am assigned in the organization of the Chief Operating Officer serving as a Financial Account Specialist. As a Financial 
Account Specialist I am responsible for providing expert technical authority on matter 
relating to financial analysis and reporting of patient accounts. I implement and manage 
all aspects of financial analysis and reporting on patient account activities greater than 
five thousand dollars for all insurance and refunds claims. I establish strategic goals and objectives for the Accounts Management Department ensuring that these fulfill both 
client and CPAC needs. I provide the necessary guidance and assistance to management on activities involved in analyzing the fiscal positions of each CPAC client. I monitor 
information and analytical systems to evaluate and enhance the quality of service 
provided to our veteran clients. I create and utilize information systems to provide 
analytical and reporting capabilities and additionally evaluate the information needs in order to develop appropriate report content, timing, format and delivery. I create 
reporting applications and develop ad-hoc financial, statistical and performance reports. I 
develop training processes that keep abreast of agency updates as they pertain to process 
improvement, regulation or policy guidance which support the implementation of CPAC 
Annual Work Plan. I consistently maintain a 98% compliance rating for Quality 
Assurance audit inspections randomly performed monthly. I review directives, policies and guidelines pertaining to administrative practices and procedures in order to be aware of new or revised processing requirements. I ensure the confidentially of the patients is 
always protected in accordance with VA regulations, Privacy Act and the Freedom of 
Information Act. 
Work Experience

Accounting Technician

Florida Caribbean CPAC, Orlando, FL

Feb 2009Current

02/09/2009 - Present Accounting Technician 
Salary: $41,377 Veterans Affairs 
Yvonne Manning (407) 622-4007 Orlando, FL 32803 
My duties are to serve as an Accounting Technician for the Florida Caribbean CPAC 
VISN 8. I am assigned to the Accounts Receivable (AR) Department responsible for proactive payment analysis, payment postings, accounts receivable follow up and 
analysis of third party billed receivables. I review, analyze, and draft replies for inquires from customers, organizations and insurance companies. I perform analysis of the suspense and action item list researching claims for overpayment, prepare documents for 
refunds vouchers to insurance carriers, and decrease residuals for closeout of accounts. I 
have knowledge of revenue programs and processes to accomplish reconciliations, third 
party collection from third party insurance companies, discretionary medical care co- payments, prescription co-payments, insurance firm liaison and worker compensation 
ineligibles. I assist the Lead Accounting Technician by providing necessary information, 
data reports, research of concepts and topics, recommendations for process improvement and administrative decisions involving the workflow. I analyze payments to ensure the maximum benefit is received from all claims. I ensure all recoveries involving 
reimbursable insurance co-payments are promptly and appropriately applied to the patients account in a manner that is consistent with VA procedures, rules, regulations, 
policies and laws. I review directives, policies and guidelines pertaining to administrative 
practices and procedures in order to be aware of new or revised processing requirements. 
I ensure the confidentially of the patients is always protected in accordance with VA 
regulations, Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

Accounting Technician

Fiscal Department, Orlando, FL

Jun 2008Feb 2009

Salary: $38,049 Veterans Affairs 
Victor Cruz Jr. Orlando, FL 32803 
My duties are to serve as an Accounting Technician in the Fiscal Department of the 
Orlando VA Medical Center responsible for clerical, assistant, and technician work in support of budget, accounting, auditing fiscal and/or financial management functions. I 
am tasked to examine, verify and maintain financial accounts, accounting data, classify 
accounting transactions including the verification of the accuracy and completeness of the accounting data. I make determinations of the general ledger accounts, journals, 
subsidiary accounts affected, and the debit and credit entries to be made. I summarize 
transactions and prepare control documents or other posting documents reflecting the entries to be made. I manage General Post Funds, Allotments, and Obligations to ensure 
all financial commitments are entered into the FMS system accurately. I am also 
responsible for obligation of purchased supplies and services as they relate to medical 
care required by the medical center. I establish and maintain suspense files for reconciliation of undelivered orders. I review delivery orders and often construct written 
correspondence to vendors requesting additional information when required. Ensured 
payments to vendors are authorized only after proper receipt of goods and services has 
been received.

Claims Assistant

Fee Basis Department of the Jackson, Jackson, MS

Feb 2003Jun 2008

Salary: $31,802 Veterans Affairs 
David Lack (601) 984-1296 Jackson, Ms 39216 
My duties are to serve as a Claims Assistant in the Fee Basis Department of the Jackson 
VA Medical Center responsible for retrieving data via mail, VISTA and CPRS systems, 
entering authorizations/funds approval, processed HISA (Home Improvement Structural 
Alterations) claims, Time Clerk for C&P doctors and researched veterans C&P claim 
information. I was designated point of contact for veterans returning from Iraqi Freedom. 
I researched and verified veterans' medical information for claims submitted for exposure to Agent Orange, Radiation and other associated illnesses. I ensured medical claims were 
properly coded for processing, and data for medical records were accurate to assist the process. I frequently consulted with veterans to provide (when needed) a complete 
understanding of the VA C&P process. I also requested medical records from non VA 
facilities to review out patient medical treatment to ensure proper coding and billing was 
accurate. I use my knowledge of the various types of third party billable insurances to ensure proper documentation and information is forwarded to MCCF. I review veterans 
CPRS file, determine which insurance is present and forward insurance information on those patients whose insurance is valid and appropriate for Federal billing purposes. This 
screening process has helped maximize MCCF reimbursement collection efforts. I was 
required to recognize claims subject to Millennium Guidelines and distinguish from claims subject to other entitlements or eligibility categories. I also re-routed misdirected 
claims as appropriate. Congressional inquiries received through the mail were handled as top priority to provide an immediate response so the initiators were able to respond to the 
veteran promptly. I assisted our administrative requirements by performing record 
keeping duties, processing monthly reports, creating spreadsheets and daily 
receipt/distribution of mail for the service. I also frequent veterans assistance via phone 
conversation providing information regarding payment/nonpayment concerns, accuracy of medical procedure performed, and established potential date for final payment.

