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Huntsville, AL


  • Over 16 years of industry experience in software architecture, system analysis, design, development, testing and in project and program management. More than 14 years of US experience.
  • Pragmatic experience in network/element management and operation support systems (EMS/NMS/OSS).
  • Experience in Agile methodology, SCRUM and VersionOne
  • Strong understanding of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Discipline - Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk Management, Procurement
  • Creative thinker and analytical problem-solver with strong business analysis, requirements gathering and documentation skills to deliver creative solutions and products to customers
  • Highly organized and process oriented professional with extensive experience in driving project phases such as design, development, test, deployment and production support
  • Effectively manage multiple projects using organizational skills and utilizing project management methodologies to deliver on time and on budget
  • Extensive experience in SOA, DAO and MVC architecture
  • Managed onsite and off-shore teams for concurrent software development
  • Experience in IEEE (802.3ah) and TR 69, TR101, GR909 standards
  • Serving as a Director (volunteer role) at PMI North Alabama Chapter

Work Experience

Architect/Technical Manager

ADTRAN USA, Huntsville, AL

Jan 2003Current

Huntsville, AL Jan 03 - Present
Project: Advanced Operational Environment Jan 11 - Present
The Advanced Operational Environment (AOE) leverages ADTRAN's management experience and volumes of management data to provide a service-oriented interface. It transforms the traditional operational environment from configuration and provisioning to a service oriented approach. It provides end to end service management, service activation and assurance, capacity management and service monitors.
Environment: Java (JDK 1.6), Swing, EJB, Dorado, Flex 3, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA 7, XML, SNMP, TL1, MySQL, Windows XP/Vista/7, Solaris 10, JBoss 4, ActiveMQ 3.2.2, Struts 2, Ant, Versant

As an Architect/Technical Manager:
  • Architected the Service Designer and Service Activator tools for defining Service Templates and activating broadband services (data, video and voice - GR303, SIP and MGCP) on GPON/Ethernet
  • Used SOA, DAO and MVC to develop the server side, DB access and dynamic UI generation modules
  • Lead, mentor the team members and cross-train them across major modules
  • Managed and worked with offshore teams to design and develop UI using Flex/Action Script and AMF
  • Develop Struts actions and various service modules to perform the service bundle activation
  • Designed Service Check - diagnostic tool for troubleshooting and offering recommendations/insights
  • Designed Service Monitor for proactive reporting of customer bandwidth SLA and Y.1731 OAM PM
  • Agile software development using Scrum and VersionOne for planning, tracking and reporting

Senior Engineering Project Manager

Aricent, USA,

Mar 2002Current

Architect/Technical Manager

ADTRAN - Total Access Element Management System, Huntsville, AL

Jul 2007Dec 2010

Designed GUI screens for GPON OLT/ONT provisioning and triple-play service.
  • Designed Active Ethernet OLT broadband and triple play including GR303 & TR08, SIP and MGCP
  • Led the offshore India team during development and testing.
  • Designed and developed DS1 and DS3 BERT Test/Loopback screens and GR909 tests
  • Designed and implemented EFM Bridge, Group provisioning, EFM Group status and PM screens
  • Developed Bad Splice Detection screen to provide the splice details with the distance and counts
  • Support major customers like AT&T on OC48, OC12 and OC3 products
  • Designed and developed GUI for Pseudowire (PWE3) provisioning, status and counters in the EMS
  • Worked with the firmware team to design the SNMP interface and create MIBs
  • Support the Product Qualification (PQ) testing

Architect / Lead Developer

Total Access Element Management System, Huntsville, AL

Jan 2003Dec 2010

EMS) is an all-JAVA application that provides configuration, performance, network assurance, accounting, and security functions for ADTRAN's Total Access systems. Total Access EMS is based on the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) architecture that features open systems and a hardened infrastructure to support high-performance, large-application solutions. The system contains an application server, DB, ADTRAN EMS server, mediation agent, and a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The system also provides a development environment and open APIs for easy integration with legacy systems.

