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El Paso, TX


To find an opportunity with a company that will allow me to utilize my ability and to acquire a challenging and 
rewarding position.

Work Experience


Thompson and Sitz , Fort Bliss, TX

Nov 2011Mar 2013

Ran trusses,frame walls,block out kitchens and bathrooms 
Skills Used 
Self motivation,punctuality ,leadership and quality work

Carpenter/punch-out crew

Michael J Wright Construction Co, Inc., Fort Bliss, TX

Aug 2010Mar 2011

To Block bathrooms and kitchens and hallways for handicap units also to "straight edge" walls,replacing "bowed studs" ,fire blocking,to build attic acces according to superintendent's and crew leaders specifications,to build "dummy walls" for second floor bathrooms, to set up and fire block "pre-fab" stairs,to drive "L"shaped clips in order to secure fire walls,to secure "girder trusses" on to I-beams drilling holes and driving steel enforced bolts,all as a part of a team in order to pass federal,state and local inspecction.


Sundance Framing, Inc,

Mar 2010Jul 2010

To stand pre-fabricated walls on first, second and third floors, to plumb and line, to build sub- floors running trusses and nailing them together with "rat run" and "ring joist's" to sheet walls and sub-floors, to run roof trusses with help of a crane, to "block" bath room and kitchen walls for special handicapped units on first, second and third 
floors, to frame dryer shaft for first, second and third floors, to frame "mechanical"rooms for first, second and third 
floors, to perform general laborer duties such as cleaning, sweeping and collecting scrap wood and general 
debree in order to maintain a clean and safe work area, this project is in Ft Bliss TX and it will be "transition" unit for injured troops that would be coming back from Iraq and other tours of duties, I am proud to have help build such place for our troops.

Carpenter Assembler

Fox Worth Gailbraith,

Jun 2009Jun 2009

Assembler carpenter and assembled roof and floor trusses by using lumber, metal plates and nails also cut 
boards to size. Measure materials using square, measuring tape, or rule to lay out work. Mark cutting lines on materials, using pencil and scriber.

Boom lift operator/Framer

OMT Construction Inc, Estacada, OR

Jan 2009Apr 2009

To unload lumber and other building materials from flatbed trucks, to stack and keep records of materials, to deliver lumber and other materials and hardware to slab, first, second, third floor and flat roof, to run trusses and 
joist's via lift boom, to communicate with supervisor and sub-supervisors via two way radio (walkie talkie) in order to to maintain a constant rhythm of construction, to perform general labor duties such as maintaining a clean and safe job site, close yard.

Construction Carpenter

Jorge Hernandez Construction, El Paso, TX

Mar 2008Sep 2008

To build new homes for single and multy family communities, To lay out slab(snap a line) toly out walls@16'' o/c with door and window openings according to blue prints, to figure out rake walls higth according to roof pitch, to run 
trusses and or cut roof, to sheet wallls and roof, to make ready for company and city inspection, also to remodel 
allready built homes.

Framer /Skytrack Operator

OMT Construction, Estacada, OR

Nov 2007Jan 2008

Construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, and wallboard, using carpenter's 
hand tools and power tools. Apply shock-absorbing, sound-deadening, and decorative paneling to ceilings and walls. Arrange for subcontractors to deal with special areas such as heating and electrical wiring work. Assemble and fasten materials to make framework or props, using hand tools and wood screws, nails, dowel pins, or glue. 
To unload building materials from flatbed trucks, stock lumber & deliver it to jobsite & first, second, third floors & flat roof with boom lift, close yard.


Subcontractor, El Paso, TX

Jun 2005Mar 2006

Construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, and wallboard, using carpenter's 
hand tools and power tools. Apply shock-absorbing, sound-deadening, and decorative paneling to ceilings and walls. Build or repair cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, and other wooden fixtures used in buildings, using 
woodworking machines, carpenter's hand tools, and power tools. Construct forms and chutes for pouring 
concrete. Cover subfloors with building paper to keep out moisture and lay hardwood, parquet, and wood-strip- block floors by nailing floors to subfloor. 
Work History - Continued


Darrell Julian Construction, Albuquerque, NM

Nov 1999Jun 2000

Build pre-fabricated walls for buildings and houses, following a sequence according to plans and prints, also to work on the field puting the walls together, running trusses, sheating walls and roof and doing punch work to pass 

Additional Information

construction carpenter, framer, lift-boom operator 
Computer Skills 
Typing Speed: 20 Words Per Minute 
EMail Software (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) 
Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) 
Peripheral Devices (Scanners, Printers, etc) 
Personal Computers 
Word Processing Software (Word, WordPerfect, etc)
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