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Northglenn, CO

Work Experience


Padgett Enterprises, Inc, Wichita, KS

Jun 2010Sep 2012

v Worked with various construction departments on plumbing projects for new buildings 
v Assisted with the installation (plumbing)for the newly constructed Broadview Hotel downtown 
v Installed heat exchangers, rain leaders, circuit setters according to specifications and plumbing codes 
v Daily duties included bobcat and backhoe operations 
v Assembled, installed and repaired pipes and fixtures for heating and drainage systems 
v Assisted in the training of plumber apprentices 
Professional Experience

S & R Construction-Cement Finisher, Denver, CO

May 2009Jun 2010

v Applied hardening compound to areas before cement was poured 
v Inspected the concrete surface of chips and applied grout 
v Assured correct mixture of cement before being applied to slab 
v Fabricated molds using appropriate tools to have exact concrete models 
v In charge of ensuring workers used the correct mixture of cement for proper curing


Mechanical Systems, Inc, Wichita, KS

Aug 2008Oct 2009

v Responsible for identifying and repairing all plumbing issues 
v Assisted with sewage piping and installation of various water systems 
v Handled the tasks of repairing and locating leakage and broken pipes 
v Drilled holes in floors/walls to accommodate passage of pipes 
v Replaced/repaired fixtures and performed rough-ins 
v Assisted in the training and development of plumbing apprentices

Maintenance Technician

AmeriPride Uniform, Wichita, KS

May 2008Jul 2009

v Responsible for identifying and repairing all plumbing issues and making repairs 
v Duties also included waste water treatment plant operation and installation of spray mist lines


Central Mechanical, Wichita, KS

Aug 2003Oct 2006

v Responsible for repairing and replacing faulty faucets, floor drains and defective parts 
v Installed lavatories, urinals, natural gas heaters and drinking fountains 
v Operated backhoe/bobcat; front end loader; pipe threading machines; jack hammers; and hammer drills etc. 
v Assisted with installation and maintenance of space heaters and grease traps


Grede Foundry, Wichita, KS

May 2002Aug 2003

v Installed and assembled piping for air, ammonia, water system and gas 
v Studied drawings and building plans 
v Installed, assembled and repaired pipes, plumbing fixtures and fittings


J & A Mechanical Contractors, Atlanta, GA

Sep 1996Sep 1997

v Assisted with installing the plumbing for the new Hyatt Hotel in downtown Wichita project 
v Installed sewer lines, pipes, sprinkler systems, fixtures etc. 
v Cut and drilled holes in floors and walls to accommodate the passage of pipes 
v Assisted pipe fitter in the layout and piping for air, gas and water systems 
v Responsible for cutting pipes and lifting up to the fitter 
Professional Experience 
v Performed the tasks of measuring and assembling new pipes as well as placing the assembled pipe in hangers


Topeka State Hospital, Topeka, KS

Oct 1995Sep 1996

v Studied specifications to assist with the layout of plumbing systems and materials required 
v Assembled and installed piping, valves, and fittings for toilets and wash basins 
v Maintained and repaired plumbing systems 
v Maintained plumbing tools and equipment

School District-Custodian

Kansas City, School, Kansas City, MO

Jul 1982Oct 1985

v Sanitized classroom, emptied trash cans, straightened rooms, cleaned offices, swept and mopped floors 
v Performed minor plumbing/electrical tasks and plastering throughout the building 
v Responsible for upkeep of all systems housed in the boiler room and ensured everything ran properly daily 
v Routinely kept the school grounds manicured by mowing the lawn, shaping the landscape, planting shrubs, clearing leaves and removing snow from the walkways

Cass Construction-Cement Finisher, Kansas City, MO

Apr 1981Oct 1981

v Mixed concrete with machine or portable mixer 
v Applied cement, grout plaster, sand or stucco with the spray gun for walls/ceilings 
v Performed a variety of tasks at highway construction sites including preparing and clearing rights of way at highway/highway work zones, installed cones, traffic barricades and markers 
v Duties included instructing traffic near work zone to ensure safety 
v Installed sewers, trenches, storm drain pipes, water pipes 
v Laid asphalt laser, guided equipment to set pipes and air, pneumatic and electric drills 
v Set and transported explosives for tunnel, road shaft construction

J. E.- Cement Finisher, Kansas City, MO

Mar 1980Apr 1981

v Leveled the poured cement with rake/shovel 
v Coordinated with the truck driver to ensure the chute was in the correct panels 
v Ensured that base was packed accordingly before the cement was poured 
v Applied waterproof substance to ensure the cement was protected from moisture


Johnson County Community College, Kansas City, MO


Wichita School of Plumbing, Wichita, KS


High School Diploma

Kansas State High School, Kansas City, KS



Technical School, Kansas City, KS



Westley Medical Center, Kansas City, MO


Additional Information

v Plumbing 
v Human Relations 
v Boiling room Management 
v Boiling room maintenance 
v Heating and Ventilations 
v Building Management 
v Sewer and Drains 
v Boiler Room Operation 
v Forklift/Backhoe/Bobcat Operator 
v Complete Renovations 
v Waste Water Treatment 
v Hot Water Heaters 
v Management 
v Industrial Maintenance 
v Backflow Repair
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