Architect/Lead Developer

Aricent, USA,

Jan 2006Jun 2006

Total Access EMS Release B01, B02, B03 Jan 06 - Jun 06
In Total Access EMS release B01, the WebLogic application server was replaced by JBoss. In B01 and B02, the Total Access 5000 multi-service access and aggregation products (MSAP) were integrated into the EMS.

As an Architect/Lead Developer:
  • Worked on the integration of OC-48 multiplexer with the support of 48 STS1 cross-connects (2.4 Gbps)
  • Architected the SNMP interface between EMS and OC48
  • Proposed new features/ideas to alleviate the lingering problems in the SNMP support for Opti-6100 NE
  • Designed and implemented STS12c, STS3c, STS1, VT1.5 Ethernet, non Ethernet and Pass-through cross-connects using tributary modules like DS3M3E, DS1VME, ETHM
  • Integrated the OC12 2nd Gen Multiplexer with support of 12 STS1 cross-connects (622 Mbps)
  • Resolved the OC12 inter-op issues with Fujitsu Flashwave GNE
  • Worked on the integration of TA 5000 DS1 Voice Gateway 32-Port to provide POTS service via GR303
  • Developed 28 switch and 32 Physical T1 provisioning GUI screens using Java Swing
  • Developed TMC, EOC and Q.931 Status, protection switching and GR303 Test GUI screens in the EMS
  • Developed Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) provisioning screens using Java Swing
  • Added automatic software upgrade support through TFTP
  • Created design verification test (DVT) plan

Lead Developer

ADTRAN, USA, Huntsvile, AL

Jan 2005Dec 2005

Worked on the integration of the first SDH multiplexer card (STM-4 SNCP) into the EMS
  • Implemented all the provisioning, status, PM, , test and physical topology GUI screens using Swing
  • Designed and developed GUI screens for VC-3, VC-12 and pass-through mappings
  • Added support for the retrieval of all the provisioning data through System Configuration Archive (SCA)
  • Added server side automatic software upgrade support through TFTP
  • Implemented server side device templates for pushing parameters across multiple SHDSL ports
  • Integrated OC12 UPSR/OPTI 6100 Terminal and Add/Drop multiplexer into the EMS
  • Developed provisioning, status, path trace, test, and protection configuration GUI screens in the EMS
  • Designed and developed GUI screens for STS3c, STS1 and VT mappings
  • Designed ReportsPlus MySQL database schema for STS3c, STS1 and VT mappings
  • Implemented POJOs to update the DB for real-time operations like creating and deleting VT mappings
  • Implemented logic for retrieving the VT mappings from the DB
  • Prepared System Test and Design Validation Test (DVT) cases

Lead Developer

ADTRAN, USA, Huntsville, AL

Jan 2003Dec 2004

Developed GR-303 Switch (Interface Group) provisioning using Java Swing
  • Developed GUI screens for provisioning, test and PM modules for TDM STS-1 and DS3 Mux and IMA
  • Developed an alarm enable/disable feature for TDM Access Modules: Quad SHDSL and Quad DSX
  • Developed discovery and resync modules for OPTI-MX chassis/cards (DS1, DS3, VT1.5, DS3/EC1, ETHM)
  • Added server side alarm processing logic for all the cards
  • Developed provisioning and performance monitoring modules of OMM-3 Mux card (OC-3)
  • Implemented physical inventory report for the both network and shelf level using Java (JTable)
  • Worked on the integration of OPTI-MX SONET OC-3 multiplexer to the Total Access EMS
  • Implemented a feature that allows the EMS users to store unique circuit ids in EMS database
  • Developed discovery, resync and database structure for HDX system for upto 6 shelves and 1344 ports.
  • Development of an XML based discovery for TA3000 DSAM and HDX
  • Wrote Design Validation Test (DVT) cases for cards and tested the EMS

Nuwave EMS

Xtera Communications, USA, Allen, TX

Mar 2002Dec 2002

Allen, TX
Project: Nu-Wave EMS Mar 02 - Dec 02
Nu-Wave EMS is a centralized, workstation based management system that provides element as well as sub-network management. It provides FCAPS features such as Fault, Configuration, Performance Monitoring and Security. Sub-network management provides control and monitoring of end-to-end optical links. The other features include redundant architecture, CORBA interface to the NE, TL1 interface for direct entry, common GUI between the EMS and the Craft and CORBA northbound interface. It can manage up to 500 network elements.

