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Physical Therapist Assistant

Phoenix, AZ


Seeking a full time or PRN position as a physical therapy assistant in the state of Illinois.

Work Experience

Physical Therapist Assistant

Supplemental Healthcare Phx,

Aug 2011Current

I work as a PRN therapist in a variety of settings from inpatient to outpatients. Being consistently flexible and good natured is important given that I have the opportunity to meet new and engaging challenges every day. I am skilled in the Rehab Optima, Rox, and Casamba computer documentation systems. I have a thorough understanding of basic requirements of orthopedic surgeries the general concerns and ailments of the skilled nursing population and I am able to alter and adjust that knowledge in various settings.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC

Aug 2010Jun 2011

As a physical therapist assistant I worked in all departments of the hospital from the ICU to the medical/surgical floors to the trauma floors. I have treated patients recovering from moving vehicle accidents to open heart surgeries to traumatically brain injured patients. I was skilled in using the computer documentation system to research and document on patients in my caseload

Physical Therapist Assistant

Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC

Aug 2010Jun 2011

I worked on the orthopedic unit which was 24 beds specifically designated for elective orthopedic surgeries. Among the procedures I have treated are bilateral total knee replacements, anterior and posterior approach hip replacements, kyphoplasties, laminectomies, lumbar and cervical fusions, donning and doffing of TLSO's, experience with patients wearing Halo's, external fixators and slings for shoulder surgery or clavicular trauma. This facility was inpatient but also graduated patients to outpatient physical therapy where I would see some of the same patients and I helped them return to prior levels of function with vigorous outpatient treatment techniques..

Physical Therapist Assistant

Quality Staffing,

Aug 2009Aug 2010

Supplemental Healthcare 
PRN work at various facilities executing physical therapist assistant duties, while maintaining a strict personal ethic of quality care that goes above and beyond the patient's obvious needs, to trying to anticipate what may be of substance and well-being to them during their time with me as a therapist and there stay in the facility or hospital.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Life Care Rehabilitation, Phoenix, AZ

Jul 2009Aug 2009

Phoenix, Arizona 
PRN therapist for Supplemental Healthcare July 2009- August 2009 
As a physical therapy assistant I worked alongside Occupational and Speech therapy to provide care to advanced stroke and newly diagnosed patients. As part of that team I helped to provide appropriate and creative interventions to help all patients meet their therapeutic goal/goal. I worked tirelessly with patients to help them continually achieve all that was possible within the therapeutic treatment session.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Palm Valley Rehab,

Jan 2009Jul 2009

I worked independently and co-treated when possible to give my patients a full spectrum of care by involving various socialization techniques to relieve anxiety relating to being in a skilled nursing facility.I also worked intimately with nursing to schedule medications, pain and otherwise that would best predispose patient to optimal functioning during physical therapy 
I also provided instruction in aquatic therapy for non-weight bearing patients in pool.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Life Care Rehabilitation, Mesa, AZ

Sep 2008Dec 2008

I worked independently as well as with a team, also managed to give pertinent information regarding patients during weekly progress meetings to determine progression and/or discharge status of patients. While under supervision of a physical therapist I gave pertinent information to help the PT to assess goals that have been met and to enhance upon goals that might need reassessing. It was my to provide an uplifting and motivational experience for all my patients in that they feel welcomed and cared for during their rehabilitation process.

Physical Therapist Assistant


Jan 2008Jul 2008

I performed my tasks independently with my own caseload of patients. 
I worked in inpatient and outpatient physical therapy using innovative instruction and motivational techniques. A personal focus was building personal and empowering relationships with patients to help them achieve meet and exceed goals provided by supervising physical therapist.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Supplemental Healthcare,

Sep 2007Dec 2007

Contract work in long-term acute care and skilled nursing facilities 
Use of PNF and other creative therapies to treat and deal with patients ranging from head injuries from MVA to cognitive impairment from substance abuse to a patient with an epidural abscess who needs to strengthen both lower extremities.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Mar 2007Aug 2007

I was responsible for caring for my own caseload of physical therapy patients. 
Communicated with nursing regarding patient's needs and whether or not treatment was appropriate that day.Co-treated with Occupational therapy and Speech to foster solidarity and create an optimal environment for creative patient care.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Vibrant Care Physical Therapy,

Jan 2007Mar 2007

I was responsible for providing a caring and therapeutic environment for an individual caseload of patients. 
Provided passive/active and assisted range of motion and joint mobilization to patients with needs for increased ROM or functional return of ROM following trauma or surgical intervention. I used the modalities of traction along with infrared light, tens units and hot and cold packs to facilitate patient healing. 
Responsible for designing and implementation of exercise programs for patients in outpatient physical therapy and for progressing patients as ability allows, to achieve their optimum results.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Maricopa Medical Center,

Sep 2006Mar 2007

I provided passive/active and assistive range of motion and joint mobilization to patients in the Burn Center to prevent joint contractures and muscle atrophy in patients. I was responsible for designing and implementation of exercise programs for patients in acute care and for discharge to home. In addition to my inpatient duties I also took on outpatients and worked with traumatically brain injured patients.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Banner Estrella Hospital,

Aug 2006Jan 2007

As a physical therapist assistant I was treating patients individually and with a physical therapy technician. I performed individual chart review and discussion with physical therapist regarding best possible treatments based on the physical therapists evaluation. 
Responsible for my own schedule and communication with other support staff i.e. nursing and certified nursing assistants regarding patient care. I was creative in the administration of physical therapy to patients with total knee and hip replacement surgeries I also taught patients about their hip precautions and the importance of regaining full extension status post knee replacement surgery.

Aerobic Coordinator/Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA, Phoenix, AZ

2003 2006

My responsibilities were to manage a staff of 10-15 fitness instructors and schedule 10-20 fitness classes during a 7-day week substituting at a moments notice if any instructor was unable to find a substitute. I scouted, recruited, trained and hired fitness personnel for the facility. I was skilled in the use of the Fitlinxx exercise system and helped members log on create accounts and use new equipment associated with the Fitlinxx programming. An important aspect of the position was to assist members in rehabilitation of injuries per doctor prescribed protocols. I also have customer service and member relations experience at point of sale transactions, including setting up new accounts and automatic billing to new members.

Aerobic Coordinator/Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

Downtown Oakland YMCA, Oakland, CA

1998 2003

Involved in marketing and implementation of not for profit programming. 
Recruited, trained and hired fitness personnel for the facility. I attended many training in the philosophy of the YMCA and also became a trainer/certifier for Fitness Instructor Level One certifications. Whilst performing managerial activities I alos personally trained my own clientele 10-20 hours per week.

Group Exercise Instructor

Downtown Oakland YMCA, Oakland, CA

1994 1998

I was a fitness instructor skilled in the performance of step aerobics, low impact aerobics, stretching and older adult activity classes. 
I also provided instruction in proper exercise progression and execution of exercises, in order to prevent injury. 
I am a highly skilled customer service representative valuing the formation of strong member relations and community in a fitness setting.


AAS in Physical Therapy Assistant

Gateway Community College Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ


B.S of Physical

Northern Arizona University,

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