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Software Developer

Plano, TX


Fully knowledgeable of software development lifecycle and configuration management tools. 
Proficient in several computer operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Unix systems and Mac OSX. Developed software applications on all platforms described above.

Work Experience

Software Developer

ClearCorrect, Dallas, TX

Jan 2010Nov 2011

Developed a software program that allows a technician to manipulate and maneuver 3D Teeth models for the creation of a treatment plan for corrective teeth alignment. 
Linux platform using Qt4 for GUI development, C++, Opengl 
Responsible for implementing Save features that capture the exact state of the teeth alignment process at any stage of the treatment program. Program state data was saved in xml format. 
Responsible for implementing Import features that returns the program to any stage of the teeth treatment process. Parse import data stored in xml format. 
Created a terminate and stay resident program that checks for file updates and makes sure the technician is always working with the latest version of the teeth model. Linux platform using Qt4 for GUI development, C++. 
Created an interactive web based program that allows dentist to view 3D teeth models in the treatment plan, make corrective fine tuning adjustments and save changes to a database. 
Unity 3D game development tool, C#, HTML, MySQL

Software Developer- Contract

Magnin and Associates, Irving, TX

Aug 2008Oct 2009

Developed a 3D game application on the iPhone Platform using OpenGl es. The application is a 3D spinner device that rotates according to swipe responses from the user. The application is called "My Choice" and is currently available at Apple's App Store. Mac Platform, iPhone devices, XTools development using Objective C and C++, Oolong open source game engine.


Devry, Dallas, TX

Aug 2006May 2009

Artificial Intelligence - Field Theory, Finite State Machines. 
Created a simulation engine utilizing Field Theory Artificial Intelligence for goal determination. The simulation engine uses OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL and Qt4 as the GUI interface. 
Implemented an autonomous agent based model using the natural interactions that are present in electromagnetic fields to influence goal determination. Written in Flash and ActionScript 3.0. 
Developed a multi-client chat program utilizing sockets and multi-threading techniques. 
Networking technologies - Developed a Client-Server Chat program and an eight player Pong game utilizing UDP and TCP protocols using sockets and multi-threading techniques. 
Responsible for developing the Physics Core Engine that utilized rigid body dynamics and collision detection.

Software Developer- Contract

Community America Credit Union, Irving, TX

Aug 2007May 2008

CATS is a training simulator developed by DeVry University in Irving, TX. Responsible for developing a seamless interface for Community America Credit Union with Second Life as the virtual world simulator back end. Windows and Unix Platforms, Microsoft Visual Studio C++ development utilizing XML, HTML, UML technologies.

Software Engineer

WebLink Wireless, Dallas, TX

Feb 2001Mar 2006

Developed embedded software applications using Motorola's CreataLink 2 XT two-way data transceiver to implement wireless control and monitoring for devices. Windows Platform, Microsoft Visual Studio C/ C++ development, UML methodologies. 
Implemented an embedded software application on the CreataLink 2 XT to receive and transmit telemetry data from soft drink vending machines to ease logistics and repair down times. 
Used Creatalink's analog to digital converters to remotely monitor ice machine core temperatures and wirelessly send warning messages of possible compressor failure. 
Integrated the CreataLink with various copier machines to record and report copy usage and maintenance diagnostics over the wireless paging network.

Software Engineer II, Wireless Engineering Division

NEC America, Irving, TX

Feb 1999Feb 2001

Implemented Battery Icon algorithm based on operating modes and power levels for NEX2100 and NEX2600 cellular phones. 
Member of a team responsible for troubleshooting potential problems dealing with intelligent roaming. 
Performed field testing for the NEX2100 and NEX2600 phones 
Windows Platform, Microsoft Visual Studio C development, UML methodologies.

Member of Technical Staff II

Raytheon Missile Systems Company, Tucson, AZ

Apr 1996Feb 1999

Developed and benchmarked adaptive Signal processing algorithms in "C" and VSIP libraries on a Cetia750 PowerPCTarget board. 
Developed signal processing and communication flow algorithms in C/C++ for Raytheon Proprietary advance technology systems. 
Implemented a message handling system to connect 64 cpu cores using sockets and multi-threading techniques for algorithmic development and testing. 
Designed, tested, and implemented Software OS/Executive C/C++ code for Raytheon Proprietary ASICS and FPGAs with Real-time embedded applications. 
Developed assembly code to use the timing features on the PowerPC 750Performance monitor control registers. 
Metrowerks Code Warrior C/C++ compiler, Windows NT platform, Unix platform, Mercury Computer systems. 
Debugged target code using a PowerTap emulator through a JTAG Connection. Green Hills compiler, Metrowerks Code Warrior Embedded 4.0 compiler, 
Applied Microsystem Powertap, Tornado, Windows NT, VxWorks platform, Unix Platform, Matlab.


Devry University,


BS in Electrical Engineering

North Carolina State University,

Additional Information

High Level Language Experience: ANSI C++, Objective - C, C#, Unity 3, Directx, OpenSceneGraph(OSG), OpenGl, OpenGl es, OpenAL sound package, Lua, HTML, XML, UML. 
Knowledgeable with: Visual Basic, TCP programming, MySQL, PHP, Qt4 Gui Development, JavaScript, Flash, ActionScript 3.0 
Software Package: Visual Studio 2008, X-Code, Seapine's Surround Software Configuration Management, Photoshop, 3dsMax, Maya, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Matlab 
Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista, Unix, Macs
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