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Solutions Architect

Des Moines, WA


Challenging position as an application architect or lead developer in application development or related areas that would best utilize my expertise as a technical lead in the business environment.

Work Experience

Solutions Architect

Subcontracting for Casne Engineering, Renton, WA

Oct 2011Current

Renton WA, and Bonneville Power Administration, Vancouver, WA. 
Solutions Architect 
Analysis/Design/Architecture Principal architect in the design and implementation of a new web service to upload documents into an Oracle database utlizing Apache Axis2, MyBatis, and JDK 6 on a Tomcat server, replacing an unreliable Spring-MVC CRON process. 
Development Designed and implemented a custom C# .Net WCF workflow application that accesses an OSISoft PI database and spawns complex electrical system calculation clients that monitor the health of the Northwest power grid. 
Database Wrote SQL queries and DDL scripts to modify database schemas to support the implementation of a new document upload web service.. 
Production Support Provide end user, technical, and development support of custom Java web and Flex business applications.

Independent contractor

Power Management Division of Tacoma Power,

Jul 2011Oct 2011

Technical Architect 
Analysis/Design/Architecture Assisting in the design and implementation of a replacement electrical power trading system based on the OATI framework in .Net and C#. 
Began designing an iOS application to view OSIsoft PI data via custom web services. 
Development Designed and implemented a custom C# .Net web service exposing SOAP interfaces to the Tacoma Power OSIsoft PI database using PISDK and PI-OLEDB provider. 
Designed and implemented a custom Java web service exposing SOAP interfaces to the Tacoma Power OSIsoft PI database using PI-JDBC and PI-SQLDAS. 
Created a custom Windows Framework application using C# and the PI-SDK to provide for ad-hoc query capability and simplified access to PI Performance Equations. 
Created custom email notifications for Entourage using AppleScript. 
Database Wrote SQL queries against the OSISoft PI database that provided data to be returned via the custom web services. 
System Administration Built out development environment OSIsoft PI Historian server and Hudson CI Build server as virtual machines running on top of Ubuntu Linux 64-bit Server. 
Production Support Provided end user, technical, and development support of Cocoa Java real-time power trading, trending, and reporting applications.

Technical Architect, Dev Team Lead

Fabric WorldWide, Seattle, WA

May 2011Jul 2011

Analysis/Design/Architecture Leading review and redesign of JavaScript tags used to provide analytics and business intelligence data from customer web sites to the Fabric WorldWide decision support system. 
Leading team that will decide which no-SQL database solution to utilize for the Fabric WorldWide data warehouse/datamart. 
Development Designed and implemented a dynamically loading JQuery compatible, JavaScript plugin which searches for key text on a web page and returns a custom value to the plugin log. 
Database Designing Talend jobs to process http logs stored in the Amazon Cloud, extract relevant data, and create dimensional tables for reporting.

Technical Architect/ Sr. Java/J2EE developer

contracting for Murphy & Associates, Seattle, WA

May 2007Dec 2010

assigned to The Boeing Company, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, CAS e-Business, MyBoeingFleet, Seattle WA. 
Technical Architect/ Sr. Java/J2EE developer 
Analysis/Design/Architecture Participated in design review of the new Boeing Enterprise Network (BEN), which provides fault tolerance, redundancy, and separation from Boeing Space and Defense (BDS). 
Analyzed Sun JSP and custom taglibs in OpenSSO and created custom taglibs and JSPs for re-branding the application for use with the Boeing Access Management product. 
Designed and exposed interfaces using Oracle BPM 10g processes as Web Services for the MyBoeingFleet eCommerce POC initiative. 
Demonstrated native API and SOA integration between IBM Commerce Server and Oracle BPM 10g to support the MyBoeingFleet eCommerce POC project. 
Business Process Modeling Analyzed business requirements, designed and implemented tier 1 and tier 2 business process models using ALBPM 5.7 and Oracle BPM 10g to streamline the MyBoeingFleet application release process (release activity tool). 
Data Modeling Designed and implemented custom Oracle 10g database to support the MyBoeingFleet release activity tool. 
Development Designed and implemented Apache mod_perl module to simulate a SiteMinder Authentication Agent in order to test the custom AuthNModule in preparation for deployment to a airline customer. 
Designed and implemented Web Service clients to access Oracle BPM 10g Web Services for the MyBoeingFleet eCommerce POC project. 
Designed and implemented screenflows, business objects, processes, and subprocesses to support the development of the MyBoeingFleet release activity tool. 
Created custom Boeing taglib, servlets, and JSP's to re-brand the OpenSSO/OpenFederation open source product. 
Created custom Ant build scripts to add custom functionality to the OpenDS and OpenSSO/OpenFederation products. 
Created web service to assist the synchronization of user accounts between the MyBoeingFleet user authentication & authorization repository and individual proprietary Boeing SOA applications. 
System Administration Successfully installed, configured and integrated ALBPM 5.7 Enterprise with AquaLogic Interaction 6.0 to support the MyBoeingFleet release activity tool pilot. 
Successfully installed, configured and integrated Oracle BPM 10g Enterprise Standalone with Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10g to support development, UAT and final deployment of the MyBoeingFleet release activity tool. 
Installed and performed verification testing of the access management product on Windows 2003 servers and Ubuntu Linux servers.

