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Oracle Database Administrator

Lucas, TX


Oracle Database and Legal e-discovery support

Work Experience

Oracle Database Administrator

Diligent Consulting Inc, San Antonio, TX

Mar 2011Current

Project: Air Force Recruiting Information Support System (AFRISS) (ACI) 
Direct, plan, coordinate, and organize current and future operational tasks to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and 24/7 data availability for more than 4300 worldwide AF recruiters, managers, and support staff. Serve as primary information technology program manager for all database initiatives; design of database structures; architectures; configurations; migrations; backup & recovery; security; integration and testing; and systems implementation. Optimize database performance through in-depth analysis of internal operations, processes and Input/Output (I/O) bottlenecks. Create, maintain, and synchronize multiple databases using cloning, hot standby, and export/import techniques. Load balance data storage objects and file systems. Routinely improve poorly performing queries utilizing industry standard optimization techniques. Support e-discovery by both Plantiff and Defendant attorneys for possible litigation.

Database Administrator / PL/SQL Developer

AT&T Wireless,

Dec 2010Feb 2011

Planning for quick creation of new development instances, and integration testing instances, backup and recovery using replication software and base-lining with production instances. 
Trained on Informatica ETL and Business Objects for the Data Warehouse.

Database Administrator / PL/SQL Developer

STS Inc,

Jan 2009Dec 2010

Worked on Air Force Medical Systems as a DBA and PL/SQL developer to migrate a web-application which is used to monitor Air Force Field Service Personnel's psychiatric needs from Oracle 9i to Oracle11g. Participated in the DIACAP security approval process for 3 systems, the primary system is the Air Force Medical Records System for all the Military including retirees. Worked with the Cohort group to assist in their DIACAP process. Developed ETL different Air Force Medical Systems for updating the CIB Data Warehouse. Developed triggers and procedures for loading daily and weekly data from the Air Force Medical Centers to the CIB Data Warehouse. Tuned current CIB Data Warehouse applications by optimizing the SQL, adding additional indexes and partitioning the large tables. Performed some design modifications to speed up the system which has databases located at 90+ military hospitals and clinics world-wide. Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Coded new packages and modified existing packages in the Patient Datawarehouse. Built new databases and Cloned others using RMAN. (Worked in San Antonio while attending Law School in the evening.)

Project Architect

Aquilent Inc,

Sep 2008Jan 2009

Worked with Air Force Medical Systems as a Project Architect to Design an enterprise solution for Air Force Population Health Studies. Utilized Oracle Enterprise Linux as the platform with Oracle Enterprise Server 11g. Proposed SOA on Weblogic Server to connect to Hospitals and Clinics. Used RMAN for back and recovery.Project was then taken over by STS.

Database Administrator

Oracle Midwest SSC,

Dec 2007Sep 2008

Worked with Oracle Premium customers on installing and patching, and 11g Rdbms, RAC, and Enterprise Manager on all the supported platforms. Supported the Premium customers with severity 2 and severity 1 level errors (critical business impact and downed systems) on all major core RDBMS products and some application server (Midtier) products. Either provided consulting solutions to their problem(s) or worked with Oracle product development to repeat their problem and obtain either a patch to fix the problem or to request that Oracle product development produce a patch for their problem. Worked with the customer(s) to test the patch and ensure that it fixed their problem. For severity 1 errors, stayed with the customer(s) online until their system was back up and running. Customers included Fidelity, RIM, the IRS, the Air Force, and several major hospital billing systems. Worked with customers that had RAC and others that had single instance failover using streams or data guard.

Database Middle Tier Administrator

AAFES in Dallas, Dallas, TX

Feb 2005Dec 2007

Installed and supported Retek Software on multiple instances of 10gAS at AAFES on the AIX5L 64-bit platform. Developed cron scripts to monitor the application servers. Performed testing and debugging on Reports, Forms, and Java modules. Assisted Oracle in making changes to the Forms and to the Java code to improve the performance of Forms programs, Java routines, PLSQL packages and procedures. Reported to Metalink concerning bugs that were present and attempted to get patches for those bugs. Applied those patches which Oracle provided for the fixes and worked with the functional experts to test and assess the results from the patches. Migrated the fixes through out the software lifecycle. Implemented the system using multiple servers which were integrated with load balancers from Cisco. Utilized a round robin method to assign users via load balancers to application servers. Used the load balancers to route users around servers while performing maintenance on a 7x24 production environement. Had load balancers in the testing instances to enable maintenance and testing before migration to production. Utilized enterprise manager for management of the servers.