Environment: VisiBroker 5, CORBA, AdventNet, Java, JDBC, C++, Oracle 9i, Windows 2000, Solaris 8
As a Developer:
  • Design and development of the release 2 fault management features: NE security alarms/events, centralized batch delivery to the client, and changed attributes logging for NE db/state change events
  • Added release 2 alarms/events to alarm/event history, alarm propagation and alarm synchronization
  • Developed the multiple NE version support for fault management, NE software download/back up and data communication (OSC, OSPF, LAN, RS232)
  • Implemented the release 2 CORBA IDL changes for FM, software download/back up and DCN modules.
  • Migrated connection manager (CM) module from C++/CORBA to Java/CORBA.
  • Ported NE software download/backup module to use persistence framework
  • Maintenance and support for release 1.1 fault management
  • Wrote software integration test (SWIT) cases for fault and admin
  • Performed SWIT for fault and admin modules using NE simulator and real NE

Tech Lead

JMA IT Inc, Overland Park, KS

Nov 1999Dec 2001

Sprint ION is a single, intelligent network that can provide integrated voice, video and data services with virtually unlimited bandwidth to its subscribers. ISA/FM is a fault management application that manages all the network elements of Sprint ATM, TDM, Frame Relay, and ION networks. It currently supports more than 30 different types of network elements from various vendors such as Cisco, Marconi, Nortel, Lucent and Telcordia. It receives the alarms from the network elements, stores them in Historical Oracle database and removes them from Netcool Event List Window once they are acknowledged by Network Administrators.

Software Engineer

JMA IT Inc, Overland Park, KS

Jul 1999Dec 2001

Team Lead

JMA IT Inc, Overland Park, KS

Oct 2000Jan 2001

Sprint Values Excellence award winner for May & Oct 2000 and Jan 2001

Environment: VisiBroker 3.4, Java 2, C, Perl, Netcool/Omnibus 3.4 (DMS Probe, Mttrapd Probe, Object Server, Gateways), Impact, XML, Xerces 1.2, Win NT, Sun OS 5.6, HP 11, Non-Stop SQL (Tandem)

As a Team Lead:
  • Design and development of multi-threaded Java application to display the Mapci & Mtc command output
  • Design of Alarm Aggregator to collect alarms from DMS 250 switches using C++; used Singlteon
  • Designed and developed a separate FM system for MAN that comprises of Cisco 15454 in SONET OC-N
  • Development of Netcool/Impact policies for removing alarms from Netcool Event list window
  • Designed and developed java program to update switch data and to create XML file for Netcool/ISM
  • Design of Alarm Status, Threshold and CORBA IDL for accessing data from Non Stop SQL database
  • Developed Alarm Status GUI using Java Swing to access Non Stop database using CORBA
  • Designed CORBA IDL to get the data from external database through Impact CORBA DSA
  • Design of server application for the CORBA IDL using C++
  • Design and development of Check Switch Status using Java Swing.
  • Design and development of CORBA IDL for an interface between FM and Non Stop SQL database
  • Development of port status application to detect the problems using Perl and SNMP
  • Design and development of Time Sync using C and SNMP to sync ASX4000, Vector and Cisco 12012
  • Developed TrapGenerator script to generate SNMP traps/alarms for testing using Tcl/Tk and SNMP