Customer Account Rep

University Of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS

Aug 1999Jan 2003

08/99 - 01/03 Customer Account Rep 
Salary: 23,067 University Medical Mississippi 
Paul Parker (601) 984-5600 Jackson, MS 39216 
My duties are to serve as a Customer Account Representative in the Pediatrics 
Department for the University Of Mississippi Medical Center; I worked in an out patient 
medical department that contained eight (8) clinics and sixteen (16) providers. I 
maintained a weekly schedule for all assigned physicians rotating shifts between two 
facilities. I also performed the following tasks: patient's check-in/out, ordering lab, CT 
scans, MRI exams, other nuclear medicine scans, processing medical claims, posting 
payments for doctors by CPT and ICD codes. I was responsible for initiating and carrying out a variety of administrative, clerical and technical support duties. I was the administrative assistant in support of patient care in one or more inpatient and outpatient 
clinics areas at the facility. I had a wide range of clients, which included, but was not 
limited to Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, vendors, housewives, students and many more. My 
primary functions include, posting funds to proper accounts for payment and providing 
accurate documentation for money expended. I talked directly to clients while assisting 
them with their accounting needs. I reviewed and analyzed outpatient records to ensure 
accurate documentation was consistent and complete according to UMC and JACHO 
requirements. I was required to review and screen entire medical records to abstract 
medical, surgical, laboratory, pharmaceutical demographic, social and administrative 
data. This method is referred to as scraping for Invision to Signature which verified that 
insurance information was correct and crossed to the billing system and performed daily. 
I ensured all diagnoses and procedures that may impact the facility's reimbursement 
process were identified and documented by the provider and sequenced correctly and coded accurately with ICD-9 and CPT codes to diagnoses and procedures in the medical 

As a Correctional Officer

Department of Corrections, Pearl, MS

Jun 1995Jul 1999

Salary: $ 29,000 Central Mississippi Hwy 468 
Edie Winkle (601) 932-2880 Pearl, MS 39208 
Upon completion of 4 week Correctional Training Academy, I was assigned to the 
Female Inmate Receiving Unit Mississippi Correctional Facility Pearl, MS. My duties 
included Corrections Officer participation in the day-to-day operations of the jail which 
included booking and releasing offenders, issue Inmate Identification Cards with their 
identification number, finger printing recording, complete/investigate inmate violation 
reports prior to submission for Warden hearings, maintaining security of the inmate 
records, manage inmate general behavior in assigned duty areas, escorting offenders within and /or outside the secure perimeter of the jail and security of the correctional 
facility as assigned. As Correctional Officers we worked a variety of rotating shifts, as well as rotation of positions, and performed other duties as assigned or required. 
Correctional Officers worked 40 hours weekly and may additionally be required to work up to 16 hours on mandatory overtime within a pay-period. As Correctional Officers we 
must acquire and maintain throughout employment all requisite First Aid, CPR, 
Defensive Tactic, Firearm, and Bloodborne / Airborne pathogen qualifications and certifications during the normal training cycles. 
I was responsible for direct supervision of inmate work crews, maintaining security within the housing areas of the jail, random or scheduled housing and cell searches, 
effectively managed volatile and violent offenders, and fulfilled a number of administrative and clerical duties. Administrative assignments included efficient and 
accurate completion of Corrections paperwork including but not limited to: booking, 
medication, release records, reports; logs, requests, memos and rosters. We also assisted in some clerical and reception work to support facility programs when clerical staff is 
unavailable. As a Correction Officer I was proficient in the operation a variety of equipment, including computers, printers, FAX and fingerprint machines, digital imaging 
computers, physical restraint devices, firearms, radios, fire extinguishers, intercom 
systems, telephones, and various equipment found in the Central Control Booth. 
I was required to communicate verbally in writing and effectively with a varied 
population of offenders, including individuals from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. This often included persons for whom English was not a primary 
language, persons with developmental and learning disorders, and individuals with a 
wide variety of psychiatric and physical disorders. As Corrections Officers we were 
trained medically to accurately dispense prescription medications to offenders during medication delivery, check the accuracy of medical orders listed on medication sheets and packets. We were tasked to remove the correct medication dose, observe the offender 
taking the medication, and record the medication dose taken on a medication report sheet. 
As a Correctional Officer on 24 hour call we were required to appropriately respond to all 
emergencies at the facility, which may include any of the following: Offender assaults, 
fires, riots, offender disturbances, explosions, natural disasters, and hostage conditions. I 
would immediately and appropriately respond to control these circumstances. This often 
required the use of appropriate levels of force through physical management of combative, volatile, hostile and assaultive offenders. I was trained to react quickly and 
calmly to emergency situations; make effective decisions while in stressful situations and circumstances; and be able to manage disruptive, explosive, violent and potentially 
assaultive offenders, through the use of both verbal and physical control practices.


South Jones High School,



Jones Community College,


Hinds Community College,

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