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Haymarket, VA

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Department of Interior, Reston, VA

Dec 2007Current

As an accountant with the Department of the Interior I am responsible for preparing original accounting transaction entries in the financial systems, preparing recurring reports, solving reporting problems and developing, interpreting, recommending and implementing general accounting and cost accounting policies. I am also responsible for advising the Division Chief of Financial Reporting and Analysis on policies and procedures concerning general and cost accounting. 
Perform analysis and reconciliations of a variety of integrated accounts within federal financial accounting system such as cash, budgetary, expense and revenue accounts. Also responsible for reconciling non-standard specialized accounts such as, advances, inventory, imputed cost, contingent liabilities and payroll. Analyze and reconciles intergovernmental balances, and works with other federal trading partners to identify and resolve differences, to support and improve government-wide financial reporting. Establish new criteria in reconciling the contingent liabilities to make the process more efficient. Develop and assists in developing business process charts and new techniques to improve the accounting process by implementing pivot tables to simplify internal controls and reports for management. Evaluate complex accounting procedures monthly to ensure the accuracy and validation of the department's accounting process. 
Reconciles and evaluates a variety of integrated accounts within the federal financial accounting system for accuracy and timeliness for a large program which includes double entry accounting, such as asset, liability, expense, income, budget, capital, and trust accounts and accounts controlled through allotment, general and operating ledgers. Monthly duties also include formulating accounting and financial reports in support of the financial reporting and analysis department. Ensure that financial reports generated from the Business Objects Enterprise System (BOES) are accurately and technically reflective of the Indian Affairs financial condition. Prepare Financial Management 224 Statement of Transactions, Fund Balance Report and Statement of Difference monthly report of agency payments and collections at the appropriation level and submit to the Treasury Department. Manage relationships with other bureaus within the department in order to provide internal control structure for all intra-government transactions (initiating, executing, recording, reconciling, and reporting procedures). Responsible for preparing and consolidating instructions for new accounting procedures used in reconciling records for regional sites. Prepare instructions to implement new accounting programs and integrate aspects for new programs. Develop guidance to supplement guidelines received from Department of Interior, Financial Reporting and Analysis Division, Department of Treasury and the Budget Department. Prepare Hyperion Journal Vouchers (JV's) on a monthly basis to record Indian Affair's accounts payable liabilities which offset Department of Interior (DOI) trading partner's unbilled accounts for elimination purposes. Diligently reviews several hundred legal cases. Responsible for posting legal liabilities to the general ledger for legal cases filed against the DOI, totaling approximately 150 billion dollars. Provides advice, assistance and guidance on information vital to completing the annual audit successfully. Meets regularly with attorneys and conduct in-depth analysis regarding potential changes and/or updates to legal letters that may affect financial statements. Also, responsible for posting judgment fund entries for legal cases that have an unfavorable outcome. Establish policies and procedures which affect the processing of the department of interior accounting requests. 
Research and interpret risk and financial information for management studies that involve the analysis of interrelated administrative processes of budgetary and financial accounting. Recommends adaptation of established procedures to eliminate problems and improve financial operations. Responsible for identifying and researching problems and improving the financial management spreadsheet for efficiency and effectiveness. Analyze and interprets financial data weekly to ensure subsidiary reports are in balance with the general ledger and to detect trends and identify needed corrective measures and processes to improve systems accuracy and utility. Research discrepancies, propose solutions, and oversee preparation of correcting entries by senior staff. Analyzes and assesses current and historical financial data for the purpose of developing special reports for use in improving the efficiency, accuracy and usefulness of available financial data. Apply analysis, develop and implement policy and procedures concerning daily duties and responsibilities to include monthly, quarterly, and year-end deadlines. Conduct special studies related to internal controls assessment and corrective actions to support the Secretary's annual assurance statement by creating visual reports to justify expenditures, collect data, track status, and perform reconciliations through charts and tables. Interact verbally and telephonically with finance managers and acquisitions department counterparts to obtain and monitor the status of organization funds relating to inquiries, research needed for accounting data or changes and problems found within reports. Communicate with Bureau of Indian Affairs regional offices across the United States to collect audit samples. As the audit liaison for the Bureau of Indians Affairs (BIA) I am responsible for identifying key qualitative and quantitative issues and effectively report the findings to the department's senior management. I am presently implementing and coordinating a variety of accounting policy and audit related activities by researching and analyzing audit samples before they are forwarded to external auditors to ensure completeness and accuracy of data. Address auditors concerns to prevent audit findings that results in discrepancies. 
Responds to inquiries concerning the work of the staff and maintains a productive work relationships with each bureau represented under the Department of Interior. Provide budgetary accounting information and guidance to upper management and department heads. 
Utilizes skill in analyzing accounting systems in order to modify and adapt accounting practices to solve a variety of accounting problems. Determines whether journal vouchers are consistent with prescribed coding and that transactions are processed in accordance with US Standard General Ledger definitions and prepare journal entries utilizing guidelines consisting of Departmental regulations, administrative manuals, OMB Circular and bulletins, Treasury regulations, and GAO principals and standards. Process Intra-governmental payments and collections (IPAC) on a daily basis. Prepare official documents and record payment certificates in the IPAC system for the disbursement of payments. Instrumental in the movement of funds between the Bureau of Indian Affairs regions/agencies and Office of Trust Funds Management for disbursement to either individual, Indian or tribal trust accounts. Record trust and trust-related collections via the automated accounting system, Federal Financial System (FFS). Prepare monthly analysis of accounting data through pivot tables and spreadsheets to finance mangers and supervisor on a monthly basis or as requested.

