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Wastewater Treatment Grade III Operator (SWRCB)

Dunsmuir, CA


My expertise in both the Wastewater field and in a engineering management environment will bring a unique skill-set to your company My current position as a wastewater operator gives me the knowledge to interact with any customer in the water wastewater field My experience as a consultant for Tybrin Corporation provided the skills necessary to coordinate and identify requirements for the customer. As a Computer Sciences Corporation, I was responsible for overseeing other employees.  
As a Grade III operator for the city of Dunsmuir a Class III plant, I prepare required documentation for the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) for daily, weekly and monthly status.  
As Network Analyst for Tybrin Corporation, I documented current network architecture and user requirements. I provided hardware/software analyses. I created engineering plans and site design packages. Developed installation schedules and prepared installation documentation for the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) Network Operations Center (NOC) 
As a Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Served as section supervisor for all technicians. I performed administrative duties as assigned by the Branch Manager. Planned and organized weekly data processing assignments for the junior members. As a supervisor, one of my responsibilities was evaluating prospective employees.  
Additionally I have over 20 years experience in the IT field which included analysis of the United States Air Force network backbone, roll out implementation of software for Earn Value and Activity Based Costing using an payroll mechanism to populate the required information, Access 2007 database design for prototyping the customer interface and user interface. Provided documentation and coordinated projects between the customer and vendors.  
An Industrial Technology degree are associated with project management, production planning and scheduling, process design, quality control, methods analysis, safety, material and equipment procurement, facility planning, equipment design, job estimation, technical sales, maintenance supervision, and other production-related functions.

Work Experience

Wastewater Treatment Grade III Operator (SWRCB)

City of Dunsmuir, Dunsmuir, CA

Dec 2009Current

** Gather, assimilate and report Monthly status to the SWRCB concerning plant operations; 
** Collect sewage sample, using dipper or bottle and conduct laboratory tests, using testing equipment, such as colorimeter, TSS, BOD, PH; 
** Operates sewage treatment, activated sludge processing, and disposal equipment in wastewater (sewage) treatment plant to control flow and processing of sewage; 
** Monitor control panels and adjusts valves and gates manually or by remote control to regulate flow of sewage. 
** Maintained and repair water meters and valves and other equipment essential to the operation of the water distribution system

Finance Assistant

City of Dunsmuir, Dunsmuir, CA

Jul 2007Dec 2009

** Preparation of ad hoc costing or budgetary exercises; 
** Preparation of reports on all aspects of the work. Liaison with the budget holders, advising and assisting as City Manager as required; 
** Ensure invoices are raised only in respect of legitimate debts. To ensure outstanding accounts are paid promptly by appropriate and effective follow up procedures; 
** Reconcile the schedule of outstanding accounts to the financial ledger; 
** Maintain any other control accounts as appropriate. To report regularly on the age and level of debts, identifying trends and problem accounts/customers; 
** Managed CDBG and EDBG Grants.


Personnel Preference, Weed, CA

Jun 2005Jun 2007

- Temporary
  • Serve as a bookkeeper. Assist with budget preparations; handle accounts; make bank deposits; maintain ledgers; pay bills;
  • Prepare financial statements and reports including the profit and loss statement and balance sheet; receipt money; reconcile bank account; set up cash box for events; distribute money within the departments;
  • Collect funds; assist travelers in balancing their bookkeeping ledger and receipt books ; assure expenditures are in accordance with code balances for item acquisition;
  • Keep the supervisor informed as to the balances of internal accounts; and prepare payroll.

Engineering/Computer Science

Senior Software/Network Engineer

TYBRIN Corporation,

Jan 1996Aug 2005

Senior Software Responsibilities:  
** Provide Oracle database, Earned Value and Activity Based Costing (ABC) expertise for the Army. 
Network Engineer Responsibilities:  
** Network Systems Analyst analyzed and documented current network architecture and user requirements; 
** Performed hardware/software analyses to provide comparative data of performance characteristics and suitability within LAN/WAN system environment; 
** Directed preparation of engineering plans and site design packages; 
** Developed installation schedules and prepares installation documentation for the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) Network Operations Center (NOC).

MTSB- System Specialist

Computer Science Corporation,

Oct 1993Jan 1996

** Integrated all engineering database systems for the B1-B test program. Tasks included creating and maintaining an Earn-Value test matrix using test procedures and aircraft assets as baseline tool; 
** Created summary graphs, charts and reports with all departments concerning the status of B1-B test programs; 
** Provide guidance for the engineers on proper formats and correct terminology for AFFTC technical reports.

Data System Tech III Reliability & Maintainability (Lead)

Computer Science Corporation,

Oct 1991Dec 1993

** Served as section lead for all technicians;
** Conducted administrative duties as assigned by the Director. Planned and organized weekly data processing assignments for the junior members. Assisted in gathering, analyzing and processing reliability & maintainability data;
** Performed engineering reliability modeling for the C-17 CTF. Created data reports for reliability engineers to analysis data & maintainability analysis for the C-17 program.

Data System Tech I & II

Computer Science Corporation,

Aug 1987Oct 1991

** Provided senior technical support for junior technicians; 
** Created a Process Action Team (PAT) for the F-16 data avionics' acquisitions group; 
** Responsible for creating tables, graphs, and charts using various graphics software; 
** Coordinated between Boeing, the Air Force using Earn-Value data on what has been accomplished and the priority of test to be accomplished. 
Engineering Qualification 
** Activity Based Costing 
** Earned Value 
** Data acquisition and preparation 
** Reliability & Maintainability (C-17 Aircraft) 
** Introduction to the Capability Maturity Model 
** Introduction to Standard Software Process 
** Software Configuration Management 
** Software Quality Assurance


Industrial Technology

Southern Illinois University,


General Education

Antelope Valley College,



Strayer University,

Additional Information

Software Qualifications 
** Windows, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Chart, Microsoft Project 
** Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8.1.7, Access 2007, FoxPro 2.5, dBase III +, SQL 
** Window NT 3.51, 4.0 & 2000, Windows SQL Server 2000, Novell 4.11 
** Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, Visio 5.0, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 
** OROS 5.5 and 6.1 
Other Educational Training/Licenses/Certifications: 
** SAS OROS 6.1 - Modeling 10/03 
** Network Troubleshooting, 1/00 
** Internetworking with TCP/IP, 9/99 
** XDSL Technologies, 6/99 
** Internetworking with Bridges, Routers and Switches, 12/99 
** Shiva Remote Access - Shiva Corp, MA 
** Configuration/Troubleshooting), 11/97 
** Novell NDS Training (Novell Admin 4.11), 5/97 
** Microsoft (Windows95), 1/97 
** Reliability & Maintainability (RAMS), 1/94
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