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Security Guard

Prospect Heights, IL

Work Experience

Security Guard

E-Systems Inc,

Apr 2006Current

Glenbrook Security Co. Wheeling, IL. 
Took this non-engineering job to pay the bills and to continue to look for a Mechanical Design Engineer position which involved monitoring alarms, access control, and plant surveillance on two computers and five monitors with sixteen cameras per monitor.

Mechanical Engineering and Project Management

E-Systems Inc,

Jun 1992Current

8/92 upon leaving E-Systems Inc. (now Raytheon Inc.) until the present, only 3-1/2 years of mechanical design engineering and project management employment was able to be secured despite extensive diligent position searching. Some of the materials that were routinely dealt by me during my career were low carbon steels, high strength low alloy steels, tool steels, 300 and 400 series stainless steels, aluminums, copper, brass, bronze.

Project Manager

E-Systems Inc,

May 2004Aug 2005

Attard Industries Inc. Lorton, VA. 
Commercial HVAC air distribution commercial ductwork system projects monetary estimation for bidding; materials ordering and receiving; and interpreting drawings and specifications. Attard specialized in the commercial ductwork market in the northern Virginia portion of the DC area and is a small company of about 20 employees total. The primary material used for the ductwork is galvanized low carbon sheet steel (18 to 30 gages) in 99% of the ductwork projects.

Mechanical Engineer

E-Systems Inc,

Jul 1992May 2004

Howard Industries Inc., Technology Applications Northern VA. Portion of the DC Area 
Inc., Robotics Marketing Inc., Advanced Marine Inc. 
Four temporary contract professional career positions. AutoCAD is used for creating drawings. Advanced Marine Inc. (now Computer Sciences Inc.): Did failure analyses on various shipboard machinery items (boilers; distillers; engine generator sets; ships' propeller shafts and bearings; etc.) on sealift ships used to transport various US Army vehicles. Robotics Marketing Inc. (now out of business): Did a library survey of consulting engineering firms that could design this company's whole theme of a circular shopping center on three-quarters of an acre. Technology Applications Inc.{TAI} (now Dyn Corp.): Mathematical modeling of shipboard fluid piping systems for the US Navy DDG-51 class destroyers. Howard Industries Inc. (now out of business): Computer programming and fan design of fans 6" or less in impeller diameter.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Raytheon, Lorton, VA

Apr 1986Jun 1992

Cadvance is used for making drawings. The design and purchasing of 5 electronic cabinets and associated cooling systems. Vacuum and compressed air piping system design. Tooling design and machine design. Justified, used, and purchased INERTIA software for finite element analysis and solid modeling which consisted of stress, deflection, and vibration analysis on mechanical mounting plates; plate and angle weldments; and valve/actuator mounting brackets. Materials used included low carbon steels; 300 and 400 series stainless steels; tool steels; and various grades of aluminum.

Engineer II

Ingalls Shipbuilding Inc, Pascagoula, MS

Sep 1982Mar 1986

Worked in the HVAC department designing HVAC air conditioning chilled water and HVAC seawater piping systems for shipboard use. Fluid flow pressure drop/head loss calculations were done by computer and by hand. Pipe, valves, pipe bends, and pumps, etc. were selected for each situation and presented in extensive Piping System Diagrams {i.e., P&ID Diagrams}. Extensive experience was gained in writing and interpreting specifications. Comfortable giving presentations, proposals, and status reports. Strong written and oral communications.

Project Engineer

Lawrence Pump and Engine Co, Lawrence, MA

Oct 1981Jun 1982

Design, stress, and vibration analysis of axial and centrifugal pumps. Computer programming in FORTRAN and Basic programming languages for design problems. Pump performance testing; ball and roller bearing selection; and shaft design for pumps.

Project Engineer

Joy Manufacturing Co, New Philadelphia, OH

Nov 1978Oct 1981

Design, stress, and vibration analysis of large vane axial and centrifugal fans. Completely designed a large double width double inlet 109" OD impeller fan to customer specification. Ball bearing selection and shaft design.

Design Engineer

Ilg Industries Inc, Chicago, IL

Jul 1973Nov 1978

Fan design, stress analysis, vibration analysis, cost reduction programs and new product development with an entrepreneurial spirit. Computer programming in FORTRAN and Basic of design problems. Extensive experience with solid shaft design; pillow block ball and spherical roller bearing selection; grease lubrication analysis; and impeller design. Root cause and failure analysis of bearing failures. V-Belt drive selection of A, B, C, D, E, 3V, 5V, and 8V cross section Browning V-Belt drives. Demonstrated ability to be able to successfully work with all levels of plant personnel from hourly workers to upper level management unsupervised. Supervised fan air performance, prototype, and noise testing. Technical sales support. Went out on several service trips to analyze fan and/or bearing failures. 

Additional Information

Operating Systems: Windows Hardware: IBM PC's and Clones 
Software: WordPerfect, Word, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, Harvard Project Manager, Project, Harvard Graphics, TK Solver, Graphx, and MultiMate. 
Programming Languages: PL1, FORTRAN, and Basic. Finite Element Analysis: Inertia 
Computer Aided Drafting: Cadvance and AutoCAD.
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