Independent Consultant

Pentagon for the Marines and Navy,

Dec 2004Feb 2005

Database Administrator 
Installed 10gAs infrastructure and 10gAs middle tiers on large-scale windows servers for project tracking at the Pentagon for the Marines and Navy. Reviewed their current structure and made suggestions on improvements to their implementation.

Database Portal Designer

The client was the US Army in New Jersey,

Nov 2004Dec 2004

Assisted in the migration of a 9iAS portal to 10g AS under HTTPS. The client was the US Army in New Jersey. HTTPS had to be implemented for all of the modules: HTTP, WebCache, Portal, OID, SSO, etc. in a quick implementation. I was requested to work 7 days a week until it was completed.

Database Administrator

Oct 2004Nov 2004

Installed and configured a 10g Database, 10gAS with Portal and Discoverer on a multi-CPU Microsoft 2003 Server system and performed a one-way interface between Oracle's LDAP (DIP server) and Microsoft's Active Directory. The client was an energy company in Kansas City. I developed a Portal Prototype for the regional offices.

Database Administrator / PL/SQL Developer

B2B Workforce for IBM at the Department of Energy,

Oct 2003Oct 2004

Worked as a member of an small team to architect a Portal and Discoverer Dashboard for the Managers of the Department of Energy to display the critical factors of each of their projects which were funded by Congress on a multi-year basis. The 10gAS Portal was written in PLSQL and Java and used Discoverer portlets to report from an Oracle financial Data Warehouse. This Dashboard not only displayed the critical factors for each project but also produced Management Alerts and Reports for the Program Managers based on the ranges that each manager wanted to set for the particular project. This allowed them to keep a handle on huge and small projects and enable the research labs working on the projects to progress at a satisfactory rate. 
This project was managed by IBM. The development system ran on Solaris and the production system was a combination of IBM AIX and Solaris. On the project, I was one of two portal architects who designed the architecture and assisted the Dept of Energy (DOE), in the installation of the 10G Application Server. We had an admin that was from the Dept of Energy that could execute our scripts with our support in the high security areas. Both architects then developed portal products in PLSQL and J2EE to perform Alerts and operational reports and graphs for the manager's programs. The two architects (myself included), installed and supported 10gAS on the development servers(Sun Hardware). Dept of Energy employees installed the products on AIX for the production system in a highly-secure area with our supervision. We supported the financial analysts (CPA'S) in the development of Discoverer reports for the management and tracking of projects by the high level project managers at the Department of Energy and the Senate committees which oversee the disbursement of funds to projects at the Department of Energy. 
The security was tied to Oracle LDAP and used PKI and https. Although our data could be sought publically and had no real need to be that secure, the security design was so well accepted, and sponsored by the Dept of Energy IS that it actually spawned a Dept of Energy wide project plan to utilize LDAP for all employees and contractors and thus included https, PKI, and fire walls in an effort to prevent hackers from damaging the system. 

Database Administrator/Portal Administrator

Service Portal for Human Resources,

Mar 2002Oct 2003

Project: Employee Self-Service Portal for Human Resources 
Involved in the entire Software Life Cycle from Design through Production. 
Assisted in installing the 9iAS and Oracle Portal. Architected, designed and Implemented a Human Resources Self-Service Portal for CTI Molecular Imaging , Inc of Knoxville, Tennessee. Integrated it with the current Microsoft LDAP for security. Did most of the Portal Development work myself in PLSQL and Java. Performed Knowledge Transfer for Corporation Employees so that they could take over their Portal Application at the completion of the project. Developed Portals for the three companies that make up the corporation. 
This project began as a 9iAS R2 project and then we were accepted into the Early Release program of 10gAS by Oracle. Being an Oracle Partner, we were given the early release to work with and implemented as soon as it became available and was stable enough. We migrated to the 10g AS early release and then to the first release of 10g AS.

