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Mechanical Engineer

Sierra Madre, CA


Licensed mechanical engineer with active top secret security clearance plus leadership experience in mechanical engineering, project management, and verification and validation programs.

Work Experience

Mechanical Engineer

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,

Jul 2001Current

  • Active Top Secret Security Clearance
  • Project Management:
o Organizational skills, budget management, schedule and resource management, production management, task management, risk management track deliverables, set priorities, present status to customer and project managers, interpersonal and communication skills
o PMP Certified
o Software: MS Project
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering
o Requirements and specifications flow-down, verification and validation of requirements, hardware delivery certification, design reviews
o Risk analysis, system FMECA, fault tree analysis, fishbone diagrams, non-conformance resolution
o Technical leadership of multi-disciplinary teams
o Software: Telelogic DOORS
  • Mechanical Engineering Design:
o Licensed Professional Engineer
o Lead design team, conceptual design, detailed design, prototypes, proof loading, flight qualification, supply chain management, drafting, drawing release, ANSI Y14.1 drawings, ANSI Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
o Spacecraft structures
o Underwater assemblies
o Stress analysis using both finite element analysis and hand calculations
o Software: Solidworks, Unigraphics NX, Ideas, NASTRAN, Mathcad, Matlab
  • Composite Structures and Manufacturing:
o Composite Structures: Carbon-carbon composites, sandwich panels, laminates, thermal design, mechanical testing and allowables
o Manufacturing Processes: Autoclave cure, vacuum cure, co-cured structures, potting and injection, 5-axis laser machining
o Tooling Design: Machining of critical tool interfaces, location of hardware lacking convenient features
o Inspection Processes: Ultrasonic inspection, X-ray, neutron radiography, flash thermography
o Materials: 1-part and 2-part epoxy, aluminum and nomex honeycomb, aerogel, carbon fiber, carbon-carbon, silica insulation & thermal protection systems

Job Title: Deputy Delivery (Project) Manager for proprietary active mirror project
o Completed thermal and dynamic qualification program successfully, on time.
o Coordinated qualification program between JPL and 2 subcontractors performing the analysis, construction, and testing of the qualification mirror assembly.
o Managed novel in-house pyroshock test achieving shock accelerations simultaneously on 3 axes with just 1 axis of excitation. Managed work of 2 engineers plus test lab staff to execute this test.

Job Title: System Engineer for Nuclear Power Source for Mars Rover
o Completed verification, documentation and final acceptance of plutonium-fueled Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG) for the Mars Science Laboratory mission.
o Coordinated final acceptance review for the high-profile handoff of the nuclear MMRTG from DOE to NASA at Kennedy Space Center
o Led multi-disciplinary tiger-team of subject matter experts to address mission-critical power anomalies
o Managed planning, execution, and completion of power system verification test under pyroshock conditions with team members from 2 subcontractors and 1 DOE lab. Task included status reporting and reviews with project management, JPL Director, and NASA Deputy Director.
o Resolved complex multi-disciplinary non-conformances requiring mission assurance, safety, and project approvals.

Job Title: Production Manager for Electrical Cable Assemblies
o Stepped in to take on management of an underperforming million-dollar task
o Made the cost and schedule plans, and delivered ahead of schedule and under budget
o Managed daily production priorities for delivery of more than 600 unique mission-critical cable assemblies

Job Title: Mechanical Systems Engineer
o Verified, certified, and delivered 2 major structures to the project for integration.
o Managed and distributed ~1000 technical requirements concerning 8 technical disciplines between 10 element engineers.
o Created and managed 29 project Verification and Validation plans and Verification Matrices for verification of the complete structural system per requirements.
o Managed and successfully completed proof test of 2 very large complex composite structures.
o Composed designer staffing plan to level the designer staffing curve for Structures group.

Job Title: Mechanical & Composite Engineer (Mars Science Laboratory Rover Project)
o Member of Rover Structures team designing and building the primary structure for an 800Kg nuclear-powered Mars Rover.
o Lead team that built and delivered flight qualified Rover Heat Exchanger assembly including bonded fluid tubing and composite primary structure.
o Supervised construction, component testing, assembly, and delivery of flight-qualified assembly.
o Managed team of 3 designers and 2 stress analysts from initial concepts to completed detailed design of composite and metallic primary and secondary structures.
o Responsible for managing entire design and manufacturing process from raw material to delivered flight hardware.
o Completed mechanical and thermal materials testing program on sandwich panel components and potted inserts.
o Supervised development of a new process for bonding aerogel inside honeycomb sandwich panel.
o Supervised process development for combined structural and thermal bonding of fluid tubing to surface of contoured composite sandwich panel.
o Created bonding injection process for special potted insert configuration to satisfy through-panel thermal conductivity restrictions.
o Released 66 drawings for construction of primary and secondary structure.

Job Title: Mechanical & Composite Engineer (Nuclear-Electric Xenon Ion Propulsion System)
o Member of competitive research team to develop 57cm ion engine for Prometheus mission to Jupiter’s moons.
o Delivered 2 carbon-carbon composite ion optics assemblies for flight qualification at Delta IV vibration levels.
o Monitored large $656K design and manufacturing effort with 10 vendors in 5 states, including $240K vendor contract for construction of carbon-carbon composite structures.
o Supervised design, drawing release, and manufacturing of spherical carbon-carbon composite ion optics.
o Managed complex manufacturing process and supply chain for production of ion optics assemblies on an aggressive schedule.
o Introduced industry best-practice ultrasonic inspection and 5-axis laser machining techniques into production stream.
o Conceived, demonstrated, and implemented a unique algorithm for locating a hexagonal pattern of holes on a spherical surface and calculating hole location and orientation parameters in CNC coordinates.

Job Title: Mechanical & Composite Engineer (Mars Exploration Rovers)
o Designed tooling for location and bonding of complex composite rover chassis structure.
o Designed tooling for location and bonding of rover composite top deck panel.
o Conducted tolerance study and dimensional inspection of chassis and top deck tooling.
o Wrote procedure for assembly and injection of adhesive into rover chassis assembly.


Masters of Engineering

University Of Michigan,


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,



Finite Element Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Project Management
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