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Facility Maintenance Worker

Tallahassee, FL


A career that will utilize my skills and offer opportunities for advancement.

Work Experience

Facility Maintenance Worker

Management and Training Corporation, Quincy, FL

Jun 2011Current

6044 Greensboro Highway 
Quincy, Florida 32351 
June 30, 2011 - Present. Supervisor: Billy Danly 
Position Title: Facility Maintenance Worker 
Duties: Responsible for repairs and maintenance of structures, electrical 
systems, plumbing, washers and dryers, heating and ventilating, and air conditioning systems in compliance with American Correctional 
Association standards, Management and Training Corporation, 
Florida Dept. of Corrections amd Florida Dept. of Management Services directives. 
I am able to repair structures, electrical systems, plumbing, ventilation, 
air conditioning and drainage systems. Repair or replace faulty or damaged light fixtures, bulbs, ballast, outlets and fuses. I can perform minor 
construction and repair on structural woodwork, install window 
shades or coverings and security locks. Repair or replacement of plumbing, fixtures, washers and seals. Help prepare surfaces for 
finishing and painting. Direct inmates assigned to me. I do routine and preventive maintenance checks of buildings, equipment, heat and air 
condition equipment and kitchen equipment. I also assist in controlling 
use of equipment, facilities, and supplies. I am also responsible to promote the development of positive social skills through modeling appropriate 
behaivors and intervening when inapproprate behaviors are observered and maintain accountability of inmates and property and adhere to safty practices. 
Florida Department of Corrections 
2601 Blairstone Rd. 
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Correctional Officer

Region 1 Personnel,

Oct 2010Nov 2010

Supervisor: Colonel Jerry Brown 
Duties: Care, custody and control of inmates at Liberty CI.

Service Manager

Lewis Digital, Inc, Tallahassee, FL

Feb 2003Sep 2010

Ken Nichols 
Position Title: Field Service Technician 
Duties: Responsibilities are comprised of setting up, repairing and maintenance on Konica/Minolta monochrome and color multifunction copy machines and printers in the most cost effective manner. I recieve, feed back, close out and 
order parts with our local dispatcher or use remote tech on a portable laptop 
computer. I am to have 100% accuracy on my trunk stock inventory and achieve that performance measure consistantly. I also have knowledge to 
download and update the latest firmware versions on the equipment I 
service. My customer skills are excellant and I stay up to date with the latest 
Konica/Minolta technical training whether online school or factory trained. 
Other duties include assisiting my coworkers in time of need.

Field Service Technician

Danka Business Systems, Tallahassee, FL

Feb 1998Jan 2003

1891 Capital Circle NE 
Tallahassee, FL 32308 
Feb. 1998-Jan. 2003 Supervisor: Doug Stanton 
Position Title: Field Service Technician 
Duties and responsibilities include setting up, repairing and maintenance on 
Konica and Toshiba monochrome copy machines in the most cost effective 
manner. Recieving and ackowledging service calls within a one hour period of time and responding to the customer within a four hour period of time. 
Accountable for ordering and keeping track of 100% of my trunck stock 
inventory. I have complete knowledge of Danka's touch tone system using a telephone to respond to service calls, dispatch to service calls, feed back 
service calls and order parts and supplies. I stay up to date with latest Konica and Toshiba training by either online school or factory trained. I have excellant 
customer service skills and assist my coworkers in time of need. My call rates 
are to be kept up and response times are to be kept low with no or few call backs.

Staff Assistant

Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tallahassee, FL

Feb 1991Mar 1998

2331 Phillips Road 
Tallahassee, FL 32399 
Feb. 1991-Mar. 1998 Supervisor: Nancy Harrison 
Position Title: Staff Assistant 
Duties: (mailroom) Recieve mail and parcels from the post office, 
inter-office and other state agencies. Sorting and weighing mail and parcels and applying the correct amount of postage on each piece. Deliver mail and parcels to the 
post office, and other state agencies as required. I assist in keeping my work area 
clean and organized and help my coworkers in the supply room and printshop when needed. 
Supply room(shipping and recieving) Order and recieve supplies for the agency using the SPURS computer program for inventory accuracy. Deliver supplies and parcels in a timely manner. Perform inventory of supply room on a regular basis for accuracy. 
Fill supply orders and deliver the same day. Keep supply and inventory neat and in order. Assist coworkers in the mailroom and printshop as needed. (printshop) 
Use all equipment which includes copiers, offset presses, folders, staplers, collators, 
binders, paper cutters and hole punches to complete and fill out print request 
orders from within the agency. I determine whether it is more cost effective to reproduce using a copy machine or an offset press. All jobs must be complete from start to finish and delivered in a timely manner. I made sure each print job was 
accurate according to the customers print request.(copy quality and finish) 
I billed each request by the number of copies and labor involved to complete each 
I also kept the printshop supplied with paper, ink, toner and other supplies as needed. 
I kept the work area neat, clean and organized.


Florida Department of Highway Safety, Tallahassee, FL

Jan 1987Feb 1991

2900 Apalachee Parkway 
Tallahassee, FL 32399 
850-617-3222 or 3207 
Jan. 1987-Feb. 1991 Supervisor: Laura Garner 
Position Title: Clerk 
Duties: Responsibilities include recieving and delivering mail within the agency and other state agencies as well as the post office. Weigh and apply the correct 
amount of postage on outgoing mail and parcels. Use Pitney-Bowes insertamax 
equipment for the mailing of driver license renewals, revocations and susensions, 
vehicle titles and other mass mailings. I have knowledge in pre-sorting mail by zip codes in order for the post office to use for distrubution. Other duties 
include using postage machines, keeping supplies on stock and maintaining a clean, organized and safe work environment. 
Other skills I have: 
Microsoft Windows 
Microsoft Word 
Microftsoft Excel 
Basic IT software 
Basic IT hardware 
Windows 95/98/ME printing basics 
Windows 2000/XP printing basics 
The Internet 
Network printing basics 
Apple Mac printing basics 
Use of many hand tools, power tools and multi-meters


Wakulla Education Center, Sopchoppy, FL


Lincoln High School, Tallahassee, FL


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