Application Architect/ Sr. J2EE developer

Casne Engineering, Renton, WA

Apr 2007May 2007

Renton WA. 
Application Architect/ Sr. J2EE developer 
Analysis Analyzed back office applications for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. 
Design Completed the design of the custom web application framework. 
Architected new features to the website - online schedule changes using messaging and SOA. 
Re-architected stand-alone Visual Basic/Access application into a distributed J2EE application using an Oracle backend. 
Development Implemented final version of custom web application framework.

Senior Java Developer

TEK Systems, assigned to ShareBuilder, Bellevue, WA

Dec 2006Mar 2007

Analysis Created functional and technical requirements for modifications to the multi-threaded, event processing system to support the addition of Margin Trading to the ShareBuilder website. 
Created technical requirements documents for modifications to the ETL programs that load the warehouse and datamart, to support the addition of Margin Trading to the ShareBuilder website. 
Design Designed new ETL programs to load full refresh, event refresh, and slowly changing dimension tables in the data warehouse and datamart, in support of the addition of Margin Trading to the website. 
Development Successfully implemented 5 new Java-based ETL programs and modified over 15 existing Java-based ETL programs in support of the addition of Margin Trading to the ShareBuilder website. 
Successfully implemented changes to the Event Mail System and upgraded the runtime environment to JDK 1.5, to support business and Federal requirements in support of the addition of Margin Trading to the website. 
Database Administration Modified tables, views, and stored procedures to Sybase ASE (15) and Sybase IQ (12.5) development instances to support the Margin Trading project. 
Created stored procedures in the transaction database that calls new stored procedures in warehouse via a proxy table interface to support the transition to a new web affiliates vendor.

Application Architect

Casne Engineering, Renton, WA

Sep 2003Nov 2006

Analysis Created business requirements for a secure, online petroleum ordering enterprise application. 
Created user interface and functional requirements documents from business requirements and user requirements. 
Design Designed the network and server architecture for a secure, online petroleum ordering application, including environments for development, test, and production. 
Utilized MVC2, service to worker, view helper, and servlet filter design patterns to design the enterprise application framework. 
Development Successfully implemented a secure, online petroleum ordering system for Olympic Pipe Line Company utilizing JSP's, JavaScript, Ajax, servlets, filters, EJB's and SSL. 
Created application configuration and deployment documents. 
System Administration Create and maintain user accounts on Red Hat Linux servers. 
Create and maintain shell scripts and CRON jobs on production application and Oracle database servers running Red Hat Linux. 
Install, upgrade, configure application server software on Red Hat Linux servers. 
Configure and deploy enterprise applications. 
Create and maintain Subversion source control repository. 
Database Administration Acting Oracle DBA for Olympic Pipe Line. 
Performed database administration activities for Oracle 9i database running on Red Hat Linux. 
Create, maintain, and monitor Oracle hot backup scripts. 
Perform quarterly cold backups of production Oracle database. 
Apply application and security patches to Oracle database.