Executive Vice-President, CTO Hencie Consulting, An Oracle Applications Implementation Partner

Apr 1996Sep 2002

Merged with Alt-M in Jul 2002) 
Period: Apr 1996 - Sep 2002: Vice-President/CTO/Consultant 
Responsible for 130 Oracle consultants. Evaluated New products in the IT industry, Built Prototype Solutions, Assisted in Selling new Solutions, Training Consultants on new Solution/products, Project Management, Piloted Projects using new solutions, Design & implement Portal Solutions for Worldwide Application. Presented White Papers at Hencie and at Oracle Conferences. Position involved being a Designer, DBA, and Project Manager. Worked at a number of Energy Companies and worked on Oracle Energy. Designed and developed a data warehouse module for Oracle Energy. 
Did the Technical Sales Presentation at Five customer sites for Portal Implementations and succeeded in gaining the business at three of the sites. The other two sites had already purchased other products and had scheduled other consulting firms to implement them before the presentation was made. 
Performed the DBA installations, Designed the Portal Products, and Managed the Portal Implementation projects at two of the sites.

Pipe Companies,

Jun 2002Jul 2002

Led the full life cycle of design through production of a Portal project to track pipes that are used for City Water mains in metroplexes and for oil and gas transportation. These pipes carry a number like a car's VIN and come with quality reports on metal contents, manufacturer, dates, etc.. These documents are associated to the pipes via a scanned label and the documents are presented over the Web using Oracle Portal running on 9iAS using Java and PLSQL portlets and LDAP for security. This makes the data available to purchasers, sales, legal firms, manufactures, etc on an as needed basis.

Also lead Pilot projects

SIL International,

Nov 2001Jun 2002

Period: Nov 2001 - Jun 2002: 
Project: Oracle Portal Solutions for Hencie Consulting 
Period: Nov 2000 - Mar 2001: 
Developed a Portal Corporate Repository for Hencie Consulting's Project Teams and its Customers. 
Also lead Pilot projects to implement new technologies and provided training for consultants to learn the new technologies. 
Trained three project teams to use the Portal and develop portals for Hencie and our customers.

Database Administrator/Portal Administrator

Sep 2001Mar 2002

Installed Oracle infrastructure and middle tiers containing Oracle Portal, and Oracle Intermedia. Developed a Custom Web Application for Alternate Marketing Solutions of Grand Rapids, Mi. for project tracking, project repository, and document searching. Implementation was on a series of Dell Servers using Red Hat Linux.

Oracle Consultant on Oracle Application Implementation Projects

Apr 1999Nov 2000

Utilized Designer, Developer, Discoverer and other Products to develop custom forms, reports, scripts, and repair and tune some of those from Oracle. Searched for needed patches and applied them when necessary. Interfaced with Oracle when necessary for product enhancements.

Repository Administrator

Oracle Corporation,

Oct 1998Mar 1999

Repository Administrator and Case Designer for Oracle Services during prototype of Oracle Energy Reserves Administration System

Consultant/Technical Systems Development

McGee E&P,

Sep 1997May 1998

Project: Kerr-McGee E&P 
Supported implementation of Oracle Production with interfaces and extensions and Oracle Energy Applications (Land, Production, Revenue, Market Accounting, Regulatory Reporting, GL, AP, AR, FA, PO, INV, Projects, Joint Interest Billing)

Consultant/Technical Systems Development

McGee Corporate,

Aug 1996Aug 1997

Project: Kerr-McGee Corporate / Chemical Project 
Technical systems developer on an Oracle Corporation managed project to implement Oracle Financials (GL, AP, FA, PA) 
Created custom extensions, reports and interfaces using Designer and Developer


St Mary's Law School, San Antonio, TX



Physics Olivet Nazarene College,

MS in Management and Administrative Sciences

University of Texas,

MS in Computer Science

University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Additional Information

  • LDAP (OID, LDAP, security plugins, PL/SQL interfaces to OID
  • Java Containers (Oracle OC4J, Jakarta Tomcat
  • Repository/DB (Oracle Collaboration Suite: IFS, Oracle Text, Intermedia Text Search
  • Web Servers (Apache, Internet Information Server (IIS), Weblogic Server, Oracle Web Server

Operating Systems
  • UNIX
  • AIX
  • Solaris
  • HPUX
  • Red Hat A.S.
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Windows
  • Oracle VM Manager

  • Oracle AIM
  • Oracle CDM
  • UML
  • SDLC
  • IBM's methodology
  • Custom methodologies
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