Software Engineer

Informix Software, Lenexa, KS

Jul 1998Oct 1999

DataBlades consists of modules that plug into the Informix Universal Server. It contains user defined data types and user defined functions that operate on the data. It was developed on a Solaris and ported to other Unix/NT.
  • Ported Excalibur Text 1.11.UC1 and Geodetic 2.12.UC2 DataBlade from Solaris 2.5 to IRIX 6.2 (SGI)
  • Ported Video 1.20.UC1B1 DataBlade from Solaris 2.5 to HP 10.20
  • Ported a few DataBlade modules from Solaris 2.5 to other Unix platforms
  • Developed an issues management system using Java, Informix JDBC driver (Native protocol - pure Java driver) and Informix. It stores, tracks and updates the issues
  • Tested the DataBlades with Informix Universal Server (ORDBMS) on HP & SGI
  • Developed a few DataBlades Y2K tests with Informix Universal Server using C++ and ESQL.
  • Tested DataBlades for Y2K with Informix Universal Server (ORDBMS)
  • Used Clearcase for source code version control in Informix
  • Developed an internal workflow management system using HTML, JSP, Docbasic and Documentum

Software Engineer

Group Ipex Inc, Lafayette, CA

Jul 1998Jun 1999

Programmer Analyst

DSQ Software Ltd,

Mar 1997May 1998

Network Management product, Open DIOSA

DSQ Software Ltd,

Mar 1997May 1998

Mar 97 - May 98
Configuration Management System was part of a Network Management product, Open DIOSA, which was available in both UNIX and Windows NT platforms. The Configuration Management System stored all the information about the network components in a database, retrieved the information from the database and passed the information to the other processes. The system also provided facilities to set triggers to update DB.
Environment: NEC UNIX (EWS), C, Pro*C, Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 7.3, Visual C++ 4.2.
  • Preparation of User Requirement Documents (URD) and Detail Design Documents (DDD).
  • Designed and developed the modules for the addition of tables in the back-end.
  • Design and development of the modules using Windows 32 API and a Windows NT service.
  • Implemented and prepared the test cases and then tested at the client's location (NEC Corp., Japan).
  • Used socket(), bind(), accept(), listen(), connect(), select() system calls.


DC ELCOT Software Ltd,

May 1996Mar 1997

I worked on Stock Market Transaction System, Mutual Funds System and Brokerage Accounts System projects.
Environment: SCO UNIX v 4.2, C++, OOP, Sybase system 10, Sybase DB Library, X-Motif
  • Primarily developed the communication modules using TCP/IP socket programming and IPC using shared memory and Message Queues
  • Designed and developed the modules for the addition of tables in the back-end.
  • Developed the user interactive components using X-Motif.


M.S. in Engineering Management

University of Kansas,

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering

Bharathidasan University,


NMS, EMS, OSS Java, J2EE, SNMP, TL1, XML, SQL, Oracle, JBoss, PMP, SCJP

Additional Information

Technical Skills 
Hardware: Sun 10 to 480, Sun Fire 4800, HP 3000 to 9000, INTEL PC, NEC Express 5800 
Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, HP, IRIX, AIX, DEC, SCO, NEC UNIX, Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7 
Languages: Java, C, C++, XML, UML, Servlets, JSP, Flex 3, Action Script 3 
Application Server: WebLogic 5.1, WebSphere 4, Jboss 4.0.2 
IDE: Jbuilder 7, Forte for Java 4, Intellij IDEA 7, Flex Builder 3, Eclipse 
Database: Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Versant, MySQL 
Middleware: Struts 2, Hibernate, CORBA, VisiBroker 5, JDBC, ESQL/C, Pro C/C++, ActiveMQ 
Scripts: Shell Scripts, Perl, Tcl/Tk 
Protocols: SNMP, TL/1, PDS Schneider, TCP/IP 
Packages: Netcool/Omnibus 3.4, AdventNet, Dorado (RedCell), Ethereal, Ant, VersionOne 
Networks: ATM, SONET, Frame Relay, TDM, SS7, DWDM, Ethernet, POTS 
Version Control: Star Team, Clearcase, PVCS, VSS
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