Senior Lead Programmer Analyst

Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle, WA

Jan 2002Sep 2003

Development Designed and implemented PERL and Java-based log monitoring tools for the Starbucks Card (SVC) store-side and vendor side adapters. 
Planned the Marimba project system architecture, utilizing multiple data centers, multiple servers, and global load balancing. 
Designed and implemented a Java application to query Marimba data and generate reports for end users and data files for AS400 batch processes. 
Designed and implemented customized reports for end users using the Marimba Report Center application. 
Designed, implemented, tested and deployed a web-based CIM/WBEM querying and reporting tool using WMI to collect inventory information about the Starbucks retail store computers and POS systems. 
Project Management Took on project lead responsibilities for upgrading the Starbucks Stored Value Card and Retail Credit server applications to a more stable and robust code and hardware base; developed, coordinated and strengthened working relationships with Sun Microsystems, ACS, and Sun Professional Services. 
Served as development lead SME during evaluation of the two leading desktop configuration management products in order to replace the current store polling and configuration management system. 
Assumed responsibility for the FY01 Polling Project, including sustainment and enhancement activities. 
Coordinated patching of OS for production, test, and development servers from 3 levels back to current supported release level. 
Coordinated the completion of the network backup project for the production Polling server. 
Led the level 3 transition team for the ActiveWorks/WebMethods-based Starbucks Card application from Enterprise Architecture to Technical Services group. 
Proposed and lead the transition project from Windows based servers to SUN Solaris based servers for the Starbucks Card server-side applications. 
Mentored, encouraged, and led junior programmers on the Polling project team to use structured design principles, procedures and proven software QA techniques when working on enhancement projects and bug fixes.

Senior Lead Web Developer and Application Architect

AT&T Wireless, Bothell, WA

Nov 2000Aug 2001

Development Successfully implemented a Web-based, client/server replacement table maintenance application implemented with JSP, custom tags, servlets, Java beans, JavaScript, SQL, T-SQL, stored procedures, and JDBC connecting to a Sybase XI/XII database for a national work flow/request system. 
Assumed responsibility of Java servlet based web service application utilizing an Oracle 8i backend. 
Project Management Resumed the responsibility of application delivery for the national work request project and implemented the Software Development Framework (SDF) methodology into the development process of the web-based application. 
Organized and led reviews of documentation including business requirements, use cases, system requirements, functional requirements, design documents, code reviews, and SDF gate reviews. 
Assumed supervisory role over team of 3 geographically spread developers. 
Coordinated and scheduled resource needs from the Core Test, DBA, Environment Support, Deployment, and Operations groups. 
Analysis Created business requirements from use-case scenarios for a replacement database table maintenance system. 
Developed UI, detailed design, and functional requirements documents from screen prototypes, user requirements, and business requirements. 
System Administration Configured the development, integration test and UAT web servers equipped with Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6.x or iPlanet 4.1 on HP/UX and Sun Solaris servers.

Senior Lead Developer, Content Management,

May 2000Oct 2000

Development Implemented a Web-based content management system, including workflow, for the StoreFront website using a combination of Vignette Story Server, XML, XSLT, Java, JML, Visual InterDev, ASP, COM, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL using Oracle 8. 
Project Management Assumed supervisory role over 4 contract developers during different portions of the implementation process, through multiple requirement changes, while still maintaining the project schedule. 
System Administration Installed and configured Web server software (IIS 4.0) and Vignette Story Server application software on all systems ranging from development thru the production environment on NT 4.0 equipped servers.

Lead Application Developer and System Architect

AT&T Wireless Services, Redmond, WA

Aug 1999May 2000

Development Developed and maintained PERL-CGI scripts for a Web-based national work flow request system. 
Architected a replacement work request application using Java servlets, JSP, JavaScript, and XML. 
Configured each application build, by setting up directory structures, creating database links, and editing PERL scripts prior to system and user testing. 
Developed and maintained an MS Access (2.0/7.0) database application used for generating reports from the national work flow/request system. 
Created and maintained UNIX shell scripts (Bourne shell) that served as utility programs for the work flow system. 
Project Management Took over responsibility of application delivery for the national work request project, 1 month prior to scheduled deployment. 
Assumed supervisory role over team of 6 geographically spread developers and deployed the application on-time. 
Interpreted and assigned bug/issue reports to individual developers of the team. 
Coordinated system testing with the Core Testing team with prior to and after delivery of release candidate builds. 
System Administration Created and maintained user accounts on the development and test bed servers in a HP-UX environment. 
Maintained and extended the project CVS repository tree. 
Configured the test and production web servers equipped with Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6.x 
Database Administration Created and maintained development and test databases using Sybase System 11. 
Write and maintain scripts to create/modify stored procedures, triggers, indexes, and tables using T-SQL.