Accounting Technician

Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS),

Oct 2005Jan 2007

Provided technical assistance on internal controls reporting, operations and compliance with laws and regulations through research and correction of all obligation, accrual, and disbursement discrepancies. Monitored daily negative un-liquidated obligations and in transit and unmatched disbursements in accordance with regulations for DoD FMR, Volume 3, Chapters 8 and 11, DOD 7000.14-R, DFAS-IN Regulation 37-1 and the obligation matrix. Conducted research in STANFINS and maintained all documentation for the audit trail and cost transfers. Evaluated the impact of potential audit finding, and recommend modifications program plans to improve success of accounting objectives. Prepared and devises methods to lead and carry out studies, consolidating information from throughout the agency for administrative programs. Developed and maintains standard operating procedures. Reviewed newly enacted laws and directives published by regulatory government agencies and advised and assisted the Department in the analysis and solution of complex and technical accounting matters. 
Accomplished audit steps by applying Comptroller General Standards and a wide range of audit techniques (e.g., interviews, statistical analysis and questionnaires), in gathering, documenting and summarizing data. Prepared working papers and files in accordance with Comptroller General Standards. Researched and processed Transactions by Others (TBOs) in accordance with regulations, using STANFINS, Atlas, EDA, EDM, On base, TWCF, and FINLOG. Audited and identified travel vouchers with incorrect accounting classifications that resulted in discrepancies in the fund balance. Responsible for processing IPAC transactions, SF 1080 and 1081 within three working days of receipt. Used IPAC to update bills charged, input bills entered, update bills entered, and review IPAC transactions. Acquired contract and modification documents from various resources available. Processed daily revalidation reports and coordinated with vendor pay and installations to resolve listings. Researched and presented written and oral presentations on balanced scorecards and other performance indicators. Maintained direct contact daily with installation management accountants, budget offices and other business lines within DFAS-Lawton. Consistently resolved accounting issues within one working day and exhausted all available means of research for appropriate follow-up actions. Served as organizational expert in analyzing and resolving complex issues related to the financial issues throughout the agency. Reviewed current processes and/or procedures and make modifications to comply with regulations and requirements. Researched and assisted in formulating accounting policy and reporting standards and maintained and updated Treasury policies and procedures as needed.

Cost Accountant

Label Makers Inc,

Dec 2002Jan 2004

Responsibilities included researching, consolidating, and summarizing budgetary data from source documents, automated budgetary systems, accounting records and justifications for use in preparing budget estimates and comprehensive annual financial plans. Performed survey work to identify potential operating problems and prepared audit lead sheets to identify any potential weaknesses in internal controls. Documented survey results in accordance with comptroller general standards. Facilitated meetings with a variety of company personnel concerning operational and examination issues to determine possible regulatory violations. Anticipated enforcement needs and gathered evidence to support preliminary findings of violations. Prepared reports of findings as well as correspondence outlining deficiencies and corrective actions to be taken. 
Conducted a wide variety of assignments and processes related to the examination of registrants and liaison activities with management. Prepared financial reports that presented findings identified causative situations and recommended corrective action. Performed audit follow-ups on agreed-to findings and recommendations and monetary benefits made during previous audits. Reported to management on the status of corrective actions taken by functional activities. Communicated with various department heads to accumulate and analyze findings of organization's historical data and helped to determine spending trends and forecast annual funding needs to control budget overruns. Served as a functional point of contact for day-to-day control and cost managers involving the formulation, execution and analysis of the organization's budget and funding requirements. Provided analysis and guidance to non technical supervisors, cost managers and project managers within the organization. Reviewed funding documents to verify the accuracy and completeness of accounting and mathematical data. Monitored the management information systems for the organization to determine the necessary processing actions for a wide variety of accounting transactions including: obligations, accrued expenditures, disbursements, appropriation refunds, reimbursable orders, earnings, collections, expenditure vouchers, cost transfers, rejected transactions, inter-fund bills, and transactions for/by others. Entered cost data into the MAS90 accounting systems and corrected invalid accounting lines. Prepared trial balances to check the organization's cost status. Periodically screened files for accuracy and compatibility with the various accounting systems used. Received, extracted, recorded and balanced data in assigned accounts in automated systems. Verified, balanced, and reconciled credit risk profiles, price verification, funding and liquidity status through listings and reports. Identified discrepancies within accounts and made the necessary adjustments. Monitored fund balances and reviewed postings to ensure entries were valid. Recommended appropriate corrective action and interfaced files with accounting systems. Viewed rejected files and inputted corrections when necessary and reconciled reimbursable records to disbursement records to ensure job orders, cost accounting and accounting systems were in balance. 
Prepared and reviewed cost statements that focused on market to market cost value.


Accounting I

Park University,


Bachelor's in Management

Park University, Parkville, MO


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