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Preschool Teacher

Albuquerque, NM


∪ Analytical Reasoning ∪ Personnel Counseling

Work Experience

Preschool Teacher

Hoffmantown Church,

Aug 2010Current

I am currently working with Pre Kindergarten students 4 to 5 years old. I work side by side with a Co Teacher. We teach reading, sentence structure, spelling, and math. I am in charge of organizing the class work daily, checking the work and helping the students understand their assignments. I set out snack and prepare for my circle time. I am in charge of afternoon circle time where we learn our Bible verse, show and tell and Bible story. I have prepared a story and have to present it in a way that the children will understand. I help create lesson plans, projects and make sure all communications are out to the parents. On a daily basis we talk with children and their parents making sure that we keep the communication open and positive.

Hoffmantown Church,

Aug 2007Current

Preschool Teacher

Jul 2007Aug 2010

I work daily with young 2 year olds in a school setting. I work side by side with a Co Teacher. We teach 24 students life skills, ABC's, flashcards, colors, math and toilet training. We do change diapers and set up their lunches. We do story time and interaction with the children asking them the series of events in each story. I am in charge of music time and instrument time. The children interact with the songs and we use sign language during the songs. The children are in our care daily for 5 hours and we have a well thought out plan for their play time and learning. We create lesson plans and follow a Christian curriculum. Daily we interact with parents to insure that their child is on his or her learning path. We create lesson plans and have daily projects, interacting with the children and encouraging them to learn and create. 
Express Team Leader 
Representing my team and holding meetings to discuss upcoming events and any issues that the other team teachers are encountering. Sharing, planning and coordinating lesson plan ideas. Bringing team questions/issues to the attention of the director. Periodically visiting the other team members and making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Office Manager

CDI Corporation,

Jun 2002Sep 2007

Duties included daily involvement with personal employee information. These 
employee's had taken early retirement or had been fired. My job was to make sure these individuals could find new jobs or solutions for their job loss. I coordinated instructors, counselors and job fair personnel for weekly classes and activities. I had daily meetings via conference calls or email. I kept a daily spreadsheet of all activities completed and scheduled for completion. I met with the employee's daily to make sure they were displaying a positive demeanor and looking for future growth in the workplace. Implemented and created a visual success board that displayed each individual's progress throughout their program. Setup parties and job fairs so that each individual received recognition and attention. Worked in a setting where each employee had his or her confidential information that could not be shared with anyone. My job was to oversee this information and keep in confidential at all times. Computer work was performed on a daily basis, including Microsoft Word, Works and Excel.


Bachelor of Arts

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Associate of Arts

Eastfield College, Mesquite, TX

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