Senior Developer

AETEA Information Technology, Inc,

Jun 1999Aug 1999

Senior Application Analyst

AT&T Wireless Messaging Division, Bellevue, WA

Oct 1997Jun 1999

Development Maintained and enhanced seven Visual Basic 5.0 front-end applications which support the operation of a 200+ user 7x24 national call center and interfaced to a mainframe-based billing system. 
Created and maintained 2-tier Intranet web applications using Visual Interdev 6.0, ASP, MTS, Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0, RDO, ADO, and COM objects. 
Responsible for new database front-end applications using Oracle Developer/2000 tools - Forms, Reports, PL/SQL. 
Completed the migration of ten Visual Basic 3.0 applications to Visual Basic 5.0. 
Implemented Year 2000 compliance in all of Messaging's Visual Basic applications. 
Wrote SQL statements to query Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access databases from five desktop call center Visual Basic Applications, a new VB inventory application and Intranet ASP application. 
Wrote SQL scripts to create tables, indexes, constraints, sequence generators for a new Inventory application. 
Analysis Created data model, ER diagrams, data flow diagrams, context diagrams, project proposal and requirements documents for the Intranet upgrade project, using a mixture of HTML, ASP, and Allaire Cold Fusion. 
Wrote technical specifications, system and functional analysis documents, and detailed design documents for a new, mixed environment Inventory application, that would utilize VB 5, Oracle Forms, and Oracle 8. 
Created system analysis, functional specifications and detailed design documents for a new order entry system which was implemented using VB, Oracle, and legacy data on a VMS mainframe. 
Configuration Management Created and maintained Visual Basic project source code archives in PVCS. 
Responsible for generating the final release builds of Visual Basic applications. 
Project Management Directed the Phase II Intranet team - the addition of dynamic content to the divisional Intranet site using ASP/IIS and Allaire Cold Fusion. 
Supervised programmers and coordinated the implementation of enhancements to five Visual Basic applications that support the 200+ user national call center.

Software Engineer III

Atlantis Diagnostics, Bothell, WA

May 1996Oct 1997

System Engineering Evaluated third-party products and their corresponding conformance statements for compliance with the DICOM standard network protocol. 
Designed and implemented compatibility testing procedures. 
Wrote and released test reports, site visit reports and engineering reports. 
Analysis & Development Designed, developed and deployed a multi-user compatibility tracking database application using Microsoft Access. 
Designed and developed a Linux-based, "C" language implementation DICOM network sniffer and protocol parser for debugging network communication anomalies. 
Maintained and enhanced the DICOM protocol library for use with MS-DOS, Windows NT, and Windows 95 operating systems and responsible for port to AmigaDOS 
OEM Relations Developed, maintained and expanded OEM relationships. 
Solicited OEM's for system documentation, DICOM conformance statements, products and applications for evaluation. 
Worked in concert with the software engineers of OEM's, partner companies, and ATL to maintain network application compatibility. 
Coordinated system level testing of OEM products with the Access Image Management System. 
Project Management Directed the compatibility enhancement team 
Coordinated implementation of bug fixes in OEM and ATL software. 
Promoted and scheduled OEM and ATL network application testing via the Internet. 
Configuration Management Coordinated packaging, installation, and configuration of the software builds approved for release. 
Created and configured nightly test builds. 
Created and maintained UNIX shell scripts to automate the build process and performed basic UNIX system administration duties. 
Coordinated milestone builds between program management and the software development team. 
Responsible for maintenance and administration of the RCS database. 
Maintained and developed UNIX installation/upgrade scripts for use by the manufacturing and service organizations of ATL.

OLE Automation to Word,

1997 1997

97, database access via RDO to DB2/400 and SQL Server 7.0. 
Designed, created, and maintained a SQL Server 7.0 database using SQL Enterprise Manager, wrote stored procedures and triggers. 
Used VBA and OLE Automation to convert thousands of letters from IBM LetterText format into Word '97 templates. 
Utilized VBA and ADO to use SQL Server as the data source to generate and print over ten thousand form letters daily. 
Wrote technical specifications, functional analysis documents, and detailed design documents for the Y2K Answer Letter Replacement Project consisting of a Visual Basic 6.0 front end to a DB2/400 and SQL Server database.

Pharmacy System Clinical Implementation Analyst

PHAMIS Inc, Seattle, WA

Jun 1995Apr 1996

Seattle, WA 
Pharmacy System Clinical Implementation Analyst 
Client Management Provided complete client support beginning with applications tailoring, including contract-basis custom development, integration testing assistance, dress rehearsal and through go-live. 
Coordinated delivery of new code modules. 
Provided training to client analysts in applications tailoring, application training, and troubleshooting. 
Initiated and tested bug fixes and assured timely delivery to clients. 
Development Designed and implemented a PC-based MS-Access application to retrieve Tandem-based HIS data and allow coworkers to execute ad-hoc queries from the desktop workstation or laptop.

Computer Analyst/Programmer

Washington Department of Revenue, Information Systems, Olympia, WA

Sep 1993Jun 1995

Management Lead programmer, promoting proper utilization of CASE tools, structured design, and sound software engineering techniques in new application development in a team-oriented environment. 
Project lead for the agency's conversion of all Macintosh-based database applications to PC-based Windows applications. 
Analysis & Development Primary analyst developer of new, multi-user database applications using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access. 
Primary analyst and developer of new, multi-user database applications using Paradox for Windows. 
Internet R&D lead for the agency's planned connection to the Internet, development and maintenance of a publicly accessible World-Wide-Web home page, Intranet web pages for agency use, and anonymous ftp server.


M.S. in Computer Science

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA


M.S. in Computer Science

Washington State University M.S.,


B.S. in Pharmacy

University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Additional Information

Experienced in all areas of the application development life cycle: analysis, design, prototyping, testing, and implementation. Successful record of working with clients and end-users, leading development teams, modeling/analyzing/designing projects, and delivering enterprise-wide, mission critical applications. 
Programming Languages: 
Java 1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x/1.5.x/1.6, PERL 5, Visual Basic 3.0/5.0/6.0, VBA, C, Windows Scripting Host, C# 
Web Development Languages: 
HTML, CSS, JSP, servlets, Java beans, AJAX, JavaScript, DWR, YUI, jQuery, JML, XML/XSLT, SVG, ASP, Cold Fusion, Vbscript. 
Enterprise Technologies: 
J2EE 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5, EJB, SOA, Oracle BPM (OLBPM) 10g, AquaLogic BPM (ALBPM) 5.7/6.5, Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10g, AquaLogic Interaction 6.0, Apache Axis, EDT, DCOM, .NET, Marimba, AWS, S3, EC2, CloudFront, OLEDB Enterprise provider, WCF. 
Desktop Technologies: 
ActiveX, OLE Automation, WMI, WBEM/CIM 
Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g, Sybase X/XI/12 (ASE)/15 (ASE)/12.5 (IQ), Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2010, Microsoft Access 1.0/2.0/7.0, JDBC, ODBC, RDO, ADO, MondoDB, MySql, OSIsoft PI Historian. 
Source Code CM Tools: 
Subversion, CVS, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, TeamForge Enterprise, Trac, JIRA, Vault Professional. 
Development Environments and Modeling Tools: 
NetBeans, Intellij IDEA, Forte for Java, Sun One Studio, Eclipse, JDeveloper, SQLDeveloper, Xcode Visual InterDev, Visual Studio, JBuilder, Together Enterprise, Visio Enterprise, Erwin, Talend, Enterprise Architect. 
Web Servers and Application Servers: 
Glassfish, Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet, IIS, Apache, JRun, Tomcat, Sun One Application Server, Weblogic. 
Operating Systems: 
Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7/XP/2000/98/NT4, Solaris 7/8, HP/UX 10.20/11, Ubuntu Linux, RedHat Linux, MacOS 7/8/9/X, iOS 4.x/5.x.
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